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Gathering energy for the development of new energy industry

日期: 2022-05-31
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Since the beginning of this year, Aksai County has started with the action of 'doing everything in practice and being at the forefront', and with the determination of 'doing what you say, doing what you decide, doing what you do, and doing what you do', it has persisted in grasping the base planning to lead, promote the overall industrial layout, promote the construction of key projects, focus on strengthening industries, supplementing chains, and gathering clusters, and make every effort to create the growth pole of new energy industries, thus boosting the high-quality development of the county economy. Up to now, the installed capacity of new energy in the county is 222 megawatts, the installed capacity of photovoltaics under construction is 200 megawatts, and the installed capacity of light and heat under construction is 160 megawatts.

Focus on the short-board links to make up articles

Aksai County established Jiuquan Saineng New Energy and Gansu Huasai Investment Development Co., Ltd., improved the construction plan of Dangjinshan Energy Base, and ensured the orderly progress of 5 MW roof distributed photovoltaic power generation and Changcaogou service center. Relying on the chain owners such as Goldwind Technology, Huadian Group and Zhejiang Zhengtai, we will set up an innovation consortium with leading think tanks such as Keyuan Electric Power, Electric Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sichuan University to promote the construction of the power channel of Dangjinshan Energy Base. Relying on building a new energy base of 10 million kilowatts, we will strive for more new energy projects from the state, province and city. Compile the Power Grid Output Plan of Aksai County and the Planning of Multi-energy Complementary (Wind and Light Storage) Energy Development Base of Aksaidang Jinshan South and Sili Gobi, and strive to be included in the provincial and municipal power grid plans, strengthen the grid structure, and strive to build high-grade and large-capacity transmission lines at different locations.

Concentrate on superior resources to make strong chain articles

At present, the 200 MW photovoltaic power generation project in Lutai has been fully resumed, and it has been connected to the grid. Assist Goldwind Technology's 150,000 kW wind power, Huidong's 750,000 kW 'Solar-Thermal Plus', 5 MW distributed photovoltaic and other projects to go through the preliminary formalities, and strive to start construction as soon as possible. When Jinshan South 110 kV public network substation and 330 kV collection station construction project strive to be completed and put into operation within the year. Ensure that the new energy exhibition center project is completed and put into use by the end of June. It plans to invest 150 million yuan to build LNG natural gas station, and strive to start construction within the year. We will provide full-course tracking services for key projects such as Lutai 200 MW PV, Goldwind 150 MW wind power and Huidong 750 MW 'PV+',and strive to connect Lutai to the grid by the end of September. Goldwind will be connected to the grid within the year, and Huidong New Energy will complete the construction task of 110,000 MW solar thermal project within the year, ensuring the completion of fixed assets investment of 3 billion yuan.

Aggregation effect makes deep long-chain articles

Relying on abundant scenery resources, focusing on interruptible load industry, green hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen consumption and other fields, we will implement measures to supplement and strengthen the chain and extend the chain, and plan to introduce projects such as electrolytic hydrogen production, interruptible load industry, high-proportion energy storage power station and big data center (cold data storage). A special class for the promotion of UHVDC project from Aksai County to South China was set up, focusing on the preliminary work of UHV power grid, especially the site selection of UHV power grid converter station, the construction of power grid path and basic power supply, so as to strive to be included in the provincial and municipal power development plans as soon as possible, and effectively solve the problem of limited power grid output. Based on the advantages of abundant scenic resources in China, according to the principle of 'recruiting the strong, attracting the large and supporting the excellent', we will promote and attract investment by means of 'going out and bringing in' and strive for more new energy projects. Focus on cooperative development with Ganjiantou, and strive for breakthroughs in high-proportion power stations, 330 kV transmission lines, green electricity, green hydrogen coupling and other fields.

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