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Recruitment Recruitment

Nanjing Apollo New Energy Intelligent Vehicle Manufacturing Ltd. (aka A.E Auto), is committed to the hiring of knowledge, professional, development and other kinds of talents, create a high cohesive A.E Auto team. We will give opportunity to people who want to do things, stage to people who can do things, and status and reward to people who has achieved things. The ones really will use "as the core concept of our employee developing.

The company's hiring mindset: Morality and skills are both required, morality is priority, and employees are growing with the company together. 

We provide a developing platform for progressing employees, help employees achieve and promote their own value; the company will hold an open and fair, capabilities first hiring policy. Employee performance management is based on job performance. This will also provide market-competitive salary and welfare for employees.

There are five criteria for the company to hire people:

1.Morality and skills are both required. The selection and use of talents according to the overall measurement of the requirements of both morality and skills. Morality without skills is mediocre. Skills without morality are evil. Both are required. 

2.Effect says everything. In principle only, we do not see the degree to see the ability, do not look to see whether it is what level of diploma, identity, what degree, what age, if done well, doing better than others, outstanding performance, it boldly, entrusted with the task. We adhere to the "effect on the" employment mechanism, so that a large number of people have both ability and political integrity become the pillars of enterprise development talent shows itself,.

3.Practice is no.1. Employees improve themselves through practice, and they’re selected through exams.

4.Natural Selection. In the selection of employees, we have realized the transformation from "Bo Le Xiang Ma" to "selecting horses on the field." We’ll pick whoever does the best.

5.Everyone is talented. When hiring employees, we should eliminate stereotypes and mysticism; pick a job that is suitable for people. and be able to apply according to their capabilities. As long as our employee does its job to the fullest extent, that person is what we want. Based on this principle, we’ll arrange employees appropriately according to their special skills, experience, personality, and so on. People do their best in the fitted position. This will also improve the sustained, rapid and efficient development of the enterprise.

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