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"Building a New Pattern and Creating a New Ecology" China New Energy Vehicle Development Forum (2022

日期: 2022-09-28
浏览次数: 1

Electrification has changed the pattern of global automobile industry. Electrification and intelligence are becoming the new kinetic energy for the development of automobile industry. China, which is moving from a big automobile country to a powerful automobile country, how to judge the direction of technological change and the trend of industrial change more forward-looking based on the first-Mover advantage of electrification? How to strengthen the chain and complement the chain, and establish a strong automobile innovation chain and industrial chain? How to build a number of competitive regional and world-class automobile industry clusters under the new industrial pattern?


On September 23rd, 2022, China New Energy Vehicle Development Forum (2022) was successfully held in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, 'China Car Valley'. Under the guidance of Hubei Provincial People's Government, this forum was co-sponsored by Wuhan Municipal People's Government, China Electric Vehicle committee of 100, Hubei Research Institute of China Engineering Technology Development Strategy, and co-sponsored by Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology.


The rapid development of new energy vehicles helps the rise of independent brands


'China's new energy vehicles are moving from the market cultivation period to the market-oriented development stage, from the dual drive of policy and market to the new development stage dominated by market.' Chen Qingtai, chairman of China Electric Vehicle committee of 100, said in his speech.


Wang Chuanfu, chairman and president of BYD Co., Ltd., said that China's new energy automobile industry has ushered in an unprecedented development situation and is growing into the pillar of stimulating industry, promoting consumption and expanding exports. With the explosive growth of the market, the automobile industry chain is accelerating its reconstruction. China's new energy automobile industry chain has a good foundation, high efficiency, strong toughness and rapid growth, which provides a strong support for China's and even the global automobile transformation.


Supply chain security is the core issue


Delegates believe that under the joint action of national policies, enterprise innovation and user recognition, China is accelerating to catch up with the international traditional automobile giants on the new track of electric intelligent network. While seeing the achievements, we should also clearly see some challenges faced by the industry, especially in the electric intelligent networked automobile industry chain.


He Xianqing, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., believes that intelligent new energy vehicles have become an important starting point of industrial competition, the industrial competition is more intense, the supply chain continues to face challenges, and power batteries and chips are still important constraints.


Accelerated restructuring of automobile industry chain


To build the future-oriented industrial chain and supply chain, it is necessary to give full play to the leading role of vehicle enterprises, make breakthroughs in innovation with core technologies, and strengthen the collaborative innovation of spare parts enterprises.


Liu Jiren, chairman of Neusoft Group Co., Ltd., provided the perspective of the software industry. Everyone is talking about software defining cars, and Neusoft thinks it is more important to see that cars are also defining software. Car software is different from computer software and mobile phone software. The centralized architecture, cloud-based data and increasingly complex functions put forward new requirements for software computing ability. Therefore, we should respect the automobile industry and fully realize the uniqueness of automobile software.


Lei Mingshan, Party Secretary and Chairman of China Three Gorges Corporation, said that under the background of 'double carbon', the cross-border integration and development of new energy and automobile industry is a big trend, a big opportunity and a big undertaking, which needs to be grasped, planned and created together.


Cultivate competitive local supply chain enterprises


'In this transformation, a number of competitive supply chain enterprises and even new auto parts suppliers with global influence will emerge.' At the recent Nanjing Supply Chain Conference, Zhang Yongwei, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of China Electric Vehicle committee of 100, summarized the ten characteristics of the global automobile supply chain transformation.


In fact, in the field of power batteries, Chinese enterprises have already taken the lead. Xie Qiu, senior vice president of Zhongchuang Xinhang Technology Co., Ltd. introduced that as of July this year, China occupied six seats in the top ten installed power batteries in the world, and these six seats provided more than 60% of the world's supply. Xie Qiu believes that in the future, China will continue to maintain this advantage, and even the top three power batteries in China may become the top three in the world in the future.


Chen Liming, president of Horizon, said that the Chinese market has become a global arena for smart chips. MobileyeQ5, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Nvidia Orin, etc. all choose to launch in China. Even under such fierce competition, local chip companies still made gratifying breakthroughs. Relevant industry statistics show that Horizon's journey chip is also becoming the mainstream choice of independent brand domain controllers. From January to June this year, Horizon's shipments ranked second, second only to Tesla.


Shan Jizhang, founder and CEO of Black Sesame Intelligence, said that the rapid development of new technologies such as new energy vehicles and intelligent driving; Change of supply chain, from globalization to localization and regionalization; As well as the change of the cooperative relationship between the whole vehicle and its parts, the traditional chain structure from the depot to the first-class supplier and then to the second-class supplier has changed to the network structure, which provides a great opportunity for local chips to 'get on the bus'. In the field of new chips such as intelligent driving, Chinese chip suppliers are actually in the same echelon as international chip suppliers.


Judging from the speeches of the forum guests, open cooperation, cross-border integration, more flexible service and faster response speed, together with the whole vehicle enterprises, are the common 'cheats' for local parts enterprises to enhance their competitiveness.


Smart cars need multiple technologies and multiple industries to empower them


From the era of automobile fuel to the era of electrification and intelligence, its own structure has changed greatly. Not only batteries, motors, and electronic controls have replaced engines, transmissions, and transmission systems, but also products and industries such as Internet communication, radar, sensors, chips, computing platforms, controllers, high-definition maps, cloud control platforms, and AI algorithms, which were originally unrelated to automobiles, have become new and important components of automobile industry chain and automobile industry. The automobile is becoming a huge complex, which needs the support of multiple technologies and industries.


Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Li Deren of Wuhan University, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of National Satellite Positioning System Engineering Technology Research Center Liu Jingnan, respectively, from 'What can surveying and mapping remote sensing do for intelligent driving?' 'Space-time Intelligent Enabling High-precision Map' introduces how to form a smart brain with the help of optical sensor, lidar sensor, Beidou+INS+deep learning algorithm, surveying and mapping remote sensing, high-precision map, etc., which completely replaces the technology of human driving cars, and how to solve the problems of high-precision map and network connection with networked cars as the support of infrastructure. They believe that autonomous driving will be an important development opportunity for surveying and mapping geographic information industry, and at the same time, intelligent surveying and mapping should provide basic support for autonomous driving, so as to make it faster, better and better match the changing needs.


The latecomers have to take a different path


Zhou Ji, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, believes that it is now facing a great change that has not happened in a hundred years. One of the main aspects of this great change is that the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the fourth industrial revolution have formed a historic intersection with China's accelerated transformation of economic development mode. The intersection is intelligent manufacturing.


'The next 15 years will be a critical period for the development of intelligent manufacturing technology. If China wants to come from behind, it must give full play to its advantages of backwardness and adopt the parallel development policy of parallel integration of digital, networked and intelligent technologies.' He said, 'China's automobiles are undergoing the transition from fuel-powered automobiles to electric automobiles, and on this basis, they are making rapid progress in the direction of networked, unmanned and intelligent automobiles. The speed of progress exceeded expectations. '


Ou Yangming Gao, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice chairman of China Electric Vehicle committee of 100 and professor of Tsinghua University, delivered a speech on 'New Stage, New Challenge and New Trend of New Energy Vehicle Development' by video. According to him, the development of electric cars will focus on power batteries, forming a trend of low-carbonization, high-end, intelligent and high-quality development. The whole vehicle technology has formed a trend from the initial fuel-based vehicle chassis modification, to the special platform for electric vehicles, to the integration of CTV and CTC chassis batteries, to the integration of motor drive control and axle, and now to the integration of electric drive and wheels. The charging system has developed from disorderly charging to orderly charging and bidirectional charging, which can be charged or discharged. He predicted that the rapid development momentum of China's new energy vehicles will continue. Among the total automobile sales in China, fuel vehicles will drop rapidly from the peak, and the sales of new energy vehicles will continue to grow rapidly, exceeding 50% of the total sales before 2030, and the penetration rate will reach 50% between 2025 and 2030.

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