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The era of super-fast charging of new energy vehicles is coming, and slow charging is hard to expect

日期: 2022-09-01
浏览次数: 1

On August 30th, the reporter of Securities Daily learned from Sinopec News Office that Lianhua Supercharger Station, the first community supercharger station in Sinopec, was completed and put into use in Longyan City, Fujian Province. The planned area of the project is about 4,800 square meters, and it can charge 24 vehicles at the same time. It integrates refueling, charging, photovoltaic, rest and so on. It can be an ordinary family car with a cruising capacity of about 400 kilometers in the fastest 25 minutes, and the estimated annual charging capacity is about 3 million kWh, which will help the green and low-carbon transformation of energy.

This is not the first time that Sinopec has laid out a super charging station. At the beginning of August, the first 'photovoltaic charging and inspection' power station project jointly built by Sinopec Fujian Petroleum and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited in Fujian was completed and put into operation at Mindong Road Gas Station in Ningde, Fujian.

At the same time, traditional energy companies such as bp (hereinafter referred to as BP) and Shell, as well as car companies such as LI and Xpeng Motors, are also accelerating the layout of high-voltage and fast charging.

With the increasing number of new energy vehicles, the problem of slow charging and difficult charging has become increasingly apparent. How to solve this problem? This has become an area that energy companies and car companies are constantly exploring.

The era of overcharging is coming.

Traditional energy companies are constantly making efforts in the field of ultra-fast charging.

It is understood that bp Electrification and Mobile Travel Department (bppulse) and Aouita Technology will jointly invest to build more than 100 ultra-fast charging stations in 19 cities in China by the end of 2023, and bppulse will be responsible for the construction and operation of charging stations. Equipped with a charging gun with a charging power of up to 240kW, the power station can last for 200 kilometers in just 10 minutes.

In this regard, Xu Xiaoyan, vice president of bp charging and travel business in China, recently told the Securities Daily that for energy companies, it is of strategic significance for energy transformation to strengthen the layout of multi-track in the field of electric vehicle energy supplement. Fast charging can open up new usage scenarios and serve more diversified customer groups; At the same time, similar to the refueling speed, it can reduce the vehicle residence time, thus improving the utilization rate of the station and the operational efficiency. The upgrade of high-voltage charging pile is relatively easy, and its design cost of high-voltage and low-current is much lower than that of low-voltage and high-current design.

Sinopec told the Securities Daily that the company actively embraced the transformation and development of transportation energy, increased the rational planning and utilization of existing sites to build the infrastructure of charging and replacing power stations, consolidated the leading edge of the hydrogen energy industry, accelerated the construction of 'oil, gas, hydrogen and electricity service' comprehensive charging station, and planned to build 5,000 charging and replacing power stations by 2025, forging a strong and efficient industrial chain.

In addition to energy companies, car companies are more active in exploring the field of ultra-fast charging.

Recently, the R&D and production base of LI Power Semiconductor was officially started in Suzhou High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province, which indicates that LI officially started the independent industrial chain layout of the next generation high-voltage electric drive technology.

Not only LI, but not long ago, Xpeng Motors also announced that 1,000 self-operated charging stations will go online, which is also the first station in China equipped with the latest generation of ultra-fast pile charging S4.

In this regard, Qi Haijun, president of Beijing Teyi Sunshine New Energy, told the Securities Daily reporter that under the premise of ensuring the charging safety of power batteries, increasing the charging voltage and current charging must be the goal of the charging field. After all, continuous efforts are needed to reduce the charging time and the waiting time of users.

All parties in the market continue to lay out

In the process of the development of new energy vehicles, the slow and difficult charging has always restricted their development. Especially on the highways of holidays, it often leads to the 'spit' of new energy owners. With the increase of new energy vehicles, the charging infrastructure has not improved correspondingly.

The data shows that in the first half of this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles were 2.661 million and 2.6 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 1.2 times. The production and sales scale reached a new high, and the market penetration rate was 21.6%.

Therefore, in order to alleviate the 'mileage anxiety' and 'energy supplement anxiety' of electric travel, the layout of ultra-fast charging is the general trend. And 800V high-voltage fast charging has become the focus of the current industry layout.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to ensure the product strength of ultra-fast charging pure electric vehicles, LI series vehicles will be equipped with 800V high-voltage electric drive system based on silicon carbide power module, giving full play to the high-voltage and high-temperature resistance of the third-generation semiconductor, and achieving a substantial improvement in power density and system efficiency.

'For car companies, in essence, in order to enhance brand value. By providing high-voltage fast charging for car owners, users' anxiety about energy supplement in the process of purchasing electric vehicles is alleviated, the charging experience is improved, and then the electrification process is promoted. ' Xu Xiaoyan also told reporters that the high-voltage platform means that under the same power, the current is smaller, the heat dissipation is less, the system efficiency is higher, the cable investment is less, the energy density of the battery is higher, and the space occupied is less. Driven by the gradually mature brand charging and replacing system and direct selling mode, the layout of high-voltage fast charging can enhance brand service, provide better experience for customers, expand charging scenarios and prepare for potential energy business in the future.

With the continuous layout of high-voltage and fast charging by all parties in the market, problems such as slow charging and difficult charging are also expected to usher in a turning point.

According to the research report of CICC, with 800V models such as Extreme Fox Alpha S, Aouita 11, Tucki G9 and Great Wall Mechanosaurus coming on the market one after another during the year, 2022 will be the first year of mass production of 800V models.

Western Securities also believes that with the continuous improvement of the production, sales and possession of new energy vehicles, the high ratio of vehicles to piles leads to outstanding problems such as 'waiting for piles'. Many car companies have applied high-voltage fast charging, and the first year of fast charging came by the wind.

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