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Seize the opportunity in the rapid change of new energy vehicles

日期: 2022-08-26
浏览次数: 1

When turning to new energy vehicles has become the consensus of the global auto industry, a race on a new track has already begun. As the world's largest new energy vehicle market, the Chinese market has undoubtedly become the decisive place. In this 'fast' competition, many competitors are faced with a long and difficult marathon.

Walking through the streets, all kinds of new energy vehicles, new products and new car logos are dazzling. According to media statistics, there are more than 70 new energy vehicle brands in the domestic market, and these 70 brands have launched more than 200 new energy vehicle products. Not only that, but recently, I heard someone sigh that it is difficult to see fuel vehicles on the streets of Hainan city, which just echoes Hainan's announcement that it will completely ban the sale of fuel vehicles on the whole island by 2030. In fact, in the first half of this year, the market share of China's new energy vehicles reached 21.6%, and the goal of '20% of new energy vehicles in 2025' was achieved three years ahead of schedule. In addition, with the upsurge of 'shopping malls opening stores' in the automobile industry, more and more new energy vehicles occupy prominent positions in urban shopping centers, gathering popularity in the core business districts … Looking back at these changes, it is not difficult to find that the duration of these changes is only one year.

Not only are the externally visible entities, such as products and channels, changing rapidly, but also the internal pattern of the new energy vehicle market is changing fast and unexpectedly. A year ago, the industry relished that Tesla's status in the new energy vehicle market was shaken by Wuling Hongguang, a 'national car'. A year later, Tesla was 'suddenly overwhelmed by everyone': in the first half of 2021, Tesla's cumulative sales volume exceeded 160,000 vehicles, which was more than that of other new car-making forces. In the first half of this year, the sum of the sales of 'Wei Xiaoli' alone was very close to Tesla, while BYD won the first place with sales exceeding 640,000 vehicles, far surpassing SAIC-GM-Wuling and Tesla, and even the 'second echelon' such as Nezha Automobile had sales exceeding 60,000 vehicles and a growth rate of 199%, which was not to be underestimated.

It is not difficult to find that in this 'first echelon' qualifying competition in the new energy automobile market, the performance of Chinese brands is particularly bright. Six of the top ten best-selling new energy vehicle models in the world are Chinese brand models, and the proportion of new energy vehicles in Chinese brand passenger cars is close to 40%. In the summer test of the new energy vehicle of Che Di, a professional information platform for automobiles, an industry insider felt: There are so many new energy vehicles from China coming to Turpan this year, and they have to compete with BBA and Volkswagen Honda for this high-temperature test. If they hadn't even thought about it ten or twenty years ago, it is estimated that they could barely come up with a few vehicles five years ago.

In the era of new energy vehicles, with the technical and brand barriers built by international car companies in the era of fuel vehicles crashing down, China's auto industry is seizing the first-Mover advantage in technology, the local advantage in the market and the complete advantage of the industrial chain, and has the right to speak enough to change the competition pattern. However, it is undeniable that the market share of new energy vehicles is less than 30%, and there is still a lot of market space to explore, which is undoubtedly a long-distance race. However, in long-distance running, not all runners who rush to the front from the beginning can have the last laugh. It is worth noting that in the planning of traditional international car companies, the next few years will be the key R&D period and commissioning date for their new energy vehicle production capacity, and the technical strength and brand influence of former head manufacturers can still not be underestimated. Only by constantly innovating technology, increasing profits, and seizing the standard is the key for China's auto industry to seize the opportunity at present.

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