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National Service Innovation Drives Strategy to Create Silk Road International Science and Technology

日期: 2022-04-14
浏览次数: 1

Nowadays, the world is in a great change that has not happened in a hundred years. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating, and the strength of scientific and technological innovation has increasingly become the commanding height of comprehensive national strength competition. In order to grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, China proposes to vigorously develop science and technology. The outline of the 14 th Five-Year Plan emphasizes that innovation should be the core of China's modernization drive, and self-reliance in science and technology should be taken as the strategic support of national development. The strategies of innovation-driven development, strengthening the country through talents, and rejuvenating the country through science and education should be thoroughly implemented, the national innovation system should be improved, and the construction of a strong country through science and technology should be accelerated.

Building a high-grade modern science city is a powerful starting point for implementing the national innovation-driven development strategy, promoting the integration of scientific and technological innovation and industry, and leading the high-quality development of the city. In recent years, Beijing Zhongguancun Science City, Future Science City, Huairou Science City, Shanghai Zhangjiang Science City, and science cities in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hefei, Hangzhou and other cities have emerged, representing the highest level of comprehensive science or a certain discipline in China. They are not only important measures to accelerate the upgrading of urban development in various places, but also undertake major scientific and technological innovation functions at the national strategic level, and are an important part of the construction of an innovative country and the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies.


At the Global Hard Technology Innovation Conference held in Xi 'an in 2021, the concept planning of Silk Road Science City, which has received much attention, was officially unveiled. The Silk Road Science City area involves new materials, new energy, electronic information and public infrastructure, and 51 projects with a total investment of 116.5 billion yuan were held in Xi 'an High-tech Zone. Silk Road Science City has a global vision, serving the great mission of building 'the belt and road initiative' into a road of innovation; Based on the national innovation-driven development strategy and the strategy of strengthening the country through science and technology, it provides core support for solving key bottlenecks in national strategic areas and industrial development; Xi 'an is committed to promoting regional innovation and development. It will build an innovative city with global influence and an ideal city with green wisdom in the future, and contribute to the high-quality development of innovation in Shaanxi and Xi 'an.

Constructing 'One City, Three Districts and Ten Groups' and Creating Silk Road International Science and Technology Pearl

Xi 'an High-tech Zone is one of the first national high-tech zones approved by the State Council in March, 1991. Since its establishment 30 years ago, Xi 'an High-tech Zone has embarked on a road of high-quality development driven by innovation. GDP increased from RMB 65 million in 1991 to RMB 241.008 billion in 2020, and its comprehensive strength ranked eighth among 169 national high-tech zones. Formed a modern industrial system supported by characteristic leading industries such as optoelectronic information, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, automobiles, new energy and new materials. In 2020, the scale of electronic information industry jumped to the first place in the central and western regions, with an output value of 273.2 billion yuan; The output value of high-tech industry reached 156.697 billion yuan, maintaining a high growth rate of 36.3%. Xi 'an High-tech Zone adheres to the development mode of 'promoting the city with production, prospering the city with production, and integrating production with city', which has also become a model for the western region.

With the favorable policies of sustained release of national strategies, such as building a strong country through science and technology, promoting the development of the western region in the new era and forming a new pattern, it is necessary and timely for Xi 'an High-tech Zone to build Silk Road Science and Technology City as the leading pillar of Shaanxi and Xi 'an economy and the core bearing of innovation-driven development, under the background of building Qin Chuangyuan innovation-driven platform in Shaanxi and Xi 'an as a national central city and Silk Road Science and Technology Innovation Center. Silk Road Science City is not only the core section of Xi 'an High-tech Zone, which connects the past with the future, but also the main front leading the high-quality development of the western region to a new journey in the future.

According to the plan, Xi 'an High-tech Zone will build the Silk Road Science City, which consists of three districts: the Central Innovation Zone, the Ecological Cultural and Creative Zone and the Hard Science and Technology Industrial Zone, on the land with a core area of 220 square kilometers. And around the '5561' modern industrial system, ten industrial clusters are laid out, including science and technology finance, international community, ecological culture and innovation, science center, optoelectronic industry, scientific and educational innovation, biomedicine, green equipment, automobile industry, new energy and new materials and intelligent manufacturing, finally forming a spatial layout structure of 'one city, three districts and ten clusters'.

The overall mission of Silk Road Science City is to plant high-end innovative resources, and build the Ceyuan Highland for Qin Chuangyuan General Platform; Improve the level of innovation and entrepreneurship, and be a pioneer for Qin Chuangyuan's general platform; Promote the integration of science and technology, and provide practical examples for Qin Chuangyuan's general platform; Adhere to the open sharing of science and technology, promote the deep integration of 'two chains' for the innovation-driven development of the province, provide high-tech solutions and contribute high-tech strength. The goal is to build a hard science and technology innovation highland with global influence, a big platform for Qin Chuangyuan's high-level scientific and technological achievements transformation, an 'the belt and road initiative' international science exchange center that highlights China's charm, an ideal city with green wisdom in the future, and strive to be the core engine area and demonstration model area of Qin Chuangyuan's construction. Silk Road Science City will fully implement the new development concept, make overall plans for the layout of production, living and ecological space, improve public service facilities and urban functions such as scientific research, education, medical care and culture, promote the construction of safe, green and intelligent science and technology parks, promote the deep integration of 'production-city landscape', create a new science and technology city with integrated production and city, and provide an ideal working and living city for science and technology talents.


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