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Investment of 6 billion yuan Jinli New Energy R&D and Production Base Project settled in Feixi

日期: 2022-06-15
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On June 10th, Hebei Jinli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a contract with Feixi, planning to invest 6 billion yuan to build a diaphragm R&D and production base in Feixi. Yuan Fei and Zhu Shengli, leaders of Hefei, Yuan Haichao, chairman of Hebei Jinli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Yang Binghong, deputy secretary of Feixi County Committee, and Cheng Tan, deputy county magistrate witnessed the signing of the contract.

Hebei Jinli New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the top three lithium battery wet separators in China, was established in 2010 with a registered capital of 409 million yuan. It is a national-level high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service of lithium battery wet separators and coated separators. At present, there are 13 lithium battery diaphragm production lines with an annual production capacity of 1 billion square meters, and the single-line production capacity ranks the leading level in the same industry.

At the same time, Jinli New Energy has three production bases in Handan, Hebei, Maanshan, Anhui and Tianjin. The company has undertaken two national battery separator projects successively, and is the drafting unit of the national standard of Polyolefin Separator for Lithium-ion Battery, a national specialized and special 'Little Giant' enterprise, and a single champion enterprise in Hebei manufacturing industry.

It is reported that Jinli New Energy plans to build a diaphragm R&D and production base in Feixi. The total investment of the project is 6 billion yuan, of which the equipment investment is 5.1 billion yuan. It is planned to build 20 basement membrane production lines and 80 coating membrane production lines, equipped with 16 automatic coating pulping production lines and 120 high-speed membrane slitting machines. The planned area of the plant is about 687.9 mu, mainly including diaphragm production plant, power supporting plant, R&D center, office building, etc. It is estimated that the annual output of base film and coating film will reach 3 billion square meters and 2 billion square meters respectively.

The project is expected to start in 2022, and the construction period of the first phase of the project is 2 years. By the end of 2024, all the first phase of the project will be put into production, with no less than 8 production lines completed, and the project will reach production in 2025. After the project is completed, it is expected that the annual output value will be 2.4 billion yuan.

Recently, Feixi County's new energy chain industrial cluster has continuously added new members. In just one month, Shanghai Paineng, FAW Fusheng East China Regional Headquarters and Hangda Intelligent Manufacturing Service Center, which are the leaders of energy storage battery industry, have successively settled in Feixi, which can be described as unstoppable.

This time, Jinli Co., Ltd. plans to build a new energy battery diaphragm R&D and production base in Feixi. It is believed that with the help of this leading ally in the industry, Feixi's road to enter the 100-billion-scale new energy chain industrial cluster will be faster and more stable.

At present, there are 54 automobile production and supporting enterprises above designated size in Feixi, forming an automobile industry cluster with Jianghuai Automobile as the leading factor and Dayang, Bandung, Yiheng and other supporting enterprises. The supporting products involve dozens of series and nearly 1,000 varieties. In 2021, the output value of automobile industry in Feixi County was 31.673 billion yuan, accounting for 18.76% of the total output value of industries above designated size.

At present, local governments are attracting investment frequently. Under such a background, why can Feixi County attract investment against the wind, with frequent good news?

Among them, the industrial fund is one of the key factors.

As the first county with a GDP of 100 billion yuan in Anhui Province, Feixi County has thoroughly implemented the Hefei model of capital investment and industrial clusters.

Set up industrial funds and operate high-standard capital. Feixi County officially set up a 10-billion-management-scale government-invested parent fund this year. By introducing market-oriented investment institutions for joint construction and cooperation, professionals with excellent professional skills, rich management experience and broad industrial vision are introduced to manage Feixi Industrial Fund, and through guided equity investment+socialization.

At present, Feixi has formed a new development mode of capital instigating industrial development and accelerating industrial cluster through the diversified investment and financing system of investment+angel investment+investment fund, focusing on the precise investment of new energy chain, high-end intelligent manufacturing and 'Industry-University-Research' integration.

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