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Ordos City: New energy industry ushered in the spring of development

日期: 2022-04-22
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The spring tide is chasing the waves, and the spring thunder urges the levy. April's Erdos land, the infinite spring scenery is unique.

From the bend of the Yellow River to Kubuqi in the desert, from one enterprise to one industrial park, the sound of forging ahead is loud and the pace of running is sonorous, and a number of large projects and good projects of new energy are accelerating, helping the industrial economy to 'accelerate'.

This is Erdos City's initiative to make efforts to stabilize coal production and supply, optimize new energy supply, and promote green transformation. This is the firm pledge of Erdos City to 'take a new road and build a pioneering area' and be a stable 'ballast stone' and 'vanguard' of the whole region.

Grasp the 'time' and 'potential', take 'green' as the key point, and start from 'new'. Erdos keeps up with the wind and follows the light, catching up and surpassing all the way.

As a national demonstration zone of modern coal chemical industry and the first batch of national industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration zones, Erdos City takes 'double-carbon' as the new energy industry, grasps the development opportunities brought by the national strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, makes efforts to optimize the supply of new energy, does a good job in the addition of new energy industry development, takes industrial transformation as the guide, continues to do a good job in 'chain', introduces a number of base-based and scale green industrial chain projects, and focuses on promoting the whole industrial chain of new energy. At the same time, efforts should be made to promote green transformation, adhere to the coordinated promotion of carbon reduction, pollution reduction, greening and growth, take the lead of energy structure transformation to drive industrial structure transformation and economic structure transformation, accelerate the change of the situation of 'four more and four less' in industrial development, open up 'new' advantages for expanding 100 billion industrial clusters, 100 billion effective investments, 100 billion strength flag areas and 100 billion output value parks, inject 'new' power, and build a national modern energy industrial base.

New energy projects are blooming everywhere. Erdos is not only making efforts in one area at a time, but also deploying, arranging and acting early, playing 'combination boxing' and playing a good game of chess. It insists on escorting enterprises with policies, helping development with services, empowering industries with science and technology, warming customers with the environment, constantly improving the environment, improving efficiency and strengthening services, and getting through the 'intestinal obstruction' of attracting investment. Press the 'shortcut key' of service guarantee.

-Adhere to the synchronization of business and excellent business. Focusing on the 'double-carbon' goal, we have launched a series of policies such as Several Policies to Support the Development of Industrial Clusters, Guiding Opinions of State-owned Capital to Support Wind and Solar Hydrogen Storage Industry, Several Measures to Accelerate the Pre-stage Procedures of Major Projects, and the Action Plan (500 Articles) for the Best Business Environment of Benchmarking Advanced Construction, and implemented a series of policies, such as minimal approval, excellent service, extremely accurate supervision, and extremely favorable support, so as to strive for marketization, rule of law, and internationalization. Nine policies have been issued to support the development of industrial clusters, focusing on 18 industrial chains, such as new energy heavy truck industry chain, green hydrogen industry chain and fine chemical industry chain. With the world, China, top 500 private enterprises and leading enterprises in the industry as the main direction, we have vigorously carried out precise investment promotion in industrial chains, and made efforts to build a number of 'little giant' enterprises that are specialized and new.

-Adhere to the integration of affairs and services. Take the lead in realizing 'no-meet' bid opening in China, saving transaction costs of more than 200 million yuan for more than 50,000 market players; The 52 major examination and approval items of the project will be handled as agents in the whole process, and the fastest time is 45 days. Optimize project investment services in an all-round way, build a real-time scheduling promotion platform for major projects, a digital platform for green and low-carbon development, and a task scheduling platform for business environment, and implement dynamic tracking and accurate scheduling for project investment. We will carry out the leading contract of major projects, the contract of departments in the early stage, and the centralized linkage examination and approval of major projects, and carry out pre-service, integrated service and full-cycle service, so as to promote the reform of 'standard land' and 'regional evaluation' in the park, improve the examination and approval efficiency in an all-round way, and implement 'start work as soon as the land is acquired' to help the project construction achieve a 'good start'.

-Insist on paying equal attention to attracting investment and talents. We introduced 30 new policies for talents, 30 new policies for science and technology, and set up a 3 billion yuan science and technology fund. Set up the Carbon Neutralization Research Institute, promote the construction of Peking University-Ordos Carbon Neutralization Joint Laboratory, and carry out nine research topics such as 'Research on Green Low-carbon Transformation and' Double-carbon 'Development Path and Selection of Key Technologies in Ordos City' and 'Research on Ecological Carbon Sink Potential of Ordos under Water Resources Constraint', so as to provide technical guidance, intellectual support and industrial demonstration for the city's new energy industry.

Warm up the enterprise with 'excellent', and there is no end to the excellent. The top-level design has blossomed, the policy dividend has been fully released, and the talent magnetic field effect has been highlighted. Erdos with a 'heart' is certainly more 'new'-at the signing meeting of investment promotion projects in spring, the city signed 161 projects with a total investment of over 300 billion yuan; 442 key projects are planned to be implemented in 2022, with an investment of 92.8 billion yuan in that year. At present, 350 projects have been started to resume work, with a starting and resuming rate of 79.2% and an investment of 20 billion yuan.

Whether it is the 'project library' for attracting investment or the 'project list' for construction, the land occupied by new energy projects is quite 'eye-catching'. In 2022, the whole city made full use of the vast desert, desert and coal mining subsidence areas, fully promoted the large-scale and high-proportion development and utilization of new energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaic, and implemented 65 new energy power generation projects with a total scale of 7.26 million kilowatts, including 5.03 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power and 2.23 million kilowatts of wind power. At the end of the year, it is planned to be connected to the grid with 4 million kilowatts. We will promote the development of integrated scenery resources, the extension of industrial chain and the expansion of scene application, make every effort to build four industrial clusters of 'scenery and hydrogen storage', keep an eye on the goal of manufacturing investment accounting for over 40%, implement 100 manufacturing projects, and plan to complete the investment of 22.3 billion yuan. Promote the construction of a number of major projects, such as Vision Modern Energy Equipment Manufacturing, Longji Green Energy Battery Factory, SAIC Hongyan New Energy Heavy Truck, GCL Green Hydrogen Equipment Smart Factory, and simultaneously accelerate the construction progress of core accessories such as Yujing Technology Special Glass and Jiehydrogen Technology Fuel Cell, and build a national modern energy industry base.

Starting from this spring, Erdos will travel thousands of miles, and there will be a return date. By the end of the '14th Five-Year Plan', the 'upgraded version' of Erdos industrial economy with new energy industry as its 'core code' will be put on the line, by which time the installed capacity of new energy in the whole city will exceed 50 million kilowatts, and it will become an important national green energy supply base.

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