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During the year, nearly 300 companies issued fixed-income plans, focusing on new energy and so on

日期: 2022-06-28
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Recently, large-scale fixed-income projects in the A-share market have emerged one after another. The data shows that the announcement date of the plan is the benchmark. As of press time on June 26th, nearly 300 companies in the A-share market issued fixed-income plans during the year. From the perspective of the field of fixed-income fundraising, the popularity of the popular track has not diminished, and new energy and semiconductors have become the main fundraising directions of A-share companies this year.


During the year, nearly 300 companies issued fixed-income plans


Recently, the A-share market has been greatly increased. According to the straight flush data, based on the initial announcement date of the plan, as of press time on June 26th, 292 companies in the A-share market have issued 333 fixed-income plans this year, and the estimated amount of funds raised is 565.885 billion yuan, slightly lower than the same period last year.


From the perspective of the amount of funds raised, the data of straight flush show that during the year, the amount of funds to be raised by 8 listed companies with fixed plans exceeded 10 billion yuan, and that of 136 companies with fixed plans exceeded 1 billion yuan. Among them, AVIC Electronics, Huaihe Energy and Huayou Cobalt ranked the top three, with the amount of funds raised being 48.907 billion yuan, 38.859 billion yuan and 17.7 billion yuan respectively. In the same period of last year, there were 14 companies that raised more than 10 billion yuan, the highest of which was Xugong Machinery, which raised 38.686 billion yuan, followed by Hua Xia Bank and SF Holdings, all of which raised 20 billion yuan.


Judging from the fixed-income projects being implemented, the number of projects and the amount of funds raised this year are not as good as the same period last year. According to the data of Straight Flush, 102 fixed-income projects of 100 companies are being implemented this year, and the total amount of funds raised is 209.768 billion yuan, with only two fixed-income projects exceeding 10 billion yuan, namely Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Shanghai Pharmaceutical. In the same period last year, 220 fixed-income projects of 217 companies were being implemented, with a total fund-raising amount of 380.015 billion yuan, six of which exceeded 10 billion yuan, the highest of which was the Postal Savings Bank, with a fund-raising amount of 30 billion yuan.


In the opinion of industry experts, the change of fixed market is related to the market environment. Since this year, the A-share market has fluctuated and adjusted, and some star projects that have caused many institutions to scramble to raise funds have not been lifted, but they are now losing money, which reduces the enthusiasm of institutions to participate in the fixed increase.


Take UFIDA as an example. On January 25th, the dust of UFIDA's fixed-income project was settled. The company issued 166 million shares to 17 people at a price of 31.95 yuan/share, raising a total of 5.298 billion yuan, with the participation of famous institutions such as Gao Xuan, CICC and JPMorgan Chase. But then the company's share price continued to fall. As of the close of June 24th, UFIDA closed at 20.14 yuan, and the institutions participating in the fixed increase still lost about 2 billion yuan.


However, with the recent warming of the A-share market, the revenue from fixed-income events has rebounded since May, and the fixed-income market is also warming up. Straight Flush data shows that since May, the enthusiasm of listed companies for issuing fixed-income plans has rebounded significantly. From May to June 26th, 126 listed companies in the A-share market issued 142 fixed-income plans, accounting for over 40% of the fixed-income plans issued during the year.


'Fixed increase has always been one of the important means of financing for listed companies, especially when the company's development prospects are promising and the price increase is attractive, investors' enthusiasm for participation will be very high. However, in the first half of this year, the market fluctuated greatly, so the external environment of fixed issuance changed rapidly. ' Chen Li, chief economist of Sichuan Finance Securities and director of the institute, said.


With the new energy semiconductor, it will become the main direction of fundraising


The reporter combed and found that from the perspective of fundraising direction, new energy and semiconductors have become the focus of fundraising in the fixed-income plan issued by A-share listed companies this year. Judging from the recently published well-known fixed-income plans and implemented fixed-income projects, Barrett, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and Huayou Cobalt are all leading enterprises in the new energy industry chain, and all the investment-raising projects are mainly engaged in the layout of new energy.


In terms of quantity, according to the straight flush data, among the 333 fixed-income plans issued by 292 companies this year, 80 fixed-income plans will be raised in new energy fields, including new energy batteries, new energy vehicles, wind power, photovoltaics, energy storage and other sub-sectors. The total amount of funds raised is 179.934 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the proposed funds raised in the fixed-income plans issued this year.


Among the 80 new energy-related fixed-income plans, 51 fixed-income projects raised more than 1 billion yuan. In this year's eight fixed-income plans exceeding 10 billion yuan, three new-energy related fixed-income plans are occupied, namely Huayou Cobalt, China Power Construction and Daquan Energy, with fixed-income funds of 15 billion yuan and 11 billion yuan, respectively. The fixed-income fund-raising of Huayou Cobalt will be used to add new energy and lay out the lithium battery industry chain. The fund-raising of China Power Construction will be mainly used for offshore wind power, pumped storage power stations and railway construction projects, and the fund-raising of Daquan Energy will be mainly used for an annual output of 100,000 tons.


In addition, in this year's fixed-income plans, there are 15 fundraising directions in semiconductor-related fields, with a total amount of 36.144 billion yuan, of which 11 fixed-income plans are planned to raise more than 1 billion yuan. The highest amount of funds raised is Luxshare, reaching 13.5 billion yuan. The announcement of the company shows that the increased amount of funds raised will be mainly used for new energy vehicle high-voltage connection system product production line construction projects, advanced semiconductor packaging and test product production line construction projects, etc. Chen Wei said that it is not unexpected that the fixed-income project will focus on new energy and semiconductors, because both new energy and semiconductors are high-quality growth tracks, with large market space and high-quality transformation concept. Investors have been paying more attention to it, and their willingness to participate in market funds is relatively high.


Under the current market environment, what is the allocation value of fixed investment? Chen Li believes that two factors should be taken into account to participate in the fixed market investment. 'First, the development prospects of the company and the industry; second, the matching degree between the current stock price and the fixed price and the reasonable range of the company's actual valuation. If it is a very good company, the medium and long-term investment still has a relatively good return. If it is only a hot company, the investment risk is high. '

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