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Synergy of production and consumption, continuous improvement of industrial ecology

日期: 2022-06-13
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Xinhua News Agency, Chongqing, June 11th: Synergy between production and consumption, continuous improvement of industrial ecology-Chongqing's new energy automobile industry 'accelerates'

In modern factories full of science and technology, robots are constantly dancing on the digital assembly line, and new energy vehicles are rolling off the assembly line one after another ... In recent days, Chongqing Changan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is rushing to produce and fully meet the market demand.

'From January to May, the company produced a total of 46,800 new energy vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 168%.' Guo Tong, general manager of strategic marketing department of Chongqing Chang 'an New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. said that recently, the company made every effort to ensure the supply and chain stability, and still maintained the production capacity of 10,000 vehicles per month. It is estimated that the annual sales volume will reach 220,000 vehicles.

It is reported that in recent years, a number of Chongqing car companies such as Chang 'an, Great Wall, Geely and Ford have laid out new energy vehicles. High-end new energy vehicle brands such as Chang 'an Aouita, Jin Kang Cyrus and Ford Mustang have also settled down one after another, and the development of new energy vehicle industry has been accelerating.

Data show that in the first quarter of this year, the output of new energy vehicles in Chongqing increased by 2.7 times year-on-year. Since April, Chongqing's government-enterprise linkage has ensured a stable supply chain. In the past few days, Chongqing's major new energy vehicle enterprises have been fighting for production continuously to fully meet the market demand.

While making every effort to 'stabilize production', a number of car companies have also accelerated the launch of new products to meet market demand. For example, Jin Kang Cyrus and Huawei jointly launched a new model M5, and the output still increased steadily under the influence of the epidemic situation, with the delivery volume exceeding 5,000 units in May alone. Recently, Chongqing Chang 'an New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. officially launched a new model Lumin, positioning it as a boutique electric minicar, which will open up a new growth point for the company.

It's not just new energy passenger cars that are 'hot'. Since the beginning of this year, many commercial vehicle enterprises in Chongqing have continued to 'overweight' new energy fields and embrace the market. Recently, the pure electric heavy trucks produced by SAIC hongyan automobile Co., Ltd. successfully completed the trial operation in Chile and realized commercial transportation. 'We have three technical lines of pure electric power, hydrogen energy and hybrid power. We have delivered more than a thousand pure electric heavy trucks in China before, and we will continue to explore the overseas high-end heavy truck market in the next step.' Lou Jianping, general manager of the company, said.

Anchoring hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Since 2022, Qingling Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. has accelerated its efforts in this field. Now, nearly one hundred 'Qingling-made' hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been put into use in application scenarios such as machinery manufacturing and large-scale logistics. Recently, the company also signed a contract with logistics enterprises to speed up the delivery of a batch of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for diversified application scenarios such as urban distribution and trunk logistics.

Cooperate with production and marketing to jointly 'bring fire' to Chongqing's new energy vehicle market. 'Although the second quarter is the traditional off-season of car purchase, the current heat has not decreased.' Liao Min, head of a new energy vehicle 4S shop in Chongqing, said that in recent years, due to factors such as the improvement of new energy vehicle products and the superposition of automobile consumption stimulus policies, dozens of groups of customers come to buy every day.

The new energy industry 'accelerates' and needs to continuously improve the industrial ecology. The reporter learned that in order to seize the development opportunities of new energy vehicles, this year, Chongqing has also made efforts to extend, supplement and strengthen the chain to enhance the industrial stamina. In late May, Liangjiang New District signed a number of intelligent networked new energy vehicle projects with a total investment of 34.1 billion yuan.

'In recent years, we have continuously introduced a number of leading enterprises in battery, motor, electronic control and automobile software, and the key components of new energy vehicles have been improved.' The relevant person in charge of the Automobile Department of Chongqing Economic and Information Commission said that in the next step, Chongqing will continue to expand its industrial scale, accelerate the construction of application scenarios and promote the transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry.

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