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Development and Reform Commission: Strengthen Policy Coordination and Linkage, Focus on Stabilizing

日期: 2022-04-20
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Steady growth is accelerating. On April 19th, Meng Wei, spokesman of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the press conference that in the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will actively plan more vigorous policy measures, strengthen policy coordination and linkage, and strive to stabilize the macroeconomic market.

Institutions and industry insiders believe that the steady growth policy is expected to be overweight to ensure the rapid economic recovery and the improvement of residents' employment situation. The input inflationary pressure is controllable, and the PPI increase will continue to decline.

Further release the consumption potential

Efforts are being made to stabilize the macro-economic market, and policy measures are being planned and introduced, in which the policies are advanced, moderately strengthened, and more vigorous.

In terms of expanding consumption and promoting investment, Meng Wei said that he would promote the introduction of policy documents to further release consumption potential and promote sustained recovery of consumption. We will implement relief and support measures for poor industries such as catering, retail, tourism, civil aviation, highway, waterway and railway transportation. We will continue to support the consumption of new energy vehicles, and encourage local governments to carry out green smart home appliances to the countryside and trade in old ones. We will actively promote effective investment and strive to form more physical workload in the first half of the year.

In terms of increasing efforts to help enterprises bail out, Meng Wei said that targeted efforts should be made to increase support for the real economy and small and medium-sized enterprises, strengthen supervision on the implementation of the burden reduction and bail-out policy for SMEs, and continue to carry out special actions to prevent and resolve the arrears of accounts for SMEs. On the basis of accurately implementing the epidemic prevention and control measures, we will do our best to ensure the smooth flow of logistics.

'The National Development and Reform Commission will closely follow and judge the development and changes of the situation at home and abroad, formulate and improve all kinds of response plans, strengthen policy reserves, and introduce effective measures in a timely manner to ensure that the economy runs in a reasonable range.' Meng Wei said.

The organization believes that when the epidemic situation gradually improves, the service consumption and the overall consumption policy will have better conditions for implementation. It is expected that the steady growth policy will be overweight to ensure the rapid economic recovery and the improvement of residents' employment situation. As the downward pressure on the economy increases, the government's motivation to expand effective investment is also increasing.

During the year, the PPI growth rate declined, and the trend remained unchanged

Commodity prices continue to run at a high level, which makes the trend of producer price index (PPI) of industrial producers attract much attention. 'Although international input factors have increased the uncertainty of commodity price trend, with the effect of the policy of ensuring supply and stabilizing prices continuing to appear, and the high cardinal utility is superimposed, it is expected that the overall decline in PPI growth will not change during the year.' Meng Wei said.

In terms of ensuring the supply and price stability of commodities, Meng Wei said that the next step will be to closely follow the commodity market and price trend. Effectively guarantee market supply, speed up the release of high-quality production capacity, strengthen the coordination and linkage between price and reserve policies, give play to the role of reserve regulation, and strengthen reserve and import and export regulation. Strengthen the guidance of market expectations, release market information in a timely manner, strengthen market supervision, severely crack down on illegal activities such as hoarding, driving up prices and spreading false information, and resolutely curb excessive speculation.

In addition, in view of the external uncertainties affecting the price stability of potash fertilizer in our country, Meng Wei introduced that according to the monitoring, the supply situation of potash fertilizer has been improving continuously in the near future, and the wholesale price of potassium chloride in the whole country has been stable and declining. In the next step, we will closely monitor and judge the supply, demand and price situation of chemical fertilizers, give full play to the role of the mechanism for ensuring the supply and price stability of chemical fertilizers, and promote all relevant parties to earnestly implement the policies and measures that have been introduced.

Li Qilin, director and chief economist of Hongta Securities Research Institute, believes that it is necessary to pay attention to the contradiction between domestic supply and price stabilization and the rising demand and price recovery caused by counter-cyclical regulation. Many institutions believe that the pressure of imported inflation is controllable, and the increase of PPI will continue to decline.

Increase support for market players

Since March, the recent spread of epidemic situation has brought more difficulties to the recovery and development of service industry, and the market players expect the relief measures to take effect better and faster. Meng Wei said that in the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will consolidate and expand the effectiveness of various policies and continue to increase support for market players.

On the one hand, efforts should be made to get through the difficult blocking problems. For example, the National Development and Reform Commission will further exert the joint efforts of all parties to ensure the effective transmission of policies to market players in response to people's attention to high rent reduction and subsidies for epidemic prevention and disinfection. In view of the problem of poor logistics reflected by some enterprises, we should actively strengthen coordination and cooperation with relevant departments such as transportation, continuously track and monitor the logistics operation together with relevant industry associations and key enterprises, and strive to promote smooth logistics and promote the stability of the industrial chain supply chain. On the other hand, strengthen the tracking and effectiveness of policy implementation.

'The National Development and Reform Commission will also strengthen the tracking and judgment of the situation at home and abroad, make a good policy reserve, further enrich the policy toolbox, effectively respond to the uncertainty of the external environment, and continuously enhance the confidence of market players.' Meng Wei said.

Many institutions predict that the external environment will become more complex and changeable, and unexpected unexpected factors may increase significantly. With the further development of policies, strengthening counter-cyclical regulation, stabilizing and expanding aggregate demand, the economy is expected to be repaired in the second and third quarters.

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