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QUALCOMM Meng Pu: Technology empowerment and China's automobile ecology work together for mutual ben

日期: 2022-08-29
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Xinhuanet Beijing, August 29th (Ling Jiwei) Since August, many brand exhibitions and conferences in the automotive field have arrived as scheduled. As a technical enabler of the automobile industry, Qualcomm has been active in these important occasions.

On August 26-28, Qualcomm appeared at the 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference and held the Qualcomm Snapdragon Digital Chassis Forum; At the 2022 Chengdu International Auto Show, which opened on August 26th, the DHT-PHEV lidar version of Wei Mocha, a subsidiary of Great Wall Motor, supported by Snapdragon Digital Chassis, was released. On September 22nd, Qualcomm will also hold the first automobile investor conference to show how Snapdragon digital chassis can help the automobile industry change.

As cars become 'supercomputers on wheels', Qualcomm develops rapidly in the automotive field, bringing users a leading intelligent networked driving experience. Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhuanet that China's auto market has great potential. 5G will help China's auto industry keep pace with the world and develop simultaneously. Chinese auto manufacturers also have the opportunity to occupy an important position in the global market like smart phone manufacturers. Qualcomm will be a technology enabler, working hand in hand with China's auto ecology for mutual benefit and win-win.


Automobile industry transformation brings opportunities for industrial cooperation.

The automobile industry is developing simultaneously with new energy and intelligent network connection, and the superposition and interaction of the two trends have accelerated the transformation of the whole automobile industry. This transformation trend has created opportunities for Qualcomm to deepen cooperation with automobile manufacturers.

Meng Pu said that cars have a strong demand for intelligent networking, which is very similar to the demand of smart phones for mobile connection and mobile computing. Nowadays, many automobile manufacturers have chosen Qualcomm's intelligent cockpit solution, which fits well with Qualcomm's technical expertise in the fields of intelligent connection and intelligent computing. 'Just as Qualcomm saw the momentum of smartphone development in China many years ago, China's auto industry is now booming. Therefore, Qualcomm is promising in digital cockpit, intelligent driving and even automatic driving. '

In recent years, Chinese automobile manufacturers have made rapid progress in the world in line with the development trend of new energy and intelligent networking. In Meng Pu's view, Chinese automobile manufacturers are developing rapidly nowadays, which is manifested in two aspects: First, the development speed of new energy vehicles is very fast; Second, regardless of the traditional automobile manufacturers or the new forces in building cars, their growth rate is also very fast.

Talking about the prospect of cooperation between Chinese automobile manufacturers and Qualcomm, Meng Pu believes that the Chinese market has great development potential. 'First of all, the growth rate of electric vehicles in China is higher than that in the whole world; Secondly, Chinese automobile brands have launched more than 50 models with the support of Snapdragon cockpit platform, which shows that Chinese automobile manufacturers have a strong demand for intelligent networking and fully embrace new technologies; On the other hand, it also reflects the extensive cooperation between Qualcomm and Chinese automobile manufacturers-therefore, I believe that our automobile business will achieve faster and faster growth in the next few years. '

At the recent Chengdu International Auto Show and the World New Energy Vehicle Congress, some partners exhibited the latest models built in cooperation with Qualcomm. These cooperation results made the audience experience the intelligent driving pleasure brought by the next generation of automobiles.

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