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Guangzhou's new energy vehicle production capacity will exceed 2 million in 2025

日期: 2022-03-21
浏览次数: 1

On March 17th, official website, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, released the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Innovation and Development of Intelligent and New Energy Vehicles in Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the Plan). The 'Planning' points out that the '14th Five-Year Plan' period is an important strategic opportunity period for the development of intelligent and new energy automobile industry, and a key breakthrough period for Guangzhou automobile industry to change from big to strong and seize the commanding heights of development. Guangzhou will build a trillion-dollar automobile industry cluster and build a 'city of smart cars'.

According to the development goal, by 2025, Guangzhou's automobile production capacity will exceed 5 million vehicles, and the capacity utilization rate will be further improved. The output value of the above-scale automobile manufacturing industry will strive to reach 1 trillion yuan, which continues to rank in the forefront of the country. The production capacity of new energy vehicles exceeds 2 million, ranking among the top three cities in China.

Capacity target

The penetration rate of new energy vehicles exceeds 50%

Automobile industry is the first pillar industry in Guangzhou. At present, Guangzhou is constantly promoting the complementary advantages and coordinated development of the automobile industry clusters in the north, east and south wings. The construction of charging infrastructure is also developing rapidly. By the end of 2020, there were nearly 60,000 public and private piles in Guangzhou, over 30,000 platforms connected to Yangcheng Charging Station and 48,000 5G base stations, ranking first in the province. By the end of 2020, the number of new energy vehicles in Guangzhou was nearly 270,000, accounting for 9% of the total number of vehicles in the city, which was significantly higher than the national average (1.75%). Among them, 58 fuel cell vehicles have been put into operation, and the demonstration effect is good.

According to the development goals set out in the Plan, by 2025, Guangzhou will build a national-level smart car industrialization demonstration zone, an intelligent networked car and intelligent transportation application demonstration zone based on broadband mobile Internet, a national 5G car networking pilot zone, a highland for the development of new energy automobile industry and an international automobile trade center ('three districts, one highland and one center'), which will support the building of a world-renowned 'smart car city' and lead the high-quality development of the national smart and new energy automobile industry.

From the perspective of industrial scale, in 2025, the city's automobile production capacity will exceed 5 million vehicles, and the capacity utilization rate will be further improved. The output value of the automobile manufacturing industry above designated size will strive to reach 1 trillion yuan, which continues to rank in the forefront of the country. The production capacity of new energy vehicles exceeds 2 million, ranking among the top three cities in China; The penetration rate of new energy vehicles exceeds 50%, and the number of vehicles has increased to 800,000, accounting for over 20% of the total number of vehicles. The scale of import and export of auto parts and vehicles has steadily increased. In terms of independent innovation, 80% of new cars are smart cars (level 2 combined driving assistance and above automatic driving level). The power consumption of pure electric passenger cars dropped to 12.0 kWh per 100 kilometers, and fuel cell passenger cars with independent core technologies were introduced. In terms of brand influence, we will build a group of automobile enterprises with core competitiveness in the direction of 'intelligence+new energy', further enrich the matrix of mid-to-high-end and multi-power products, cultivate 1-2 enterprises with a domestic market share of over 5%, and cultivate 1-2 unicorn automobile enterprises, so as to achieve a substantial increase in the export of self-owned brand automobiles and a new breakthrough in the construction of overseas manufacturing bases.

Pattern planning

Create a new pattern of 'one core, three poles and multiple nodes'

In order to optimize and improve the spatial pattern of intelligent and new energy vehicle industry in the city, Guangzhou proposed to build a new spatial pattern of coordinated development in the city, and strive to create a new spatial development pattern of intelligent and new energy vehicles with 'one core, three poles and multiple nodes'.

The 'Planning' proposes that Guangzhou should focus on building Guangzhou Automobile Intelligent Networked New Energy Industrial Park into a 'core': give full play to the advantages of the whole industrial chain of the park, and promote the development of Panyu Hualong automobile characteristic town by radiation, so as to build it into Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area independent brand intelligent and new energy automobile industry cluster, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area automobile industry innovation and development pilot zone, international intelligent and new energy automobile industry highland and national production-city integration demonstration zone.

Build the 'three poles' in the east, north and south around the whole vehicle and parts industry cluster: promote the development of industrial agglomeration by relying on the leading role of superior whole vehicle enterprises, and form an industrial pole with distinctive features, complementary functions and great competitiveness.

At the same time, build 'multi-nodes' by relying on the characteristic bases of industrial development empowerment: focusing on the industrial parks, experimental areas and industrial bases with advantages of artificial intelligence and digital economy in the whole city, effectively promoting the development of new technology empowerment intelligence and new energy automobile industry, accelerating the transformation and development of automobile electrification, intelligence, networking and sharing, and cultivating and forming characteristic bases with advantages of empowerment intelligence and new energy automobile industry.


100% of newly built residential communities will be implemented.

Installation conditions of charging piles for fixed parking spaces

The 'Planning' proposes to moderately advance the construction of infrastructure. Taking Guangzhou as an opportunity to build the first batch of pilot cities for the coordinated development of smart city infrastructure and smart cars in China, we will speed up the overall planning of infrastructure construction needs of smart and new energy vehicles, and strive to build an advanced and complete infrastructure system.

Actively promote the residential charging service mode of intelligent and orderly slow charging, supplemented by emergency fast charging, and accelerate the formation of high-speed highways and urban and rural public charging networks with moderate advance fast charging and slow charging as the supplement. Explore the pilot promotion of 'unified construction and unified management, decentralized construction and unified management, orderly charging' mode in residential areas. Accelerate the construction of infrastructure service network for power exchange, and the number of power exchange stations will reach 400 by 2025. Encourage new energy automobile enterprises to build new fixed charging piles for consumers in their own or leased parking spaces. Encourage private charging piles to join public service networks such as 'Yangcheng Charging'. Accelerate the formulation of relevant regulations on the prohibition of non-charging vehicles in public charging parking spaces. Establish and improve the distribution mechanism of interests of relevant parties such as installation, operation, maintenance and renewal of charging piles, and encourage the sharing and utilization of charging piles in fixed parking spaces. During the 'Fourteenth Five-Year Plan' period, the newly-built residential communities will implement 100% fixed parking spaces to build charging piles or reserve the conditions for the construction and installation of charging piles.

At the same time, Guangzhou should accelerate the construction of hydrogen refueling stations. By 2025, the number of hydrogen refueling stations will exceed 50, and the terminal sales price of hydrogen for vehicles will be lower than that of 35 yuan/kg. Promote the demonstration construction and transformation of 'Smart Road', select qualified areas such as Guangzhou International Bio-Island and Nansha Qingsheng Hub Block, take the lead in implementing the intelligent transformation project of urban roads, accelerate the construction of intelligent road facilities integrating road perception, vehicle-road communication, edge calculation, end-to-end interconnection and multiple applications, and establish a new generation of comprehensive traffic operation coordination system based on 'vehicle-road coordination' to vigorously improve the intelligent level of urban roads.

Application scenario

Complete the motorization of cruise taxis in 2023.

For smart cars, road test and demonstration application are very necessary. The Plan proposes to strengthen the road test of smart cars and further enrich the demonstration application scenarios.

Specifically, Guangzhou will coordinate the construction of all kinds of closed test sites, and promote the staggered construction and linkage development of closed test sites such as Guangzhou Automobile Test Site, Nansha Test Site, Huadu Test Site and Zengcheng Test Site. Actively promote the application and demonstration of smart car autonomous driving in Huangpu, Nansha, Panyu, Huadu, Haizhu and other areas under different mixed environments. Explore high-speed road test.

Focusing on the direction of travel optimization, demonstration operation, etc., and focusing on designated areas and routes, the demonstration application of smart car operation will be carried out. Accelerate the demonstration operation of smart cars in closed areas such as airports and industrial parks, and promote the construction of application scenarios in areas such as urban shared cars, intelligent bus systems and intelligent road cleaning. Encourage smart car companies to cooperate with travel service companies to create application scenarios, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and innovate commercial operation modes.

Improve the application scale of new energy vehicles, vigorously promote the application of new energy vehicles in public areas such as official vehicles and rental (including network vehicles), sanitation, postal services, urban logistics and distribution, airports, ports, etc. By 2023, the motorization of cruise taxis will be fully completed.

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