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Changchun Automobile Expo: Seize the opportunity of "increasing" new energy vehicles in alpine regio

日期: 2022-07-22
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China is the largest auto market in the world, and it is also a battleground for major auto companies around the world. In recent years, in the new round of global automobile industry transformation, the development of China's automobile industry presents new changes such as the rapid growth of production and sales of new energy vehicles, the rapid rise of Chinese brands, export growth, etc. For major automobile companies, these changes are both challenges and opportunities. From July 15th to 24th, the 19th China (Changchun) International Automobile Expo (hereinafter referred to as 'Changchun Automobile Expo') was held in Changchun, Jilin Province, an important automobile industry town in China, with an exhibition area of 200,000 square meters. It set up a platform for major automobile companies to display the latest products and technologies, and also became an important window to observe the new development trend of the global automobile industry.

The penetration rate of new energy vehicles 'warming up' is accelerating.

Although Northeast China is in an alpine region, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has been lower than the national level for a long time, the number and popularity of new energy vehicles are 'warming up' at Changchun Automobile Expo, and products with higher cost performance, stronger intelligence and better experience sense attract more and more visitors, reflecting the trend of accelerating the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in Northeast China.

It used to be the habitual cognition of consumers in Northeast China that electric vehicles have a short battery life at low temperature. However, this Changchun Automobile Expo has attracted more than 10 new energy vehicle brands, including BYD, Ideality, Guangzhou Automobile Ai 'an, Selis, etc., which not only exhibited more models than previous ones, but also significantly increased the attention on the spot.

'Originally, I just thought that electricity is cheaper than fuel. After introduction, I discovered that the new energy vehicles now have a full sense of technology, such as voice interaction, assisted driving, intelligent cockpit, etc. Even if the cruising range is reduced in winter, the transportation in the city is enough. I'm considering replacing the current fuel vehicles with electric vehicles.' Changchun citizen Mr. Li said.

Li Riguang, secretary general of Jilin Automobile Electronics Association, said that through years of research and development, the low-temperature resistant technology that restricts the promotion of new energy vehicles in alpine regions has been greatly improved. The mainstream electric vehicles on the market can start normally in low-temperature environment and maintain a certain cruising range, which is gradually meeting the practical needs of car buyers in northeast and other alpine regions.

In order to support the popularization and application of new energy vehicles, under the impetus of new infrastructure, Northeast China is gradually improving infrastructure such as charging piles to improve the convenience of energy replenishment. Take Jilin as an example, the total number of public charging piles in the province exceeds 3,000, covering six expressway service areas. The number of residential self-use charging piles is also increasing according to the needs of new energy vehicle users.

Mr. He, a citizen of Changchun, is a pure electric vehicle owner. He thinks that compared with the fuel vehicles driven in the past, electric vehicles have good power, fast acceleration, low noise, high comfort and low daily use cost after starting. When going out, you can find the idle charging piles nearby by using mobile phone application software, which can be used and charged, and can meet the driving needs in urban areas.

Li Weili, deputy director of the Economic Consulting Center of the National Information Center, believes that compared with fuel vehicles, the advantages of lower cost, more intelligent technology functions and better acceleration experience are the key factors for consumers to purchase new energy vehicles.

In the interview, the reporter found that due to the low charging cost and daily maintenance cost, with the gradual improvement of the charging pile layout, some network car drivers in Changchun began to choose to use electric cars, charging nearby during the rest, and saving driving costs.

The person in charge of the new energy sales department of a traditional car company in Northeast China told reporters that since charging has a significant price advantage over refueling, at present, more and more families in Northeast China will choose electric vehicles as the means of transportation in the city when increasing their purchases. I believe that with the increase and improvement of charging facilities, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles in Northeast China will accelerate.

The industry expects that the number of pure electric vehicles in Jilin Province is expected to increase from 12,000 at the end of 2020 to 100,000 during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, driven by the continuous progress of related technologies, continuous improvement of supporting facilities and increasing consumer acceptance. Exhibitors of new energy vehicles at Changchun Auto Expo are also generally confident about the market prospects of Northeast China, and believe that the penetration rate will increase rapidly and have great development potential.

The insiders believe that with the progress of technical level and the increase of models at various price points, high-cold areas such as Northeast China are no longer 'forbidden zones' for new energy vehicles. However, under the 'double-carbon' goal, the problem of low penetration rate compared with the whole country is still outstanding. It is necessary to promote technological leap and model innovation through continuous exploration, introduce more support measures, and embark on the road of new energy vehicle development with the characteristics of high-cold areas.

The policy of promoting consumption promotes the obvious recovery of market confidence.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the spread of COVID-19 epidemic and other factors, China's automobile market has been under pressure, and automobile consumption has declined significantly. Driven by a series of policies and measures of governments at all levels, the production and sales of China's automobile industry are gradually recovering. According to the latest data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in the first half of the year, the production and sales of automobiles in China reached 12.117 million and 12.057 million, respectively, down 3.7% and 6.6% year-on-year, which was 5.9 percentage points and 5.6 percentage points lower than that from January to May.

Since the beginning of this year, many auto shows have been postponed for some reason, and Changchun Auto Expo has become one of the few large auto shows successfully held, so it has also become an important platform for major auto companies to show their strength and increase their auto sales. In order to stimulate the exhibitors' willingness to buy cars, Changchun Municipal Government specially invested 40 million yuan to provide car consumption subsidies to individual consumers who bought cars at the exhibitors of this Changchun Automobile Expo. At the same time, some urban areas in Changchun have also introduced measures to subsidize car buyers.

Under the government's promotion offensive, the promotion of various car companies is not far behind. The maximum subsidy for red flag H9 replacement is 30,000 yuan, Volvo S60 discount is 60,000 yuan, imported Volkswagen Touareg official price is 70,000 yuan, Changan Automobile maximum discount is 16,000 yuan ... Walking into the scene of Changchun Auto Expo, many car companies' booths are equipped with a large number of staff to attract popularity, and some exhibitors who are still hesitating in the corridor are directly pulled to experience the products. At the same time, the reporter found that many car companies directly listed favorable policies such as halving government vehicle purchase tax and promotional measures such as manufacturers, explained and recommended to consumers, and answered questions for consumers.

'Whether it's a new energy vehicle or a fuel vehicle, now is the time when the promotion is the strongest. I missed this opportunity this year, and next year, there may be no benefits such as subsidies. ' BYD booth sales assistant Han Zhuoxuan said.

At Changchun Auto Expo, Hongqi took all the products to participate in the exhibition, including the mighty and domineering Hongqi LS7 and the pure electric SUV Hongqi E-HS9. Many of the exhibition cars are still in two-color configuration, so that people can experience the latest achievements of Hongqi brand. Luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc. participated in the exhibition directly in the form of pavilion, showing their latest products in new energy and traditional fuel vehicles. At the Porsche booth, a special area is designated to display Porsche electric products. Luxury brand McLaren took part in the exhibition with Artura, a new high-performance hybrid supercar. This is the first time that Artura has landed in China's domestic auto show since it was officially released globally, and McLaren GT is also on display.

Chen Shihua, deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, believes that looking forward to the second half of the year, under the encouragement of various measures introduced by the state, the market consumption confidence will obviously recover, the effect of the purchase tax halving policy will continue to show, the passenger car market will further increase its warming momentum, and new energy vehicles will continue to maintain their growth momentum. It is expected that China's automobile production and sales situation will maintain a steady growth this year.

New opportunities for multinational car companies to accelerate layout are 'fleeting'

According to the latest data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 2.661 million and 2.6 million respectively in the first half of the year, with a year-on-year increase of 1.2 times and a market share of 21.6%. At the same time, China's automobile exports also showed a good trend. In the first half of the year, automobile enterprises exported 1.218 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 47.1%.

For multinational automobile companies, the accelerated development of China's new energy automobile industry and the substantial increase in exports are both challenges and opportunities, and the opportunities outweigh the challenges. Some car companies have realized the urgency of accelerating the layout in China, and have increased their investment. On June 28th, Audi FAW New Energy Vehicle Project officially started in Changchun, Jilin Province, with a planned investment of over 30 billion yuan, which is an important achievement of deepening strategic cooperation between China FAW, German Volkswagen Group and Audi Company.

Previously, Volkswagen, BMW and other new energy vehicle projects in China have also made significant progress. Beijing Mercedes-Benz Shunyi Factory officially rolled off the assembly line. Based on the new-generation pure electric platform, the new EQE made in China marked the completion of Beijing Benz's new goal of rolling off 4 million vehicles. BMW invested 15 billion yuan in Shenyang's newly-built BMW Brilliance Lida factory, which has also been put into production and produced electric vehicles. This indicates that since 2010, BMW Brilliance has successfully invested about 83 billion yuan in Shenyang's production base, and Shenyang has become BMW Group's largest production base in the world.

Audi's new energy project covers an area of about 150 hectares and is located in Changchun International Automobile City. After completion, the area will surpass Audi's factory in Inner Kassoum, Germany. By the end of 2022, 20 buildings will be erected. A professional technical team from China and Germany will settle in the factory and be responsible for building the whole value chain of automobile manufacturing. In addition to the stamping, welding, painting and final assembly workshops, the factory will also be equipped with a high-voltage battery assembly workshop. The products are specially used for high-end pure electric platform (PPE) models in the Chinese market.

'Audi FAW New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is also an important cornerstone of Audi China's new enterprise strategy' Audi China Enterprising 2030 Strategy'. With the landing of China's first Audi pure electric factory, we are further strengthening our commitment to the Chinese market. ' Dr. Wen Zeyue, president of Audi China, said, 'These PPE-based intelligent electric vehicles will be tailored for Chinese users, with richer localized configurations, functions and technologies. Under the guidance of the new strategy, Audi will be more Chinese in China in the future. '

Volkswagen's efforts to accelerate electrification are achieving positive results. Three years ago, audi ag (China) and its partners jointly established Camex New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., whose business has covered 100 cities across the country, with about 760 super charging stations and over 7,000 charging terminals on the line. By 2025, Kaimaisi plans to build more than 17,000 charging terminals, covering most cities in China. By 2030, the proportion of new energy vehicles in all brands of audi ag (China) is expected to exceed 40%.

Xu Haidong, deputy chief engineer of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said that China's new energy vehicle market is in a period of rapid development, leading the world in the fields of batteries and electric drives, and the consumer market is huge and resilient. The Chinese government's unswerving opening to the outside world has created a rare development opportunity for global car companies. Tesla and Volkswagen are seizing this 'fleeting' opportunity to speed up the layout. In the future, the development of multinational enterprises in China will go further. While accelerating localization and electrification, we will jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of Chinese auto parts enterprises and deeply integrate into the global auto supply chain system, and strive to create an 'upgraded version' of joint venture and cooperation.

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