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Faster, Farther and Smarter —— Observation of 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress

日期: 2022-08-29
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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 28th: Faster, Farther and Smarter —— Observation of 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Congress

The 2022 World New Energy Vehicle Conference held from 26th to 28th attracted the attention of the public. Data show that in the first half of 2022, the global sales of new energy vehicles exceeded 4.22 million. Among them, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China reached 2.6 million, and the market penetration rate reached 21.6%.

Experts at the meeting said that technological progress is promoting new energy vehicles to have longer cruising range, faster charging and replacing, smarter driving and better supporting facilities, and constantly improving the travel experience of new energy vehicle users.


How is the cruising range longer?

In the expressway service areas and some popular charging stations in the city, the 'long line of charging and waiting for hours' of new energy vehicles has become a pain point for new energy owners. At the press conference, we saw that the technological progress represented by fast battery charging and long battery life is optimizing our travel.

At the exhibition site of the conference, a new energy vehicle of Guangzhou Automobile Aian attracted the attention of the audience. This car is equipped with a battery module developed by Juwan Technology, which can be charged by 80% in just 8 minutes and has a cruising range of 500 kilometers. 'The fast charging power battery and its system adopted by us have a maximum charging speed of 6 times that of ordinary batteries.' The person in charge of Juwan Technology said that technology will make car charging as convenient as refueling.

At present, the endurance of pure electric new energy vehicles has been greatly improved. At the new car booth of the conference, the cruising range of the Alpha S model displayed by Extreme Fox Motor exceeded 700 kilometers; Mercedes-Benz's electric flagship EQS model in Beijing has a cruising range of more than 800 kilometers.

'In 2021, the average cruising range of China's new energy vehicles is still in the range of 500 kilometers, and this year it has further increased to 600 kilometers or even higher.' Wang Xiaoming, deputy director of the Institute of Science and Technology Development Strategy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the obvious improvement in battery energy density, power consumption efficiency and cruising range of new energy vehicles has brought greater confidence to consumers.

Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, pointed out that in recent years, the pace of technological innovation in China's new energy automobile industry has accelerated, with breakthroughs in the application of new group technologies, high-nickel cobalt-free batteries and semi-solid batteries, and new technologies, new models and new formats constantly emerging.


How long does it take to recharge freely?

According to statistics, as the world's largest consumer market for new energy vehicles, China has built a total of 3.98 million charging piles and 1,625 power stations, forming the world's largest charging and replacing network.

Experts attending the meeting said that the construction of charging facilities, especially charging piles (stations), has been accelerating, but it still can't meet the rapid growth of the number of new energy vehicles. The convenience of consumers with less queuing and less time-consuming charging needs to be further strengthened.

'The ideal package is that there are charging piles in the community, and there are power stations within 2km like gas stations.' A new energy owner who attended the meeting said.

The owner's wish is the planning of travel service supporting enterprises. At the booths of State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Corporation and charging pile operators, the reporter learned about the urban and rural full coverage planning of charging piles entering communities, shopping malls and construction sites. Among them, China Southern Power Grid Corporation has built a total of 9,000 charging stations and 75,000 charging piles, covering all county-level and above cities in five southern provinces, and will realize full coverage of all towns and villages in the southern region next year.

With the increasing number of charging piles, many vehicle and power battery companies are also introducing mileage solutions for energy supply and supporting facilities. At the booth of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, a power battery manufacturer, a small power exchange station is being demonstrated, which can quickly exchange power for new energy vehicles and store 48 batteries. 'I hope that through the newly developed power exchange products, the battery will become a shared asset, and the pain points of the three major electric vehicle users, namely, the cruising range, the convenience of charging and the purchase and use cost, will be solved.' The relevant person in charge of Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited said.


How far is autonomous driving?

In the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, where this conference is held, self-driving cars can be seen from time to time on the roads. By calling a car through the application software, you can take an unmanned vehicle and realize automatic driving in the whole process.

In July this year, Beijing opened the first pilot project of commercialization of unmanned travel service in China, and invested 30 unmanned driving vehicles within 60 square kilometers of the core area of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to carry out normalized charging services. At present, more than 10 cities across the country have allowed self-driving cars to engage in commercial trial operation of taxis, urban bus (electric) cars, etc. in specific areas and in specific time periods, and the application scale is constantly expanding.

Experts attending the meeting said that through the application of technologies such as vehicle perception, assisted driving, smart light poles, smart intersections, and vehicle-road cloud integration in response to complex road conditions, autonomous driving is creating a new ecology of cross-industry, cross-domain and highly intelligent integration and development.

'It is necessary to take new energy vehicles as the carrier, moderately advance the construction of new infrastructure supporting high-level autonomous driving, and promote the integration and development of intelligent new energy vehicles, intelligent transportation and smart cities.' Wan Gang, chairman of China Association for Science and Technology and chairman of the World New Energy Automobile Congress, said.

From the functional safety to prevent misoperation, to the intelligent cockpit providing a better driving posture, to the multimodal human-computer interaction such as sound, touch and smell … In the expectation of the participating experts, smart cars will also bring a higher quality driving experience.

Gao Zhenhai, dean of the School of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University, believes that compared with traditional cars, smart cars will put more emphasis on people's feelings. 'From people passively adapting to cars to cars actively adapting to people, from batch development to humanization and personalized customization, future car design will fully consider the experience of driving under the premise of ensuring safety and reshape the living ecology among people, cars and the environment.'

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