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Speeding up the progress of the project, tapping the potential, connecting to the grid, and exerting

日期: 2022-11-09
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According to the data released by Jilin Provincial Bureau of Statistics recently, in the third quarter, the wind power generation and solar power generation in the province increased by 82.7% and 54.2% respectively, and the new energy generation entered a period of rapid development.

'Eye-catching data comes from our province's accelerating the construction progress of related projects, tapping the potential for grid connection and multi-side efforts.' Wang Chunyu, Director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Division of the Provincial Energy Bureau, told reporters.

'In order to get back the time delayed by the epidemic, we optimized the scheme, classified policy, inverted construction period, wall chart operation, weekly scheduling, biweekly evaluation, quick incentive, slow promotion, difficult service, and overall quick push.' Wang Chunyu said, 'At the same time, we give prominence to the principle of' let the small make the big, let the slow make the fast, let the inside and the outside ',rationally arrange the production sequence, stage by stage on a large scale, and parallel on a small scale, so that we can combine quickly, and combine more capabilities. In addition, by promoting the flexible transformation of thermal power, building charging piles for new energy vehicles, and introducing loads, we have made every effort to increase the electricity consumption, constantly improve the power grid structure, improve the peak shaving capacity, expand the delivery space, increase the delivery ratio of new energy, and further improve the new energy consumption capacity. '

Another set of data is gratifying: as of the end of September, the installed capacity of wind power and solar power projects in the province reached 12.65 million kilowatts (8.84 million kilowatts for wind power and 3.81 million kilowatts for solar power). The installed capacity increased by 3.12 million kilowatts year-on-year, up by 32.74%, and the growth rate reached a record high.

'What is reflected behind the data is that the continuous expansion of installed capacity will inevitably lead to a steady increase in power generation.' Wang Chunyu said.

Recently, good news about the construction of new energy projects in our province has been reported frequently: Datang Jilin Company Shengyuan Taonan Xiangyang 150MW wind-solar complementary 'PV+'project has been successfully connected to the grid for power generation, Jilin Jiaohe Pumped Storage Power Station of the State Grid has been promoted in an orderly manner, and the 'Hydrogen-Driven Jilin' operation and the Da 'an Scenery Green Hydrogen Ammonia Synthesis Integrated Demonstration Project have been officially launched …

The improvement of new energy development in this quarter is a microcosm of the rapid development of new energy industry in our province.

In recent years, the picture of 'wind' and 'light' in our province has become increasingly splendid, steadily promoting the development and utilization of new energy, driving the development of new energy equipment manufacturing industry, and realizing the mutual promotion of resource development and equipment manufacturing.

'Under the background of' double-carbon' target, the Provincial Energy Bureau has taken multiple measures to promote the development and construction of wind power and solar power projects in the province, and the development of new energy industry has achieved initial results, laying a solid foundation for building our province into the core area of the national Songliao new energy base.' Wang Chunyu introduced that in order to vigorously promote the construction of the 'Three Gorges on Land', according to the 'Five-oriented' work law, the operational plan for promoting major energy projects was formulated, wall charts were used, the weekly scheduling mechanism was implemented, the project construction situation was analyzed one by one, and the ways and means of promotion were targeted to accelerate the construction of new energy projects.

'We give full play to the service role of government agencies, actively help wind power and solar energy project development enterprises to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project promotion, and ensure the smooth implementation of the project. During the epidemic, we allow some matters to be' tolerated', minimize the impact of the epidemic, and create favorable conditions for the early completion of the project and grid-connected power generation.' Wang Chunyu told reporters that by promoting the construction of pumped storage power stations, the flexibility transformation of thermal power, increasing the delivery of new energy, and improving the grid structure, etc., the peak shaving capacity of the power system was improved, and the province further promoted the high proportion of new energy consumption.

At the same time of local digestion, our province also strives to get through the export channel, and send high-quality clean energy power to North China, East China and other regions with the help of Lu-Gu DC and the ongoing UHV export channel of 'Jilin-South Power Transmission', involving eight provinces (cities) including Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. It provides an effective guarantee for the rapid growth of new energy power generation into economic benefits.

Our province is located in the high latitude area, with flat and wide land, and it is one of the regions with the most superior wind and solar energy resources in China. Baicheng, Songyuan and other places have strong wind and good sunshine. How to turn these inherent resource advantages into real money, our province has made great efforts.

In recent years, the provincial party committee and the provincial government have built a strategic building, and the pace of developing new energy industry in the whole province has become more and more solid. The high-quality development strategy of 'one master and six pairs' raises the development and utilization of new energy to the strategic level. By building a national clean energy base in western China, it firmly grasps the initiative of energy security, thus providing lasting power for Jilin's economic and social development.


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