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Anhui Province has introduced policies to promote the quality, quantity and efficiency of new energy

日期: 2022-08-11
浏览次数: 1

Since the beginning of this year, the sales of new energy vehicles have increased greatly, and the kinetic energy of industrial development has become stronger and stronger. How to ensure that new energy vehicles and intelligent networked automobile industry continue to accelerate 'gallop'? The reporter learned from the press conference held by the provincial government information office on August 10th that a few days ago, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued 'Several Policies to Support the New Energy Vehicle and Intelligent Networked Automobile Industry to Improve Quality, Increase Volume and Increase Efficiency', and put forward specific support policies from the aspects of R&D innovation, project attraction, market development, expanding industrial chain, popularization and application, etc.

Real money and silver support is a prominent feature of Several Policies. Xu Zhi, deputy director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that our province adheres to the logic of the market, the power of capital and the thinking of the platform, and adopts 'fund+fund' and other means to jointly support it. Focus on tackling key core technologies, continue to increase financial investment in areas such as new models, new technologies, promotion and application of new products, and guide and incite social capital, and boost industrial quality, quantity and efficiency.

'For example, in terms of R&D and innovation, new energy vehicles and intelligent networked automobile industry technology innovation projects will be implemented, and the undertaking unit will be given a subsidy of up to 20%; In terms of expanding the industrial chain, the loans for the construction of short-board projects in the industry will be given a 40% discount based on the preferential loan interest rate of the manufacturing industry. In terms of promotion and application, the provincial level awarded 5 million yuan for the demonstration case of business model innovation. ' Xu Zhi said, for example.

In order to support the new energy vehicle and intelligent networked automobile industry to become bigger and stronger, financial funds have given a strong guarantee. According to Zhu Changcai, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Finance, since the beginning of this year, our province has issued a total of 5.46 billion yuan of financial subsidy funds for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles at or above the provincial level, which is used for purchasing subsidies for consumers of new energy vehicles, alleviating the cash flow pressure of automobile manufacturers in time and ensuring the stability of the industrial chain supply chain; A special guiding fund of 230 million yuan of 'Three-fold and One-innovation' will be arranged, which will be used for the innovation and development of new energy automobile industry and the provincial awards for product promotion.

In the future, new energy vehicles will 'drive' to more regions and wider fields. Xu Wenzhang, chief engineer of the Provincial Economic and Information Department, said that some areas will be selected in northern Anhui, central Anhui and southern Anhui, and new energy vehicles will be launched to the countryside, and local governments, production enterprises and distributors will be organized to participate in it, so as to promote consumers in rural areas to purchase and use new energy vehicles.

Not only vehicles for sanitation, gardens, municipal services, fire protection, airports, scenic spots, etc. will be accelerated to 'new energy', but also urban buses will be added and updated from this year. The objectives set out in Several Policies are: the proportion of new energy buses in Hefei and Wuhu urban areas reaches 100%, and the proportion in other urban areas is not less than 80%.

Official vehicles will take the lead in demonstration. 'Several Policies' clarify that government agencies and state-owned enterprises and institutions in the province should take the lead in demonstrating the use of new energy vehicles on the premise of meeting the standards of official vehicles and the needs of units; When adding or updating official vehicles, all new energy vehicles should be purchased except for special geographical environment, special purpose and other factors approved by the competent authorities. At the same time, give priority to purchasing new energy car rental services.

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