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Most companies issuing overseas GDR continue to expand the new energy industry chain

日期: 2022-10-20
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Since the third quarter, a number of A-share companies have planned to issue global depositary receipts (GDR) overseas, and the overseas financing of enterprises has continued unabated, and the process of interconnection has continued to accelerate. According to the reporter's preliminary statistics, as of October 19th, more than 20 companies had planned to issue GDR overseas during the year. It is worth mentioning that among the A-share companies that plan to issue GDR this year, new energy industry chain companies account for more than half. Among them, Hangke Technology, Jiejia Weichuang and many other new energy industry chain companies have announced plans to issue GDR overseas.

On the evening of October 18th, another new energy industry chain company announced that it would join the GDR distribution team. In order to speed up the company's international strategic layout, build the company's international brand and image, and meet the needs of domestic and foreign business development funds, Jiejia Weichuang announced plans to issue GDR overseas and list it in Switzerland or other stock exchanges. According to the company, as a leading R&D, production and sales enterprise of crystalline silicon solar cell equipment in China, internationalization is one of the company's development strategies. The company actively explores overseas markets, has achieved stable exports to Europe, India, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and has set up overseas R&D institutions in Japan, South Korea and other countries through independent investment and foreign mergers and acquisitions. In order to further build the world's leading R&D and manufacturing enterprise of new energy equipment, the company will continue to increase investment in overseas market resources, enhance R&D and innovation strength, strengthen the construction of global supply chain and sales system, and further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. The funds raised in this offering will be mainly used to serve the above strategic objectives.

According to industry insiders, many new energy companies have a layout in overseas business, hoping to promote internationalization strategy and broaden financing channels by issuing GDR; At the same time, we also hope to make full use of domestic and foreign industrial chain resources to enhance the comprehensive strength of the company in many ways. For example, Jerry Co., Ltd., which is transforming into a new energy technology-based enterprise, said that the company firmly promoted the internationalization strategy and further promoted the dual main business strategy of 'oil and gas industry' and 'new energy industry'. The company plans to issue GDR overseas and list it on the Swiss Stock Exchange, which will further enhance its R&D and innovation strength, strengthen the construction of global supply chain and sales system, and further enhance the company's comprehensive strength.

Hangke Technology, the domestic leader of lithium battery post-treatment equipment, also said that as one of the few China enterprises that sell lithium battery post-treatment equipment to Japan, South Korea, the United States and Europe, internationalization has always been one of the company's development goals. In the face of the huge market space brought by the gradual release of overseas lithium battery capacity in the future, the company will continue to deepen its layout in major lithium battery markets around the world, enhance its global sales capacity, increase its radiation penetration in key overseas areas, and further enhance its position in the global market.

Previously, four new energy industry chain companies, namely Greenwich, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, Shanshan and Keda Manufacturing, have successfully landed on the Swiss Stock Exchange. Among them, the final GDR issue price of Greenwich, which focuses on the battery materials business, is USD 12.28 per share on the Swiss Stock Exchange, and the total amount raised exceeds USD 300 million, which will be used to support the production and operation of overseas nickel mine projects and the development of overseas battery materials projects. Guoxuan Hi-Tech GDR, a power lithium battery manufacturer, issued a price of $30 each, raising a total of about $685 million. The issue price of GDR of Shanshan, a comprehensive supplier of lithium-ion materials, is USD 20.64 per copy, and the fund raised is about USD 319 million. The final issue price of Keda Manufacturing GDR, which entered the field of lithium battery anode materials, was USD 14.43 per share, and the number of issued GDR was 12 million, representing 60 million basic securities A shares, with a total fund raised of USD 173 million.

In February this year, China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the Regulation on the Business of Interconnected Depository Receipts of Domestic and Foreign Stock Exchanges, which expanded the business scope of interconnected depository receipts to Switzerland and Germany. As of October 19th, more than 20 companies have announced plans to issue GDR overseas, and the Swiss Exchange is gradually becoming the first choice for listed companies to issue GDR. A number of companies said that the issuance and listing of their GDR is an important measure to respond to the call of domestic capital market policies, deepen the interconnection of China-EU capital markets, and promote the development of the real economy, especially the new generation manufacturing industry, with the help of overseas capital markets.

According to Bao Securities Research Report, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the trading system and financing methods, the issuance of GDR by enterprises through the channels of communication with domestic and overseas exchanges has become a new financing mode, which helps to supplement the operating funds of enterprises and help enterprises open the door to overseas markets. It is gradually forming a new trend for Chinese enterprises to issue GDR in Europe.

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