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"May Day" Auto Market: Chasing New Energy Vehicles

日期: 2022-05-06
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In the past 'May Day' holiday, with the favorable implementation of new regulations on motor vehicle registration, the automobile consumption market continued to heat up, and the sales of new energy vehicles were not affected by factors such as limited production capacity and rising prices, which continued the good momentum since the first quarter. Experts said that the consumption of new energy vehicles is still in a period of rapid growth, and the trend that the new energy vehicle market continues to strengthen has taken shape.

Heating up the car market, the heat of new energy vehicles continues

In the past, the May Day holiday was one of the few 'low price periods' in the automobile market in a year, but this year's situation is different. Except for some cities such as Shenzhen, which have introduced 'promotional packages' and subsidies for automobile consumption, most regions and the vast majority of automobile companies in China did not take any action on the eve of May Day, and some brands even just announced price increases in April or early May.

However, the lack of price concessions has not affected the recovery of the 'May Day' auto market. The reporter saw in many automobile 4S shops in Tianjin that, on the basis of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control measures, there was a constant stream of consumers watching cars and negotiating in the exhibition hall. Sales leaders generally said that the passenger flow and the number of tickets signed generally increased significantly compared with usual.

'Browsing on the Internet through mobile phones, we locked a car early in the morning, and came directly to place an order when we had time during the holidays.' At Tianjin Jinhui Ditong 4S shop in Xiqing District, Mr. Li told the reporter, 'Now is a good time to buy a car, and the epidemic situation is stable. Children need to use cars when they go back to school and adults go to work. I am afraid that the price will rise again.'

Tianjin Jinhui Ditong 4S shop is mainly engaged in BYD's new energy vehicles. Yu Boyuan, the sales manager, told reporters that there were a lot of people who came to see the cars during the May Day holiday, with an average daily order of more than 20 units, about twice that before the holiday. 'In the first two years, new energy vehicles were usually the first choice for the second car in the family. Since the beginning of this year, the number of consumers who bought and redeemed for the first time has been increasing. In terms of model selection, the sales of pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are almost equally divided. '

Such a hot sales scene of new energy vehicles is just a silhouette of the May Day auto market this year, and the substantial increase in sales of new energy vehicles is a highlight of the auto market this year. According to the data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in the first quarter of this year, the domestic production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 1.293 million and 1.257 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 1.4 times and a market share of 19.3%. Under the background of the decline in the growth rate of automobile production and sales in China, the production and sales of new energy vehicles increased significantly year on year, showing its strong market advantage. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers predicts that the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China will reach 5 million in 2022.

The sales of new energy vehicles have greatly increased, and the contribution of independent brands has contributed greatly. In the published national sales list of new energy vehicles in April, BYD topped the list, achieving sales of 106,000 vehicles, compared with only 26,000 vehicles in the same period last year. From January to April, the cumulative sales of BYD's new energy vehicles reached 392,000, a year-on-year increase of 387.94%. While achieving outstanding sales performance, BYD announced in early April that it would stop selling traditional fuel vehicles, showing its determination to specialize in new energy vehicles.

Wang Wei, general manager of Tianjin Jinwei Ruitong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., who is in charge of BYD's automobile sales in Tianjin, said that BYD's new car sales in Tianjin accounted for more than 10%, which was higher than the national average, which was related to the 'double limit' policy of purchase restriction and number limit in Tianjin. He believes that the reason why the sales of new energy vehicles have soared this year is that, on the one hand, the cost advantage of new energy vehicles has been highlighted due to the recent rising oil prices; On the other hand, favorable factors such as increased cruising range, more mature technology and more convenient charging of new energy vehicles give consumers confidence.

Constantly benefiting the automobile industry from development assistance.

On May 1st this year, the newly revised Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration of the Ministry of Public Security was officially implemented. The reporter combed and found that the new regulations have introduced a series of facilitation measures in motor vehicle registration and inspection, which is expected to further help the development of the automobile industry.

First, motor vehicle registration can enjoy 'one-stop service'. For car owners, the complicated process of vehicle registration is a big problem, and there are many materials to be prepared, which can't even be completed once. Article 69 of the new edition of the Regulations on Motor Vehicle Registration proposes to simplify the registration process: motor vehicle sales enterprises, used car trading markets, motor vehicle safety inspection institutions, insurance institutions and other units can set up motor vehicle registration service stations, which means that the procedures of buying, selling, buying insurance and annual inspection can all be handled in one stop, so that car owners can run fewer errands.

Second, small and micro non-operating vehicles can be 'one certificate for all' in China. Since May 1st, the registration of non-operating vehicles such as private cars in different places will be implemented nationwide 'one-license-all-in-one', and the owner can handle it quickly by holding the ID card, without providing other certificates.

Third, the registration of new cars is exempt from inspection. In the past, the registration of a new car needed to be checked by the staff of the vehicle management office before it could be licensed. After May 1st, the vehicle management office can share the new car information provided by the manufacturer without checking. For car owners, the link and time of license registration are saved, and the new car registration is expected to be reduced from the original 8 links and 5 working days to 3 links and 2 working days, thus greatly improving the handling efficiency.

Fourth, motor vehicle change information can be 'cross-provincial'. After May 1st, the business of changing the information of vehicles will no longer set the geographical threshold, and the 'inter-provincial service' can be realized without returning to the original place of registration, which is convenient for the circulation of vehicles and people.

Fifth, realize the license plate exchange system. Previously, a car had to correspond to a license plate number, and it was not allowed to be replaced. If it changes, it will be classified into the scope of the deck car. Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standard, each family often has many cars, and the idle vehicles caused by other factors such as the number limit cause troubles to the owners. After the implementation of the new regulations, if the owner owns two cars, the license plate can be exchanged. This is expected to reduce the idle rate of vehicles and facilitate the daily driving of car owners.

Guo Yan, director of China Automotive Strategic Development Research Center of Tianjin University, believes that the implementation of the new regulations on motor vehicle registration is of positive significance to all types of motor vehicles including fuel vehicles and electric vehicles, and is expected to have a positive impact on the development of the automobile industry, which will also increase the activity of new and used car transactions.

The sustained growth of new energy vehicle sales is inseparable from the support of industrial policies for new energy vehicles. In recent years, China has comprehensively supported the development of new energy vehicle industry through measures such as vehicle purchase subsidy, improvement of charging pile construction and control of vehicle electricity price, and the recognition of consumers for new energy vehicles has been continuously improved. Nowadays, despite the gradual decline of subsidies, new automobile consumption is coming.

On April 25th, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Further Releasing Consumption Potential and Promoting Sustainable Recovery of Consumption, which defined the development direction of automobile consumption. It is mentioned that the state supports the accelerated development of new energy vehicles, advocates green travel, increases the proportion of urban public buses and trams, and promotes the electrification of public service vehicles. At the same time, encourage qualified areas to carry out new energy vehicles and green smart home appliances to the countryside, and promote the construction of charging piles (stations) and other supporting facilities. According to industry insiders, this policy will push the consumption of new energy vehicles to a new level.

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