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How long can the rebound last? In the past month, many new energy funds have risen by more than 20%

日期: 2022-05-25
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In the past month, the A-share market has picked up. Among the ten thousand-level industries, automobile, power equipment and non-ferrous metals have the highest increase, which includes many sub-sectors including new energy and photovoltaic.

At the same time, at the end of the first quarter, funds with heavy positions and high growth stocks also got 'blood return'. Straight Flush iFinD data shows that as of May 23rd, the net value of many theme funds such as new energy, photovoltaics and nonferrous metals has increased by more than 20%.

However, some insiders told the reporter of International Finance News that the whole market is still a rebound pattern, rather than a reversal, so it may take some time to consolidate the bottom of the market. However, we are still optimistic that the high-prosperity track, as the future development direction of GDP and the most important track for the country to achieve industrial upgrading, still has long-term investment value, but there may still be pressure in the short term.

In the past month, the new energy sector led the gains.

After the Shanghai Composite Index bottomed out deeply on April 27th, the new energy and photovoltaic sectors ushered in a sharp rebound. As of the close of May 24th, among the related industries in Shenwan, automobiles, power equipment and non-ferrous metals ranked the top three in all industries with an increase of 11.94%, 10.65% and 5.27% respectively.

In this context, the funds that invested in new energy, photovoltaic and other related sectors in the first quarter also got 'hemostasis'. Straight Flush iFinD data shows that as of May 23rd, in the past month, the net value of 40 equity funds has increased by more than 20%. Except for Hongtu Innovation New Technology and TEDA Manulife New Energy, which led similar funds with an increase of 23.73% and 22.34% respectively, many passive index funds were among the top gainers, and index funds such as rare metals, photovoltaics and smart cars all rose by more than 20%; In terms of hybrid funds, the intrinsic value of Yin Hua Zhihui leads the same kind with an interval net value increase of 26.07%. The awkward stock of this fund at the end of the first quarter is also a new energy industry chain. Among the following funds, there are also new energy theme funds or low-carbon and carbon-neutral theme funds, with a total of 59 hybrid funds with an interval net value increase of more than 20%.

Previously, due to the high valuation of the new energy sector and other factors, in the case of sector correction, many funds with heavy positions in the new energy track suffered a big retracement. From the beginning of the year to April 27th, before the Shanghai Composite Index bottomed out, the net value of many new energy funds fell by more than 30%. For the brilliant performance of such funds in the past month, Hu Bo, manager of Rongzhi Investment Fund, said in an interview with the reporter of International Finance News that the new energy and photovoltaic track mainly benefited from the full adjustment in the early stage. At the same time, the expected resumption of production and resumption of work brought about by the marginal improvement of epidemic situation also benefited these industries, so it became the main hot spot of recent rebound.

'Recently, some policies related to new energy industries have been introduced one after another, such as subsidies for cars going to the countryside, and greater support for photovoltaics in Europe, which has formed a strong rebound with a large decline in the past.' Zhang Xiaodong, manager of Gecko Capital Fund, told reporters. Zhao Yuanyuan, the investment director of Jianshi Times, believes that the good rebound of the new energy automobile sector is mainly driven by the whole automobile industry: Shanghai's resumption of work and production, subsidies for automobiles going to the countryside, reduction of purchase tax, increased travel demand after the lifting of the closure and increased income of residents all support the booming pattern of automobile supply and demand.

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