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Dabuzi Town, Xining City: 20 new energy sanitation cleaning vehicles "on the road"

日期: 2022-03-23
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In order to further improve the environmental sanitation management level in the jurisdiction, improve the efficiency of rural road patrol cleaning, and effectively reduce the labor intensity of sanitation workers, recently, 20 brand-new electric cleaning tricycles 'debuted' in Dabaozi Town, Chengbei District.

The characteristics of electric cleaning vehicle 'small, smart and fast' make garbage collection and patrol cleaning in areas with dense merchants, bus stops, back streets, rural roads and so on no longer a problem. Fast cleaning tour, the biggest feature is speed. It is reported that the traveling speed of vehicles can reach 25 kilometers per hour, which is equivalent to the traveling cleaning efficiency of eight sanitation workers. Sanitation workers don't have to get off the bus, they can 'pick up' garbage by using the pick-up clips in their hands, and they can inspect and pick up hundreds of meters of streets in just a few minutes. Moreover, the vehicle adopts a fully closed design, and the box cover is provided with a cover-in-cover structure, which can put an end to the problems of garbage leakage and sewage dripping in operation, and will not cause secondary pollution to the road surface, and at the same time, it also solves the problem that all kinds of garbage and sundries generated by sanitation workers after cleaning the road surface cannot be cleaned up in time. 'With this electric cleaning car, we work much faster and it is convenient to transport garbage.' The sanitation worker of Wuzhong Village in the jurisdiction said.

It is reported that the allocated vehicles are provided by Chengbei District Ecological Environment Bureau. In recent years, Dabaozi Town has established a long-term sanitation management cleaning mechanism of 'cleaning around the clock, managing without gaps and covering all responsibilities', aiming at the construction of beautiful countryside, focusing on the work of 'six bags in front of the door', 'the system of street chiefs' and 'three cleanings and one change to control six chaos', effectively improving the urban environmental quality and people's life quality.

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