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Innovation leads and releases new kinetic energy of the industry

日期: 2022-08-31
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In the first half of the year, the dominant industries in Xi 'an High-tech Zone developed rapidly, and the output value of new energy vehicles increased by 600%.

Innovation leads and releases new kinetic energy of the industry.

Trailers loaded with parts shuttle back and forth between production areas, mechanical arms operate in an orderly manner, and workers in groups of three skillfully check and debug … In early autumn, BYD's assembly line located in Xi 'an High-tech Zone, Shaanxi Province runs in an orderly manner. After stamping, welding, painting, final assembly and other technological processes, brand-new new energy vehicles rolled off the production line.

In the first half of this year, the GDP of Xi 'an High-tech Zone increased by 10.2% year-on-year, and the output of new energy vehicles reached 344,000, accounting for nearly 13% of the national output of new energy vehicles, and the industrial output value increased by 600%. Adhere to the local high-tech guidance and industrialization drive, and strive to embark on a high-quality development road.

Consolidate the Advantages and Sustain the Innovation Vitality of generate

The new-generation intraocular lens product project led by Xi 'an Yandele Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the comprehensive performance evaluation organized by China Biotechnology Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. This is an important scientific research achievement in the field of medical devices in China.

In recent years, focusing on helping high-level science and technology to become independent and self-reliant, Xi 'an High-tech Zone has built a diversified and open key technology research system with leading enterprises as the traction and colleges and universities participating extensively, and has overcome many technical problems that restrict industrial development. According to statistics, in 2021, the technical contract of Xi 'an High-tech Zone reached 65 billion yuan, and in the first half of this year, it reached 36 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17%.

At present, Xi 'an High-tech Zone has formed an all-factor, all-ecological incubation system, and built an innovation chain of 'scientific and technological research and development-achievement transformation-enterprise cultivation-industry growth', and the vitality of scientific and technological innovation continues to be generate.

'In the first half of this year, 12 national-level and provincial-level dual-innovation carriers were added, and tens of thousands of talents joined our science and technology team.' Deng Wei, director of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau of Xi 'an High-tech Zone, said that Xi 'an High-tech Zone has also set up an industrial guidance fund with a total scale of 10.9 billion yuan to provide financial support for scientific and technological innovation.

With the introduction of a series of hard measures, the advantages of science and technology in Xi 'an High-tech Zone have been continuously consolidated, and the innovative vitality of generate has released great development momentum.

Seize the opportunity and push the industrial chain to the high end.

Automobile industry is one of the dominant industries in Xi 'an High-tech Zone. In recent years, local governments have seized the development opportunities of new energy industry and promoted the rapid rise of new energy automobile industry.

It is understood that in the field of new energy automobile industry, Xi 'an High-tech Zone has gathered a number of leading enterprises such as BYD, forming a complete industrial chain covering complete vehicles, parts, automotive electronics, power batteries and other links. In the first half of this year, the output value of the local automobile industry cluster reached 74.1 billion yuan, which became the main engine driving economic growth.

In recent years, in order to further promote industrial optimization and upgrading, Xi 'an High-tech Zone has proposed to build a modern industrial system with optoelectronic information, automobiles, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, new materials and new energy as leading industries, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, additive manufacturing, satellite application, 5G and other strategic emerging industries.

In the first half of this year, the dominant industries in Xi 'an High-tech Zone achieved rapid development. Among them, the output value of optoelectronic, intelligent manufacturing and biomedical industries reached 115.67 billion yuan, 28.47 billion yuan and 12.31 billion yuan respectively, which provided strong support for the high-quality development of Xi 'an High-tech Zone.

Ren Junfeng, director of Xi 'an Hi-tech Zone Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said that since the beginning of this year, Xi 'an Hi-tech Zone has promoted the further growth of industrial clusters through project guidance and industry promotion, and the industrial chain has been moving towards the high end.

Improve efficiency and continuously optimize the business environment.

Recently, around the formalities of Yisiwei IC Industrial Base Project, Xi 'an High-tech Zone Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau, in conjunction with a number of relevant departments, took the initiative to provide door-to-door service, and efficiently completed a number of construction and examination procedures of the project.

'The business environment is one of the key competitiveness of the city. Xi 'an High-tech Zone insists on optimizing the business environment as an important support to promote high-quality economic development, and ensures that all kinds of enterprises become bigger, better and stronger in the high-tech zone. ' Ma Xianping, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xi 'an High-tech Zone, said.

According to reports, Xi 'an High-tech Zone focuses on reducing examination and approval items, lowering charging standards, improving work efficiency, and optimizing service levels, etc., to promote the business environment and service efficiency. Guided by the needs of local enterprises and projects, accelerate the reform of integrated services, and realize the 'one-hall settlement' of 1,078 government services. At the same time, we will implement mechanisms such as handling construction permits by stages, and implement measures such as 100% guarantee of land for industrial projects, 100% deputy agency for examination and approval of key projects, and 35-day completion of industrial construction examination and approval.

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