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The 14th Five-Year Plan for Energy Science and Technology Innovation was issued —— the frontier tech

日期: 2022-04-07
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Energy is a key area related to national security and development. Recently, the National Energy Administration and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly issued the 'Tenth Five-Year Plan for Energy Science and Technology Innovation' (hereinafter referred to as the 'Plan'), put forward the overall goal of energy science and technology innovation during the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, and formulated the technical roadmap of China's energy development and project layout around advanced renewable energy, new power system, safe and efficient nuclear energy, etc.

Improve the energy science and technology innovation system

China has been the largest energy producer and consumer in the world for many years. 'A new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is booming. Emerging energy technologies such as new energy, unconventional oil and gas, advanced nuclear energy, new energy storage, and hydrogen energy have accelerated their iteration at an unprecedented speed and become the core driving force of global energy transformation and transformation.' Zhang Jianhua, Party Secretary and Director of the National Energy Administration, said that during the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, it is urgent to accelerate the upgrading of the energy industry foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain, and further stimulate the new kinetic energy of energy innovation and development.

According to the relevant person in charge of the National Energy Administration, there is still a significant gap between China's current energy science and technology innovation and the inherent requirements of the world's energy science and technology power and leading the energy revolution. For example, some energy technology and equipment still have shortcomings, the advantages of energy technology and equipment are not obvious, and the policy mechanism to promote energy science and technology innovation needs to be improved.

For this reason, the Plan puts forward the overall goal of energy science and technology innovation during the 14th Five-Year Plan period: the existing main short-board technical equipment in the energy field has basically achieved a breakthrough; Forward-looking and disruptive energy technologies are emerging rapidly, and new formats and models continue to emerge, forming a number of new advantages of energy long board technologies; The energy science and technology innovation system that meets the requirements of high-quality development has been further improved; Strong support of scientific and technological innovation leads the high-quality development of energy industry.

The aforementioned person in charge said that, in combination with the energy development and project layout in the 14th Five-Year Plan, the Plan has deployed relevant demonstration projects, effectively undertaken the demonstration application tasks, and defined relevant policies and measures. 'The Plan focuses on realizing self-reliance and self-improvement of energy science and technology, and relies on improving the energy science and technology innovation system, focusing on strengthening the' short board' of energy technology and equipment and forging the' long board' of energy technology and equipment, supporting and enhancing the ability of sustainable and stable energy supply and risk control, and leading the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.'

Key tasks lead to technological upgrading

According to reports, the 'Planning' mainly focuses on five major routes to tackle cutting-edge technologies-

In terms of advanced renewable energy power generation and comprehensive utilization technology, there are 17 key tasks. The Plan proposes to focus on the development and utilization of large-scale and high-proportion renewable energy, research and develop more efficient, more economical and more reliable advanced power generation and comprehensive utilization technologies of renewable energy such as water energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy and ocean energy, and support the high-quality development and utilization of renewable energy industry.

In terms of new power system and its supporting technologies, 12 key technologies have been laid out, and it is proposed to speed up the strategic and forward-looking key technologies of power grid, and support the construction of an advanced power grid with friendly interconnection of large-scale renewable energy and distributed power, two-way interaction between source, network and load, intelligence and high efficiency; Break through the energy storage ontology such as energy type and power type, and the key technologies and core equipment of system integration to meet the development needs of energy storage in different application scenarios of energy system.

In terms of safe and efficient nuclear energy technology, 11 key tasks are laid out, and it is proposed to carry out optimization research on key technologies of three generations of nuclear power around improving the level of nuclear power technology and equipment and project economy, and support the establishment of standardized models and model pedigrees; Strengthen strategic and forward-looking technological innovation of nuclear energy, and tackle key core technologies of a new generation of advanced nuclear energy systems such as small modular reactors, (ultra) high-temperature gas-cooled reactors and molten salt reactor.

As for the development and utilization technology of high-efficiency fossil energy, it is proposed to focus on enhancing oil and gas security capability, carry out key key technical research in the fields of conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development, transportation and refining, and effectively support oil and gas exploration and development and the construction of natural gas production, supply and marketing system. A total of 37 key technical research projects have been put forward.

On the aspect of energy digitalization and intelligence technology, it is proposed to focus on the development of new generation information technology and energy integration, carry out research on common key technologies of digitalization and intelligence in the energy field, promote the deep integration of traditional industries such as coal, oil and gas, power plants and power grids with digitalization and intelligence technologies, carry out pilot demonstration of integration of various energy plants and stations and regional smart energy systems, and lead the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry. A total of 16 key tasks are laid out.

Eight aspects to ensure escort energy innovation

In order to ensure the orderly development of energy science and technology innovation during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the Plan puts forward relevant safeguard measures around eight aspects, such as innovation synergy mechanism, innovation platform system, demonstration and application of achievements, enterprise dominant position, technical standard system, planning fund support, international cooperation in science and technology, and training of scientific and technological talents.

The 'Plan' clearly defines and improves the platform system of energy science and technology innovation, and promotes the demonstration and application of energy science and technology achievements. Establish and improve all kinds of energy science and technology innovation platform systems at all levels of the state, departments, localities and enterprises, build an ecosystem of open cooperation and sharing innovation, improve the policy of the first set of energy equipment, encourage localities and users to formulate supporting measures, and promote demonstration and application with the principle of 'everything must be used'.

Zhang Jianhua believes that it is necessary to promote the deep integration of energy technology with modern information, new materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, and explore new modes of energy production and consumption. 'Improve the energy science and technology innovation system, integrate and optimize scientific and technological resources, implement the system of' exposing the list and taking command' and guide all kinds of social capital to invest in the field of energy science and technology innovation.'

Is the main body of enterprise technological innovation. The Plan encourages all kinds of ownership enterprises to carry out strong alliances and deep cooperation in Industry-University-Research around the energy industry chain and innovation chain, and focus on breaking through key core technologies. It is clear that international cooperation in energy science and technology innovation should be strengthened, independent innovation should be based on open conditions, and practical cooperation between multilateral mechanisms and international organizations in the field of energy science and technology should be actively participated. In addition, the Plan also proposes to speed up the training of innovative talents in energy science and technology, relying on major energy projects to speed up the training of young and middle-aged backbone talents in technology research and development, technology management and achievement transformation, so as to meet the supply of interdisciplinary professionals.

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