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Feixi: Building a "closed loop" of the core industrial chain of new energy vehicles

日期: 2022-07-06
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The core chain of new energy vehicles in Feixian County accelerates the pace of 'chain repair'. On June 10th, Hebei Jinli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Feixi, planning to invest 6 billion yuan to build a diaphragm R&D and production base in Feixi; On June 28th, Changchun Yingli Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., an A-share listed company, signed a contract with Feixi, and planned to invest about 300 million yuan to build Hefei Parts Industry Base Project. In the near future, Feixi is likely to realize the 'closed loop' of the core industrial chain of new energy vehicles.

Previously, around the new energy automobile industry chain, Feixi has gathered many leading or head enterprises in the domestic industry: the leading enterprises of energy storage batteries have come, the leading enterprises of automobile safety have all won, Ningbo Huaxiang, the leading enterprise of auto parts, has come, in addition, many head enterprises such as FAW Fusheng and Nanjing Dongwei have landed one after another, and the core industry chain of new energy automobiles in Feixi County is constantly being completed.

Automobile safety leading enterprises build 'Feixi Platform'

In midsummer, the construction of Junsheng Automobile Safety Project site in Feixi County is in full swing. On June 15th, this year, after obtaining the construction permit, the construction started in an all-round way. Every day, 130 pile foundations are pressed into the ground. 'We have to fight for seven months and strive to achieve structural capping before the end of the year.' Dong Jinsong, representative of Junjun Automobile Safety Project Preparatory Group in Hefei, said that he would strive to realize the supporting goal of putting into production with Hefei new energy automobile head enterprises in 2023 as soon as possible.

At the same time, the enterprise representative who came to work in Feixi, Anhui Province for the first time, also began to investigate the labor market. 'Two days ago, the responsible comrades of Feixi County Talent Service Center also docked with me.' Dong Jinsong said frankly that he fully felt the good business environment and thoughtful professional service in Feixi.

Junsheng Auto Safety is the main business unit of Junsheng Electronics and the head supplier of global auto parts. In 2022, Junsheng Safety ranked 44th among the global auto parts companies, up 4 places from 2021. The projects jointly built by Junsheng Automobile Safety and Feixi include intelligent production center, intelligent R&D center and intelligent logistics center. The first phase of the project is planned to be put into operation by the end of 2023, with an annual tax revenue of not less than 80 million yuan and an annual output value of not less than 2.5 billion yuan. Cheng Zhen, director of M&A Department of Junsheng Electronics, said: 'At present, we are based in Feixi to build the central industrial base of Junsheng Safety. Through capital cooperation, industrial mergers and acquisitions, innovative technology research and development and sufficient orders in hand, Junsheng Automobile Safety will become the world's leading automobile safety business platform.'

'Building a nest to attract phoenix' shows the charm of Feixi

Why should Junsheng Auto Safety be completed in Feixi? Feixi has its own unique charm. The 'Feixi speed' brought by the whole-process agency and the 'director waiter' system; Go to 'one thing, one discussion' to tailor special policies for head enterprises; Then to set up a new energy automobile industry guiding fund and a development fund, Feixi made every effort to 'build a nest and attract a phoenix'. 'Real money and silver' is the most attractive. Feixi has launched a policy gift package of over 1 billion yuan. The 'Golden 100 Articles' policy of supporting enterprises, which is the first in Hefei and the highest amount in the county, can be described as sincere.

Feixi County has also continuously improved its industrial fund model. Fund equity investment and other ways to invest, including new energy vehicles and key parts industry landing projects, participation in the fixed increase of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions, etc. Feixi put forward a 'small goal': by 2025, the county production city investment holding (group) Co., Ltd. will take the lead and jointly set up a new energy automobile industry development fund with high-quality industry fund institutions, with a scale of not less than 5 billion yuan.

The 'magnetic field effect' that contributes to the new energy vehicles in Feixi is far more than that. At present, there are 54 automobile production-related enterprises in Feixi, with an output value of more than 30 billion yuan. Feixi Economic Development Zone is located in Anhui, which has a trillion 'steam' potential, and is close to Hefei, the capital of new energy vehicles. The excellent location and convenient transportation are also the factors for the rapid rise of the whole chain of new energy vehicles in Feixi.

Sprint the 'Big Goal' of New Energy Automobile Industry

For the new energy automobile industry, Feixi still has a 'big goal'. According to the plan, at the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Feixi is expected to cultivate one enterprise with an output value of 50 billion yuan and two enterprises with an output value of 10 billion yuan, and introduce no less than 40 enterprises with complete new energy vehicles and core components, and build a research and development center for new energy vehicle electronics and networking, an intelligent manufacturing base for core components, and a pioneering demonstration area for networking, so as to form a development pattern of the whole chain industry of new energy vehicles with complete layout, reasonable structure, and remarkable scale effect, and make every effort to build a whole chain industrial cluster of new energy vehicles with a scale of 100 billion yuan.

At present, Feixi is sprinting with the attitude of 'seizing the day and night'. In 2022, Feixi will expand the output value of new energy vehicles and strive to achieve the output value of 40 billion yuan; Introduce no less than 10 new energy vehicle and core parts projects, and complete the planning and construction of the first phase of the 150-mu new energy vehicle industrial park.

Feixi is taking attraction as a means to build the whole industrial chain as a carrier, attracting investment around the industrial chain of new energy vehicles, and Feixi County has made frequent moves to 'sprint' for building the 'closed loop' of the core industrial chain of new energy vehicles. 'We are in contact with the domestic head enterprises of automobile chips, and we are also making every effort to attract the whole vehicle manufacturing project.' Zhang Lin, director of Feixi Investment Promotion Center, said.

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