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Gansu provincial enterprises speed up the construction of new energy industry chain system

日期: 2022-05-23
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In the second quarter of this year, provincial enterprises in our province made every effort to push forward the new energy and equipment manufacturing industry, promote the construction of key projects such as clean energy, peak-shaving power supply and export channel, actively build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and strive to form a development pattern of 'wind, water, fire and nuclear power' with multiple complementary functions and 'transmission, storage, utilization and manufacturing'.

In March this year, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the provincial government issued the Action Plan for the New Energy and Equipment Manufacturing Industry of Provincial Enterprises, and arranged for provincial enterprises to implement the new energy installation scale expansion project, the wind power equipment industry chain upgrading project, the photoelectric equipment industry chain carry-in project, the intelligent transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing chain repair project, the new energy design and construction operation and maintenance coordination project, the strategic emerging industry cultivation project and the scientific and technological innovation capability breakthrough project. Relevant provincial enterprises actively implement this action plan and make every effort to promote the construction of the whole new energy industry chain system.

Gansu Power Investment Group is the main enterprise of new energy industry chain in our province. At present, it holds 54 wind, light, water and thermal power projects built or under construction, with a total installed capacity of 10.36 million kilowatts. To speed up the development of clean energy, this year, Gansu Power Investment Group invested 4.8 billion yuan to promote the development and construction of 900,000 kilowatts of new energy in Hexi region. Six projects, including 300,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic in Qingtan of Jinchang River, 200,000 kilowatts of wind power in Mahuangtan of Yumen and 200,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic in Ganhekou of Guazhou, are being accelerated. At the same time, Gansu Power Investment Group actively participated in the development and construction of new energy bases in Tengger Desert and Badain Jaran Desert, and turned the Gobi Desert into a 'green power production base' through the modes of 'photovoltaic+sand control' and 'photovoltaic+ecological management'.

In order to effectively improve the bundling and delivery capacity of new energy in Hexi, Gansu Power Investment Group is speeding up the construction of units 3 and 4 of Changle Power Plant, the only supporting peak-shaving thermal power plant for 800 kV Qishao HVDC transmission project, and it is expected that two units will be put into operation by the end of 2023. At that time, four units of the power plant will operate at the same time, which can drive 40 billion kilowatt-hours of electric energy to be delivered annually.

In order to promote the local consumption of new energy, Gansu Power Investment Group has accelerated the Jinchang Zijin Cloud Data Center Industrial Park project according to the development idea of 'integration of cloud, storage, calculation and intelligence', with a total investment of 5 billion yuan. The service capacity of 50,000 cabinets will be formed in three phases, and the annual electricity consumption at full load is expected to be consumed by 2.5 billion kWh after all the projects are completed.

At present, Gansu Power Investment Group, together with Jinchuan Group and China Resources Power, is implementing the integration project of source network and load storage in Jinchuan District and Guazhou County, respectively, to promote the synchronous planning and implementation of new energy power generation, energy storage and local consumption, etc. By reducing the electricity cost of enterprises entering the park, it will attract related high-capacity projects and equipment manufacturing industries to enter the park, and promote the extension of the new energy industry chain. At the same time, we will strengthen cooperation with enterprises such as Provincial Electric Group and Lanshi Group, drive the development of new energy equipment manufacturing industry in the province with the investment, construction and operation and maintenance services of new energy power stations as the traction, and help build the integrated development of 'generation, transportation, storage, use and manufacture' of new energy in our province.

Lanshi Group is a leading enterprise in the equipment manufacturing industry in our province, and it is also cooperating with the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to fully transform and develop the equipment manufacturing industry in the new energy industry. Recently, the 45-ton super-high temperature chlorine salt purification pilot plant jointly developed by Lanshi Research Institute and sinap has completed the installation of the main equipment. The service temperature of the ultra-high temperature chlorine salt produced by this device can reach 720, which can be applied to the advanced supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton power cycle system and supercritical steam turbine system, and the power generation efficiency can reach more than 50%.

At the same time, Lanshi Group has also increased technical application research in areas such as electrochemical energy storage and molten salt energy storage, promoted equipment research and development, system integration, EPC project general contracting of light (wind) storage in areas such as smart microgrid power generation and energy storage, and accelerated the transformation to wind farm, photovoltaic power station development and construction, and energy storage complete equipment integration suppliers. Since the beginning of this year, Lanshi Group has vigorously implemented the priority development strategy of hydrogen energy industry, accelerated the construction of hydrogen energy innovation system, and accelerated the construction of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain.

Since the beginning of this year, Jiugang Group has made great efforts to promote the demonstration projects of smart grid and local consumption of new energy. On the basis of the construction of 200MW new energy projects started last year, it is planned to start 600MW new energy projects this year, and strive to integrate them into Jiugang power grid in batches in July, and complete the 500MW grid connection before the end of the year. Completed the construction of two 330kV substations and 237 km of 330kV transmission lines throughout the year, and completed the internal upgrading of Jiugang Power Grid to meet the requirements of new energy access and smart consumption.

According to the person in charge of the Planning and Development Department of the Provincial State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, provincial enterprises in our province have a good foundation in raw materials, wind power manufacturing, photovoltaic manufacturing, design and construction of new energy and equipment manufacturing industries. For example, Jiugang Group, Lanshi Group and Jinchuan Group have the large-scale production capacity of wind power towers and photovoltaic supports, Gansu Electric Group has the production capacity of photovoltaic junction boxes and inverters, Jinchuan Group and Baiyin Group have the advantages of wire and cable production, Gansu Jiantou Group, Lanshi Group and Gansu Electric Group have the general contracting capacity of construction, Gansu Water Resources and Hydropower Survey and Design Institute has the design capacity of new energy power generation, and Northwest Yongxin Company has the production capacity of special coatings for new energy equipment. At present, provincial enterprises have the advantages of manufacturing and service in the fields of new energy generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, use, storage, etc., and have layouts in the links of design, engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, operation and maintenance services, etc. By 2025, we will strive to increase the installed capacity of new energy in provincial enterprises by 12 million kilowatts, increase the investment in new energy power stations and equipment manufacturing by 60 billion yuan, and increase the output value by 15 billion yuan.

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