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Support the purchase and use of new energy vehicles, completely cancel the policy of restricting the

日期: 2022-07-08
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Support the purchase and use of new energy vehicles, completely cancel the policy of restricting the

On July 7th, the 28th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair opened in Lanzhou, Gansu Province, with seven professional exhibition halls including new energy, equipment manufacturing and biomedicine. The picture shows a new energy vehicle exhibited at Lanzhou Fair. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Zhimin photo

On July 7th, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other 17 departments issued the 'Notice on Several Measures to Invigorate Automobile Circulation and Expand Automobile Consumption' (referred to as the 'Measures'), which includes 6 aspects and 12 latest measures, aiming at breaking down some institutional and institutional obstacles that have long restricted the development of automobile circulation, consolidating the stabilization of automobile consumption, promoting the transformation and upgrading of automobile market, and accelerating the realization of high-quality development.

At the press conference of the State Council Office held on the same day, Sheng Qiuping, Vice Minister of Commerce, said that with the effective control of the COVID-19 epidemic and effective policies and measures, automobile consumption will continue to recover steadily, and automobile consumption is expected to achieve rapid growth in the second half of the year, which will play a positive role in stabilizing the macroeconomic market.

Strengthen policies to promote the development of new energy vehicles

In recent years, the market scale of new energy vehicles has expanded rapidly, which has promoted the market competitiveness of China's new energy vehicles. According to Guo Shougang, head of Equipment Industry Division I of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, last year, the customer satisfaction of new energy vehicles was equal to that of traditional fuel vehicles, and six of the top ten best-selling new energy vehicle models in the world were Chinese brand models. From January to May this year, the consumption of self-owned brand new energy passenger cars accounted for more than 80%.

In the Measures, 'supporting the purchase and use of new energy vehicles' is placed in a prominent position. In terms of breaking the local protection of the new energy vehicle market, each region shall not set a local catalogue of new energy vehicle models, and shall not set unreasonable vehicle parameter indicators for the sales and consumption subsidies of new energy vehicle products; In terms of supporting the consumption of new energy vehicles, we will study the extension of the vehicle purchase tax exemption policy for new energy vehicles after its expiration, and encourage qualified places to introduce rural support policies to promote the consumption and use of new energy vehicles in rural areas.

Supporting the purchase and use of new energy vehicles is an effective way to stabilize and expand automobile consumption and ensure the smooth operation of the industry. Guo Shougang revealed that in the next step, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will further expand the promotion scale of new energy vehicles with relevant departments. On the one hand, continuously improve the quality of product supply, promote the integration and development of electrification and intelligent network technology, develop more service functions suitable for consumers, continuously improve the driving experience, and generate more purchase demand; On the other hand, actively create a good use environment, strengthen the monitoring and judgment of industry operation, do a good job in ensuring the supply and price stability of automobile chips and upstream raw materials, and make every effort to ensure the smooth and stable supply chain of the industrial chain.

Revitalize the market and make used cars circulate efficiently

'China's car ownership has exceeded 30,000, ranking first in the world. After the car ownership reaches a certain level, the used car market begins to increase in volume, which is the universal law of automobile consumption in the world. ' Sheng Qiuping said that in 2021, the transaction volume of used cars in China reached 17.59 million, less than 6% of the total car ownership, far lower than the proportion of the international mature car market. Problems such as cross-regional restrictions on the movement of used cars, unclear commodity attributes and limited distribution business hindered the development of the used car market.

In order to smooth the circulation of used cars, let them gradually regulate transactions, circulate freely and consume with confidence like new cars, the Measures put forward a series of measures-

Abolish the policy of restricting migration in an all-round way and promote free circulation. The 'Measures' require all regions to strictly implement the policy of completely canceling the restrictions on the movement of used cars. Since August 1 this year, the restrictions on the movement of small non-operating used cars that meet the national five emission standards have been lifted nationwide, so as to promote the free circulation of used cars, facilitate cross-regional operation of enterprises and facilitate people to buy and sell used cars in different places.

Optimize transaction registration management and promote efficient circulation. The 'Measures' clarify that second-hand cars distributed by enterprises will be accounted for according to 'inventory goods' like new cars, and a separate endorsement will be made at the time of motor vehicle transfer registration, and the number plate of temporary driving vehicles will be issued; For cities where automobile purchases are restricted, it is clear that used cars purchased and used by automobile sales enterprises do not occupy the number plate index, further reducing the operating costs of enterprises and facilitating the trading and circulation of used cars.

Support distribution business and promote scale development. The 'Measures' propose to cancel the unreasonable restrictions on the distribution of used cars, and make it clear that enterprises with registered residence and business premises outside the used car trading market can carry out used car sales business. At the same time, second-hand car companies are allowed to issue invoices as buyers, that is, 'reverse invoicing', and the transfer registration formalities are handled accordingly.

Optimize the supporting facilities and solve the problem of 'urgent difficulties and worries'

In addition to speeding up the elimination and renewal of old vehicles, supporting the parallel import of automobiles in the import port areas of complete automobiles, and orderly developing automobile financial leasing and other measures to invigorate automobile circulation, measures to optimize automobile use environment have also received much attention. 'The Measures focus on the people's' urgent and anxious' problem of automobile use, speed up the improvement of automobile use environment, and promote the transformation of automobile from purchase management to use management.' Sheng Qiuping said.

According to Zhang Yan, the head of the Department of Building Energy Conservation and Science and Technology of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, from January to May this year, 269,400 new parking spaces were built in various places, an increase of 23,000 compared with the same period last year, an increase of 9 percentage points; At the same time, 8,940 charging piles were added in the renovation of old urban communities, which was widely welcomed by the masses.

Aiming at the problem of 'parking difficulty', the 'Measures' require that the effective supply level of urban parking facilities should be effectively improved, the application of new technologies and new models should be accelerated, and civil air defense projects and underground spaces of parks and green spaces should be rationally used to tap the potential and build additional parking facilities; For the problem of 'difficult charging' of new energy vehicles, the Measures propose to actively support the construction of charging facilities, accelerate the construction of charging facilities such as residential communities, parking lots, gas stations, expressway service areas, passenger and freight hubs, and guide charging pile operators to appropriately reduce charging service fees.

Zhang Yan said that in the next step, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, together with relevant departments, will guide all localities to continue to promote the construction of charging facilities in residential communities in combination with the renovation of old urban communities and the construction of complete communities, so as to provide convenient charging facilities for residents. At the same time, around the requirements of promoting the healthy development of automobile industry and promoting the high-quality development of cities, we will further strengthen the construction of urban parking facilities, and actively cultivate and develop market-oriented entities in the construction and operation of urban parking facilities.

The development momentum of new energy vehicles is strong

The number of automobiles has exceeded 10 million, the sales volume of automobile enterprises has reached a new high, and the overseas market share has increased ... Recently, China's new energy automobile industry has once again shown a strong development momentum.


On July 6th, trucks loaded with new energy vehicles passed by a logistics base in Liuzhou Automobile City, Guangxi (photo of drone). Xinhua News Agency (photo by Li Hanchi)

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