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Traditional oil companies accelerate their entry into new energy sources

日期: 2022-04-08
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Last year, the total net profit of 'three barrels of oil', which earned an average of 640 million yuan per day, was 233.698 billion yuan, which was due to the main factors such as the upward trend of international oil prices in 2021, strong demand in the oil and gas market, and adherence to the strategy of increasing reserves and increasing production. And what will the 'three barrels of oil' do this year after making money? On April 2nd, PetroChina issued an announcement to raise funds for production and business activities. On the one hand, 'three barrels of oil' is accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation and developing new energy. Among them, PetroChina has set a goal to achieve near zero emissions around 2050, and the production capacity of new energy and new business will reach half of the country. On the other hand, the international crude oil price has continued to fall in the near future. This year, the uncertainty of oil price has increased, and the high oil price of finished products that consumers are concerned about is also expected to enter a shock stage. The profit of 'three barrels of oil' this year is also uncertain due to the international oil price.


'Three barrels of oil' performance broke out

Sinopec's stock price is lagging behind.

Thanks to the rise in oil prices, the performance of 'Three Barrels of Oil' exploded last year. Last year, the 'Three Barrels of Oil' company achieved a total net profit of 233.7 billion yuan, with an average daily profit of 640 million yuan.

In terms of operating income, Sinopec ranks first, followed by PetroChina and CNOOC; In terms of net profit, PetroChina ranks first, followed by Sinopec and CNOOC.

The share price of 'Three Barrels of Oil' is not always synchronized with its performance increase, among which Sinopec's share price lags behind PetroChina and CNOOC's. As of the close of April 7th, the current share prices of Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC rose by about 20%, 45.17% and 82.64% respectively compared with the lowest prices in 2021.

With the rising price of crude oil, the main reason behind the excellent performance of 'three barrels of oil' is that the oil and gas output of 'three barrels of oil' reached a record high in 2021. Compared with the oil and gas production data of 'three barrels of oil', it can be seen that Sinopec is inferior to PetroChina and CNOOC in upstream resources. The data shows that in 2021, PetroChina's domestic crude oil output was 753.4 million barrels, a year-on-year increase of 1.3%; Domestic saleable natural gas output is 4,222.2 billion cubic feet, up 5.7% year-on-year, reaching a record high. Last year, CNOOC's net oil and gas output reached 573 million barrels of oil equivalent, a record high. Sinopec's annual oil and gas equivalent output in 2021 was 479.74 million barrels, of which domestic crude oil output was 249.60 million barrels, which was the same as that of the same period last year. The output of natural gas was 1,199.4 billion cubic feet, up 11.9% year-on-year.


Transformation: In 2050, PetroChina will strive for half of its new energy production capacity.

The reporter noted that 'three barrels of oil' is accelerating the green and low-carbon transformation and developing new energy.

Last April, Sinopec and Longji signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to carry out the collision between traditional energy companies and new energy companies. At the same time, in the planned capital expenditure of 198 billion yuan in 2022, Sinopec will invest in new energy business in addition to high-quality oil and gas exploration and development, refining and chemical base construction, etc.

The management of Sinopec said that in line with the trend of mobile energy transformation, on the one hand, it should plan the transformation and development of existing industries, speed up 'oil conversion' and 'oil to special', and speed up the building of an integrated energy service provider of 'oil, gas, hydrogen and electricity service'; On the other hand, it actively participates in new energy vehicle related business from the aspects of energy supply, material research and development, etc.

CNOOC revealed that in 2021, the company actively promoted the green and low-carbon transformation, and the Qinhuangdao/Caofeidian shore power project was put into operation smoothly. The company set up a new energy department and a new energy branch to speed up the layout of the green industrial chain. The first offshore wind power generation project was connected to the grid with full capacity, and the first offshore carbon dioxide sequestration demonstration project was started.

PetroChina has set a goal to strive for the new energy and new business capacity to be equal to that of oil and gas in 2035, and to achieve near zero emissions around 2050, with the new energy and new business capacity reaching half of the country. Last year, the development of new energy business of PetroChina accelerated in an all-round way, especially in the fields of geothermal energy and hydrogen energy. 39 new energy projects were completed and put into operation throughout the year, and the new energy development and utilization capacity increased by 3.5 million tons of standard coal per year.


On the 7 th, domestic crude oil futures fell more than 6%, and the future oil price will rise or be unsustainable.

Many consumers lamented, 'When will this oil price rise to the end? 9 yuan oil price can't afford it.' On April 6th, the International Energy Agency announced that it would release 120 million barrels of crude oil reserves, which made investors expect that the supply of crude oil would increase in the future. On that day, American oil once fell below the integer mark of $100, with a drop of over 6%. On April 7th, the intraday crude oil futures contract of Shanghai International Energy Trading Center fluctuated downward, and the main domestic crude oil futures contract 2205 opened at 680.0 yuan, closing at 628.7 yuan, down 6.71%. As of 21: 24 that night, the 2205 contract, the main force of domestic crude oil futures, fell over 3% to 625.3 yuan.

Guoxin Futures said that the oil price has been sharply adjusted back and weakened, and the operation suggestion is temporarily on the sidelines. The industry believes that the fluctuation of oil price has intensified this year. Given the uncertain factors of crude oil price, the rise may not last, and it may fluctuate between 90 USD and 150 USD in the short term.

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