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Ulanqab: Internet+government service is efficient and convenient

日期: 2022-08-03
浏览次数: 1

'I can help you if you need me', the handwriting on the sign at the entrance of Wulanchabu Municipal Service Hall is particularly eye-catching. The city innovatively introduced the '112457' deputy agency work method, and the four-level deputy agencies in cities, counties and villages gradually went deeper and deeper. The four high-frequency items of 'one thing for new students, one thing for health certificate, one thing for the disabled, and one thing for the renewal of taxi qualification certificate' were all implemented ... The seemingly simple 'one thing' reflected thousands of things.

Let the data 'run errands' and the masses 'run errands' less.

The children of Wang Chuanlong, a citizen of Jining District, will be promoted from kindergarten to primary school this year. On July 6th, Wang Chuanlong completed the registration in less than 10 minutes through the new online newspaper system of Jining District. He said: 'Online registration is very convenient, and it doesn't need to go to various departments. It really saves us time and energy.'

In 2021, Jining District Administrative Approval and Administrative Service Bureau, together with the District Education Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Real Estate Registration Center and other departments, took the lead in implementing the reform of 'one thing for new students, one thing on the palm' in the whole district after a year of data mapping and field verification, which made more data 'run errands' in exchange for less 'running errands' for the masses.

Hao Wenyue, Party Secretary and Director of Wulanchabu Municipal Service Bureau, said: 'We have not only taken the lead in implementing the reform of' one thing for new students, one thing for new students' hands-on' in the whole district, but also implemented Sunshine Branch School and Sunshine Class Division, which fully guaranteed the fairness of students' choice of schools and classes. In addition, services such as free mailing, free photo taking, free printing and copying of documents, and providing assistance to people with mobility disabilities have been launched. The ultimate purpose of these innovative measures is to provide convenience to the masses and let them enjoy the' dividends' brought by government services. '

It is understood that Wulanchabu Municipal Service Bureau has taken the lead in developing and launching the 'one-time' online integrated system in the whole district, and all the 118 'one-time' matters in the whole city have been realized by hand. This year, the bureau took the lead in launching three boutique 'one thing' hand-held offices in the whole district, namely, the certificate of disabled persons, the renewal of taxi (network car) qualification certificate and the enrollment of Xiaoshengchu, which greatly improved the work efficiency. In addition, last year's first health certificate 'one thing' hand-held office benefited nearly 150,000 people. At present, more than 60,000 cases have been handled.

'Help the agency' to let the masses enjoy intimate government services

In June, 2021, when Wulanchabu PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. handled the Fengzhen section of gas pipeline at the first station of Wulanchabu-Machangmo Station, it encountered the problem of 'kicking the ball' by the department.

After knowing the situation, the Project Investment Agency Service Center of Wulanchabu Municipal Administration Service Bureau reported to the leaders of the municipal government at the first time, and then held a joint meeting to bring together the relevant municipal departments, the responsible persons of fengzhen city Municipal Government and the responsible persons of enterprises, to determine the administrative departments and procedures in person, and to help enterprises successfully complete the relevant procedures.

'You only need to make a trip and leave the rest to us!' This is the service concept put forward by Wulanchabu Municipal Service Bureau. The city has listed small and medium-sized enterprises, people in need, etc. as agents and assistants, and provided 389 enterprises with free agent and assistant services such as enterprise start-up, registration, cancellation, etc. through active door-to-door, reservation delay, handheld system, limited-time answering of hotline, and the establishment of 12345 'Help You' special seats.

On the afternoon of July 5th, the agent of Wulanchabu Municipal Service Bureau provided door-to-door assistance service for Liu Fuhai, a resident of Jining District with mobility problems. 'Your service is so thoughtful. Let us elderly people with mobility problems sit at home and get things done. Thank you so much!' The old man thanked the staff who came to the door service again and again.

In order to get through the 'last mile' of serving the masses, Wulanchabu Municipal Service Bureau has set up four levels of deputy agency service points in cities, counties and cities, Sumu Township and Gacha Village. Liang Ruixian of Yintangzi Village, Zhuozishan Town, Zhuozi County is a convenience service agent. At present, she is in charge of 38 businesses in the village, such as five-guarantee application, minimum living allowance application and orphan rescue application. She said, 'I am very proud to be able to do practical things for the villagers.'

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