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The rising price of new energy vehicles gives birth to orders for resale

日期: 2022-04-11
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In the face of the recent large price fluctuations in the new energy vehicle market, many consumers can't accept it for a while. They all hope to buy an order in a 'no price increase' state to avoid the resulting increase in car purchase cost.

According to a survey conducted by the reporter of China Consumer News, today, this seemingly impossible task is just a problem that can be solved by spending money in front of the omnipotent scalper. It is reported that some people can easily earn 10,000 yuan in benefits by selling new car orders with 'no price increase' status. As the market is too hot, there is even a new term: transfer fee.

New car orders become hard currency in the market

'The transfer of Tesla Model Y's unpriced order means that you can buy this model at a price of 276,000 yuan, which is 40,900 yuan lower than that of official website. Now you can really earn it.' On a second-hand Internet trading platform, a Chongqing netizen posted a new car order transaction information, which aroused widespread concern among consumers. Behind just a few crosses of product descriptions, there are many consumers who want to buy a car consulting in the message area.

In fact, this is only the tip of the iceberg of private new car transactions in the market. The reporter of China Consumer News found on the second-hand trading platform that the transfer words such as 'match the vehicle at any time', 'don't wait much' and 'pick up the car in the fastest week' can be seen everywhere. For those who are in a hurry to buy a car, a new car order with 'no price increase' status is quite attractive.

In this regard, Wang Ruolin, a consumer, told the reporter of China Consumer News with emotion: 'After the price increase, we only know the value of new car orders without price increase.'

Since the beginning of this year, auto companies have raised the prices of new energy vehicles, superimposed on the decline of subsidy policies for new energy vehicles and the weakening of preferential policies for auto companies, which made consumers feel the taste of rising prices of new energy vehicles.

According to a survey conducted by the reporter of China Consumer News, at present, most car companies have raised the prices of their new energy vehicles. For example, Tesla's three price increases in eight days and the price increase of more than 10 models of BYD are flooding the automobile market.

As a major manufacturer of power batteries, Zhang Feng, senior vice president of Funeng Technology, said in an interview with the reporter of China Consumer News that with the easing of the market environment in the second half of this year, the shortage of raw materials may change at the beginning of next year. However, there are many factors that make up the price of new energy vehicles, and the overall price reduction of new energy vehicles will have to wait until 2023 at the earliest.

Chen Shihua, deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, also said in an interview with the reporter of China Consumer News that it is unlikely that the price of new energy vehicles will drop significantly in a short period of time due to the wide spread of raw materials. Considering the particularity of the market environment, it is not excluded that the price of new energy vehicles may rise further.

The reporter of China Consumer News found that the more uncertain the price of new energy vehicle products is, the greater the probability of appreciation of new vehicle orders will be. Therefore, before the new energy vehicle market fails to return to normal, the new car orders in the state of 'no price increase' are especially sought after by the market.

Unexpectedly, the price increase of new energy vehicles, which has influenced many consumers' car purchase plans, has become an opportunity for 'scalpers' to make profits. A scalper who resells vehicle orders told the reporter of China Consumer News: 'It doesn't matter if you don't buy it. Anyway, the current market doesn't worry about selling it at all, and the price is not negotiable.'

It is difficult for consumers to buy cars at low prices

'I never thought that behind the collective price increase of new energy vehicles, the transaction behind the gray area has become the biggest winner of this product price increase.' Cai Xudong, a consumer who knows more about the recent car market situation, told the reporter of China Consumer News that during the whole consultation process, many 'scalpers' said that 'having an order is the greatest resource', and they showed their 'muscles' in front of the consumers who were struggling to buy a car. Cai Xudong said that these 'scalpers' have completely grasped the psychology of consumers who want to buy vehicles with preferential prices.

It is understood that at present, the transfer fee of 'new car orders without price increase' generally starts at 10,000 yuan. The reporter of China Consumer News learned from the conversation with the netizen 'Ah Oven' that the order price of the 2022 Model 3 model that it transferred was 235,900 yuan, and he agreed to the transfer only after it cost at least 30,000 yuan to buy this order without the deposit fee.

It is reported that the current market price of Model 3 is 291,000 yuan. If consumers choose this way to buy a car, after deducting the transfer fee of 30,000 yuan to the seller, the actual discount is 25,100 yuan, which is lower than the price of 'yellow cattle'.

In fact, the transfer fee is often determined according to the hot-selling degree of models and market pricing. Generally speaking, the higher the market price, the less the audience, so the transfer fee is cheaper. For example, the netizen 'Hello fatty!' The sales of Model Y did not increase the price of the order. Due to the high price of the product, the market price discount is nearly 40,000 yuan, which means that the transaction can be completed only by paying a transfer fee of 13,000 yuan.

Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, told the reporter of China Consumer News that the price increase of new energy vehicles was mainly due to the adjustment of the overall market supply chain environment. The rising costs are not put into the pockets of car companies, but mainly bear the cost of rising raw material prices. Different from this, there is no rule to follow in the pricing of orders without price increase in the market, which is completely determined by the seller's own psychological price. 'Traders of sales orders sell on the principle that as long as they are lower than the current market price, their orders will be attractive. Even if it is only 10,000 yuan lower, it is still a big discount for consumers who want to buy a car, so they will use most of the price difference space as a' benefit fee'.' Cui Dongshu said.

Make rules is that key to eradicate chaos

In fact, in the field of automobile sales, the phenomenon of 'scalpers' has a long history. The more hot-selling models in the market or when there is a snap-up in the market for special reasons, the more active the performance of 'scalpers' is.

Not long ago, when the reporter of China Consumer News investigated the Great Wall Motor Tank 300, it was found that some 4S shops of Great Wall Motor in Beijing acquiesced in consumers' private trading orders. It is the acquiescence from car companies and car dealers that gives the car 'scalper' market a living space.

According to the reporter's understanding, in order to curb the phenomenon of 'scalpers' and respond to the concerns of the consumer market, auto companies are also making moves.

Recently, Tesla launched the 'Commitment Letter of Non-resale', which mentioned that: Owners who have placed one or more cumulative orders to purchase multiple Tesla vehicles need to sign this commitment letter, and promise not to transfer or actually transfer any vehicle to any third party within 365 days after picking up the vehicle (subject to the first invoice date). In case of violation of the commitment, they will pay liquidated damages of 20% of the fare of each default vehicle within 7 days, otherwise Tesla has the right to limit the change of the binding account of the default vehicle and

The head of Tesla's public relations department told the reporter of China Consumer News that this rule is mainly aimed at people who buy multiple cars at one time or one year in succession, and has no impact on regular consumers.

In Xpeng Motors, the real-name ID card is associated with all product orders, and the identity information must be verified before signing the contract, and then the delivery link can be entered. According to Xpeng Motors, if a customer cancels the reservation for personal reasons, the vehicle order will be brought back into the unified management, and there is no possibility of resale of private second-hand orders.

Weilai Automobile implements order real-name registration system and does not support private transfer. If the buyer is questioned as a transfer order, it may not be the first owner of the car, and the buyer will not be able to enjoy the after-sales protection rights such as maintenance and charging provided by the OEM only for the first owner.

Cui Dongshu said that as long as car companies and dealers pay attention to this kind of phenomenon and formulate more perfect new car purchase rules, 'scalpers' will have no living space.

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