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Focus on the main business of new energy and take a steady growth step

日期: 2022-07-27
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On July 27th, Xinjiang Lixin Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'Lixin Energy') was officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange with the stock code '001258' and the issue price per share was 3.38 yuan.

The success of listing not only means that the capital structure of the enterprise has been effectively improved, but also means that the enterprise's management ability and development have been recognized, and it has stepped onto a broader capital market stage. Recently, Wang Bo, chairman and general manager of Lixin Energy, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of Economic Information Daily that the company's successful landing in the capital market will further increase the installed wind power scale of the company, enhance its profitability and market share, and enhance its popularity and core competitiveness. At the same time, effectively reducing the asset-liability ratio and financial expenses, and further optimizing the financial structure will also help the company broaden its financing channels, provide a strong guarantee for future business development, and promote the company's more stable and sustainable development.

Raise funds to make up for shortcomings and promote steady development

As an investment, development, construction and operation enterprise engaged in renewable energy projects, Lixin Energy has always focused on the development of its main business and adhered to the road of specialization since its establishment. Wang Bo told reporters that by the end of 2021, the total installed capacity of renewable energy power generation projects operated by Lixin Energy was 1101.50MW, with the capacity of proposed wind turbines of 49.50MW and the capacity of proposed photovoltaic units of 103.50MW. At present, all the power generation projects put into operation by the company have realized grid-connected power generation, among which the grid-connected scale of wind power projects is 571.50MW and that of photovoltaic projects is 530.00MW.

According to the prospectus, during the reporting period (2019, 2020 and 2021, the same below), wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation are the core businesses of Lixin Energy and the main sources of revenue of the company. In terms of wind power generation business, during the reporting period, the revenue from the new energy business was 427 million yuan, 445 million yuan and 433 million yuan respectively, accounting for 68.66%, 68.40% and 54.03% of the main business revenue respectively; In terms of photovoltaic power generation business, the business income during the reporting period was 195 million yuan, 205 million yuan and 368 million yuan respectively, accounting for 31.29%, 31.56% and 45.89% of the main business income respectively.

It is worth noting that Lixin Energy's listed investment project continues to exert its strength in the field of wind power. 'Wind energy, as one of the power generation modes with the most mature technology, the most large-scale development conditions and commercial development prospects in the field of renewable energy, has played an important role in China's energy system reform and new energy development.' Wang Bo pointed out that the listing fundraising project is closely related to the company's existing business and development strategy, consolidating the existing main business and industrial status, and laying the foundation for the company's market expansion.

Wang Bo further said that after the completion of this fundraising project, the company will increase the installed capacity of wind power by 72.5MW, accounting for 12.96% of the installed capacity of wind farms at the end of 2021, continuously expanding the production and operation scale of the company, improving the profitability of the company and enhancing the core competitiveness of the company. In addition, the company will supplement the working capital of 271 million yuan, effectively reduce the company's asset-liability ratio, reduce financial expenses, ease the company's financial pressure, and ensure the smooth operation of the company's daily production and operation.

Consolidate core competitiveness based on location advantages.

In recent years, with the reform and development of the power industry, the number of power generation enterprises has increased rapidly, and the main body of power generation has shown a diversified development trend, and the competition among power generation enterprises has become increasingly fierce. According to the '2021-2022 National Electricity Supply and Demand Situation Analysis and Forecast Report' released by China Electricity Council, in 2021, all the electricity trading centers in China organized and completed the market transaction of 3,778.7 billion kWh of electricity, with a year-on-year increase of 19.34%.

It is reported that at present, the domestic renewable energy power generation industry is mainly divided into large state-owned power generation enterprises represented by industry leaders, local state-owned energy enterprises and new energy power generation enterprises represented by private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. Wang Bo pointed out that the investment and operation of renewable energy power plants is a capital-intensive industry, which requires high financial strength of enterprises, so large state-owned enterprises have a strong competitive advantage. However, private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises also have a certain market share in the industry by relying on their own flexible and changeable mechanisms, strong executive power and financing platforms in the capital market.

'Compared with large central enterprises or traditional giant energy companies, the company may not have an advantage in scale, but from other perspectives, we also have our own unique advantages, such as our main business is very concentrated and our location advantage is unique. We always base ourselves on our own advantages, foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, and make differentiated development. ' Wang Bo introduced that Xinjiang is rich in new energy resources such as wind energy and solar energy. In recent years, Xinjiang has focused on the supply-side structural reform, accelerated the conversion of superior resources, and achieved remarkable results in the development of new energy. As a local enterprise in Xinjiang, the company has obvious location advantages.

At the same time, Lixin Energy has excellent shareholder resources. Xinjiang New Energy (Group) Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder of the company, is the only regional enterprise with the distinctive feature of 'green industry' in the state-owned assets system of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is an important investment and operation platform for the autonomous region to accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, and has high brand awareness and strong industry influence in Xinjiang. As the only platform for the controlling shareholder to develop and invest in wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects, Lixin Energy has provided strong support and help for the expansion and expansion of its main business.

Wang Bo said that the company will closely focus on the development theme of 'making up for shortcomings, expanding advantages, improving mechanisms and running to catch up' and systematically implement various development plans. At the same time, relying on various advantages, taking Xinjiang as a foothold, we will promote the national layout in an orderly manner, continuously expand the scale of main business, and steadily lay out related industries, so as to promote the complementary and balanced development of the company's core business and emerging business, thus further consolidating the company's core competitive advantage.

Adhere to green development and highlight corporate responsibility

'Promoting the' double carbon' work is of great significance for Xinjiang to seize the strategic opportunity period of energy revolution. At present, Xinjiang is accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation of energy and exporting green kinetic energy for high-quality economic development. ' Wang Bo said that as a state-owned holding enterprise in Xinjiang, the company will firmly grasp the important favorable development opportunity of ecological civilization construction and energy supply side structure optimization and upgrading, closely focus on the transformation of comprehensive energy application services and scientific and technological innovation, and practice the green development concept.

'The company not only pays attention to the harmonious coexistence between its power generation projects and the local environment in the production and operation stage, but also pays great attention to environmental protection in the project planning and construction stage, and formulates detailed environmental protection measures during the project construction and operation period, so that economic construction and environmental protection can be planned and developed simultaneously, and the economic benefits, social benefits and environmental protection can be unified.' Wang Bo introduced to reporters.

The reporter noted that a number of projects operated by Lixin Energy have played an important role in promoting China's energy conservation and emission reduction, ensuring national energy supply, promoting economic and social development and alleviating environmental pressure, and at the same time indirectly stimulating the development of local transportation industry, fan manufacturing and related industries such as supporting tower, blade, transformer and motor manufacturing. Wang Bo said that with the successive development of wind farms, the export of wind power will open up new economic growth points for local areas, and play a positive role in stimulating local economic development and promoting rural revitalization.

Talking about the future development plan, Wang Bo told reporters that the company has always adhered to the corporate mission of 'establishing a new company, gathering energy, Hongyuan and Meijiang', continuously promoted the work of wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects, accelerated the construction of diversified development roads, extended the upstream and downstream industrial chains in an orderly manner, explored new formats derived from new energy, and strived to develop into a comprehensive application service enterprise of renewable energy with steady growth and distinctive characteristics during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

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