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Fujian tobacco commercial system actively promotes the application of new energy vehicles

日期: 2022-04-18
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A few days ago, Fujian Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (company) issued the 'Implementation Opinions on the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles', which plans to gradually promote the application of new energy vehicles in logistics vehicles and official vehicles of tobacco commercial system in the province. It is planned that by 2025, all new energy vehicles will be used in the logistics and distribution of downtown districts, and new energy vehicles will be used as far as possible in the delivery routes with a total round-trip mileage of less than 120 kilometers. Official vehicles are allocated according to actual needs, and the use of new energy vehicles is advocated and encouraged.

Fujian tobacco commercial system will follow the principle of 'overall planning, strengthening management, updating and orderly advancing one by one', closely focus on the allocation and use requirements of logistics vehicles and official vehicles during the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, conscientiously implement local policies and restrictions on new energy vehicles, study and formulate work plans for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, and purchase new energy vehicles in principle from 2022.

The Opinions also put forward specific requirements for the popularization and application of new energy vehicles from the aspects of increasing popularization and application, consolidating infrastructure, grasping vehicle selection, strengthening battery management, and improving management system, such as expanding the application scope of new energy vehicles, and setting up districts and downtown areas to take the lead and drive other areas to gradually improve; According to local conditions, speed up the completion of power expansion in office space and logistics park, and improve the construction of charging facilities; Scientific selection of new energy vehicle models and capacity scale to ensure the production and operation needs; Implement environmental protection responsibility and take the main responsibility for recycling power batteries of new energy vehicles.

The 'Opinions' put forward that it will be promoted in an orderly manner, and it will not be carried out quickly and comprehensively at one time. After existing vehicles are withdrawn from use, new vehicles will give priority to purchasing new energy vehicles. On the basis of defining the work requirements and time schedule, improving the management system and supporting measures, we will speed up the popularization and application of new energy vehicles.

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