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Tesla's sales volume broke 83,000 in September, reconstructing the new energy era

日期: 2022-10-10
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Recently, in an exclusive interview with the media, Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of FEMA, revealed that Tesla delivered more than 83,000 vehicles in September, once again setting a new record for monthly delivery.

All along, Tesla has always maintained fresh creativity and unusual technical acumen, insisting on innovation to drive product popularization, technology to promote productivity, and intelligence to lead lifestyle change. Today, Tesla has once again set a record high for the monthly sales of new energy vehicles with only two models of 300,000 class, which proves the forward-looking attribute and excellent advantage of Tesla's creativity.


Innovate the original stone, and 'open strategy' drives the industrial breakthrough.


Tesla has always been regarded as the 'most innovative' enterprise since the pure electric vehicle was brought into the 'mainstream track' from 'no inflow'. Many innovative behaviors that broke the traditional model and technical bottleneck of the automobile industry have become the benchmark for the whole industry to imitate and catch up with, thus attracting many fans to love.


Recently, Musk once again made the world crazy with broken products and innovative spirit on AI Day in 2022. In Musk's eyes, Tesla's car is like an intelligent robot on wheels, and it can evolve like a smart phone. On AI Day, Tesla launched the humanoid robot 'Optimus', which adopts the artificial intelligence technology homologous to Tesla Motors. This real intelligent robot prototype is the world's first show, taking the lead in leading the public into the long-awaited 'next generation'.


With the blessing of Dojo supercomputer, Tesla will surpass the industry rules in the field of artificial intelligence and humanoid robots. 'We hope that there are not only good ideas, but also good results,' Musk said. 'I hope that everyone's understanding of Tesla will jump out of the scope of electric vehicles. We have become pioneers in AI, and we have made a lot of explorations on both hardware and software levels.' There is no doubt that the nearest artificial intelligence technology to us at present is Tesla Motors, which adopts homologous artificial intelligence technology and has actually entered life.


Recently, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) announced the list of the 50 most innovative companies in 2022. Tesla became the only automobile company in the top 20 and won the 5th place. According to the research results of '2022 Electric Vehicle Report' by the Automobile Management Center (CAM), Tesla's innovation score far exceeds that of many traditional automobile manufacturers, making it the only new energy automobile brand in the list that won the title of 'Top Innovator'.


Unlike other brands, which are keen to invest a lot of money in the field of publicity and marketing, Tesla has condensed the cost into the original stone of innovation, and invested in innovations such as technology research and development and vehicle manufacturing. According to StockApps.com data, Tesla's bicycle R&D cost is about three times of the industry average, which is significantly higher than that of many traditional fuel car companies. Domestic media statistics also show that Tesla's R&D expenses are billions more than the sum of R&D expenses of many domestic head new energy vehicle companies.


What is even more 'anti-industry unspoken rules' is that when other companies have registered patents to tap the moat of enterprises, Tesla has done the opposite, opening more than 300 patented technologies to the industry, and will continue to open more patents. Talking about the original intention, Tesla clearly expressed the hope that more people can participate in the research and development of electric vehicle technology and further promote the development of electric vehicles. As for the 'moat' of the enterprise, as early as 2014, Tesla CEO elon musk issued a memo, which clearly stated that 'the success of the company is based on its ability to attract top talents, rather than applying for or managing patents.'


Nowadays, Tesla's original intention of opening patents free of charge and promoting the common development of new energy vehicle industry has been rewarded at the industrial level. Pure electric vehicles have made brilliant achievements all over the world, especially in China. Not only are there many participants in the whole industry, but the industrial chain has developed and improved rapidly. At the same time, driven by Tesla's innovative manufacturing technology and cost reduction and efficiency increase, pure electric vehicles have become an affordable travel choice for the public, thus continuously approaching the mission of 'accelerating the transformation of the world to sustainable energy'.


Half a year, 10,000 vehicles, relying on the technology trend of pure electricity.


On September 17th, Tesla's Texas Super Factory, which just officially opened in April this year, ushered in the off-line production of 10,000 Model Y's. That is, less than half a year after the start of construction, Tesla Texas Super Factory has achieved breakthrough results, once again showing the 'Tesla speed' that has amazed the industry.


Deep into the amazing speed of super factories in Tesla Giga Shanghai and Texas, in fact, it is still Tesla's continuously strengthened innovation ability. Driven by its strong innovation ability, Tesla has been able to continuously improve its manufacturing technology, such as reducing more than 70 parts to one part, and realizing the Model Y integrated die-casting technology of 180-second rapid prototyping of the rear bottom plate, etc., which has also contributed to the rapid delivery speed of only 1-4 weeks at present in China.


According to foreign media reports, in Norway with a total population of only 5.4 million people, Tesla has sold over 90,000 cars, that is, one out of every 60 Norwegians owns a Tesla car. It is worth mentioning that in August last year, Tesla Model Y made in China was delivered in Norway for the first time, that is, it topped the new energy vehicle registration champion of the month. Until now, Model Y is still the cumulative sales champion in Norway. In Switzerland, Tesla Model Y also surpassed one fuel model with the cumulative sales figures of 3,314 units, and became the best-selling car in 2022.


The same is true in the United States. According to the statistics of the California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), in the first half of 2022, Tesla Model Y became the best-selling car in the California market with over 42,000 registrations. And with the implementation of the policy that California is expected to completely ban the sale of new fuel vehicles by 2035, Tesla Motors will also accelerate the process of replacing traditional fuel vehicles.


After testing 15 electric vehicles, American media Business Insider also publicly stated: 'I finally understand why people are so fascinated by Tesla'. Blogger explained in detail the interior design of Model Y, which is stylish and simple, with a strong sense of technology, especially praised the excellent car-machine interaction and OTA air upgrade technology. The in-depth meter improved the driving performance of 'more like a sports car', and immersed in Autopilot, an automatic assisted driving system that effectively improved vehicle safety and relieved driving fatigue. Finally, he concluded: Compared with other vehicles, Tesla's most outstanding advantages lie in 'cutting-edge technology, extreme driving performance and convenient charging experience.'


In order to give more people the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful life brought by green and smart travel, Tesla is constantly providing the public with a more convenient consumption experience. As long as the consumers order and deliver the Model 3 or Model Y (unlicensed vehicle) made in China from October 8, 2022 (inclusive) to December 31, 2022 (inclusive), they can enjoy an insurance subsidy of 7,000 yuan if they purchase the corresponding car insurance (at least including compulsory insurance and car damage insurance) through Tesla Cooperative Insurance Agency.


On this basis, some vehicle users have the opportunity to enjoy the 'preferential rate loan scheme' of some cooperative financial institutions or the '0 down payment financial leasing scheme' of Tesla financial leasing (the final scheme is based on the actual audit results of financial service institutions and the signed financial agreement), so that more people can easily start Tesla vehicles.


Musk said: 'Tesla's core competitiveness is the speed of innovation'. Tesla has always regarded innovation as its original growth stone, and has become a consumption magnet for the new energy vehicle market from 'policy-oriented' to 'market-oriented', laying an important foundation for the vigorous development of China and even the global new energy market, and also providing an important boost for China's dual-carbon goal and the sustainable development of human energy.

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