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Second-hand energy vehicles have strong momentum in the sea

日期: 2022-11-18
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As one of the first pilot cities for second-hand car export in China, the export of second-hand new energy vehicles in Tianjin has maintained a rapid growth this year. According to industry analysts, behind the bright growth, first, the domestic new energy automobile industry has risen, and its international recognition has been continuously improved; Second, the second-hand car export pilot policy has achieved remarkable results. With the second-hand new energy vehicles in China going out to sea, the optimization of supporting services will become the new core strength point.

The export of second-hand energy vehicles maintained rapid growth

Recently, in the second China (Tianjin) used car export overseas fair, the second-hand new energy car became the main model of the exhibition. According to Zhang Tingting, Secretary-General of Tianjin Used Car Export Association, the number of participating cars is about 100, three times that of last year. '90% of the participating vehicles are second-hand new energy vehicles, including many popular new energy vehicles.'

'We have about 40 used cars exhibiting, mainly self-owned brand new energy vehicles.' Shi Yunsheng, general manager of Tianjin Huatu Automobile Logistics Co., Ltd., an exhibitor, said that domestic new energy used cars are very popular in overseas markets because of their high cost performance, fast technology iteration and large quantity, and many overseas dealers take the initiative to throw olive branches and seek cooperation.

Since Tianjin Huatu Automobile Logistics Co., Ltd. was approved as a pilot enterprise in September 2020, its business volume has grown rapidly. In 2021, it completed the export of 252 used cars with a value of USD 4.27 million. In the first 10 months of this year, more than 1,100 vehicles have been exported, a four-fold year-on-year increase; The value of goods exceeded USD 30 million, a year-on-year increase of nearly 10 times, of which more than 95% were second-hand new energy vehicles.

The reporter learned that the fair will be held in Dubai and China-Egypt TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone. Among them, Dubai is one of the main target markets for the export of used cars in China, and the China-Egypt TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone, after more than 10 years of development and construction, has the conditions to undertake the export fair of used cars.

Zhang Tingting said, 'Through the trade fair, it aims to build the two places into Tianjin used car export transit bases and expand the radiation range of used car exports.'

Industrial upgrading and superposition policy will help boost the sea

According to industry analysts, behind the bright growth of new energy used car exports, first, the domestic new energy automobile industry has risen, and the international recognition of its leading position in technology has been continuously improved; Second, the domestic second-hand car export pilot policy has achieved remarkable results.

Shi Yunsheng said: 'At first, the second-hand new energy vehicle exports were mainly concentrated in the commercial vehicle field. However, with the continuous improvement of China's new energy passenger vehicle technology and its leading position in the international market, the rapid growth of new vehicle exports has driven the brand to go out.' He said that in the future, there will be some room for adjustment in the preservation rate and circulation price of new energy vehicles in overseas markets, which will further benefit the export of second-hand new energy vehicles.

In addition, policy promotion is also an important reason for the rapid growth of used car exports.

China started to pilot the export of used cars in 2009. At present, the pilot business of used car export covers 30 cities in 25 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government). In May this year, the Opinions on Promoting the Stability and Quality of Foreign Trade issued by the General Office of the State Council explicitly mentioned that it is necessary to support more regions to develop used car export business, expand the scale of used car export, and improve the quality of used car export.

From the state to the local level, governments at all levels have continuously released favorable signals for the export of used cars, and the export scale of used cars has been continuously expanded.

According to China's Country Guide for Second-hand Car Export (2021), as of June 2021, China has exported 10,889 second-hand cars, with an accumulated export value of USD 68.847 million. Among them, 2,551 second-hand new energy passenger cars were exported, with an export value of USD 23.27 million.

Service optimization or core strength point

With going out, optimizing supporting services will become the key to enhance the export competitiveness of second-hand new energy vehicles in China. According to industry insiders, on the one hand, it is necessary to continuously optimize the construction of overseas new energy charging facilities, maintenance service centers and other facilities; On the other hand, the optimization of domestic industrial support will provide more help for China's new energy used cars to go to sea.

Shi Yunsheng said, 'Ro-Ro shipping is generally used for the export of used cars, but most shipping companies are foreign companies, and domestic enterprises have no right to speak, so it is difficult to book shipping space.'

Therefore, at the opening ceremony, Tianjin-Dubai Ro-Ro direct shipping route was officially launched, which can transport 2,500 to 2,800 used cars at a time. 'The increase of this direct transportation route will further enhance the transportation service capacity of used cars, strengthen the advantages of used car export business at Tianjin Port and improve the export competitiveness of enterprises.' Bai Xinyu, deputy director of Dongjiang Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee, said.

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