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Why is the premium of new energy vehicles expensive when exclusive insurance is launched for more th

日期: 2022-03-08
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The exclusive insurance for new energy vehicles has been launched for more than two months. Compared with the previously insured motor vehicle commercial insurance, the response of new energy vehicle owners can be summarized in two words: expensive. Even if it is expensive, the attitude of some insurance companies towards new energy vehicles over 3 years old is 'it is better to miss each other than to meet each other'. Then, how much is the auto insurance premium of new energy vehicles more expensive than before? Why did it go up?

The general premium has increased by about 20%

The reporter saw in several insurance companies in our city that when they counted the insurance information, the commercial insurance for new energy vehicles and the commercial insurance for motor vehicles were not put on the same plate as before, but accounted separately. All hybrid vehicles and pure electric vehicles can only be insured exclusively for new energy vehicles.

Ms. He, who just finished the insurance formalities, said with her insurance policy that her car had not been insured once in the previous two years, but now she has changed to new energy vehicle insurance, and the premium has risen instead of falling. 'Last year, the commercial auto insurance was over 1,600 yuan, and now she has paid 1,975.46 yuan, up more than 300 yuan.' She drives a BYD's first smart version. The insurer on the side explained that it mainly rises in the car damage insurance. At present, the preferential coefficient of new energy vehicles is mostly 1 or even 1.1, which means that there is basically no preferential treatment, and it may go up, while traditional fuel vehicles can enjoy low discount. According to the observation of the person in charge of an insurance company in Huayuan Industrial Park, 'after the new energy vehicles are switched to new energy exclusive insurance, the premium has generally increased by about 20%.'

The premium difference between new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles with similar prices is also obvious. Car technology related people compared two cars, one is BYD e5, and the price after subsidizing 70,000 yuan is 129,900 yuan. The other is Sagitar 1.6L, which costs 131,800 yuan. The three risks of the two cars and the people's liability insurance premiums are the same, but the car damage insurance is nearly the same as that of 1000 yuan.

What is the change of Tesla premium with the highest attention among new energy vehicles? In Tianjin Wanggang Center of Tesla, a salesman of a resident insurance company told reporters that after the launch of new energy exclusive insurance, Tesla's bicycle premium increased by about 1000 yuan. Take Model Y as an example. Last year, the insured price of motor vehicle insurance for new cars was more than 6,000 yuan, and this year, the insured price of new energy exclusive insurance was more than 7,000 yuan. The reporter saw that Tesla owners on the Internet complained that the premium increased by 80% after changing to the exclusive insurance for new energy vehicles. 'Unless the accident happened last year, it is impossible. It is possible to generally increase by 20% to 30%. ' The insurance company salesman said.

Cause: risk rate and payout ratio

'There are reasons for the rise,' Three Electricity' and' Fire' are fully paid, and the underwriting liability has been expanded.' The person in charge of an insurance company in Tianjin High-tech Zone pointed to the Exclusive Terms of Commercial Insurance for New Energy Vehicles. The reporter saw that in terms of insurance liability, the new 'Articles' comprehensively covered the use scenarios of new energy vehicles, including parking, charging and operation status besides driving. At the same time, the 'Clause' clarifies that the liability scope of loss insurance for new energy vehicles includes direct losses of batteries and energy storage systems, motors and drive systems and other control systems caused by accidents (including fire and combustion). Additional insurance has also added the unique 'supporting facilities' guarantee for new energy vehicles, including exclusive additional insurance such as external power grid and self-use charging pile.

The main factors that affect the price of auto insurance are the risk rate and zero-to-zero ratio. 'Compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles are at a disadvantage in these two aspects.' The person in charge of an insurance company in our city explained that the acceleration of pure electric vehicles, whether starting from scratch or accelerating while traveling, is generally faster than that of fuel vehicles of the same level, which causes greater loss to the motor and requires drivers to have a stronger sense of safety. The insurance company is more worried about the car's spontaneous combustion or wading, resulting in damage to core components such as batteries and motors. These parts are expensive to repair, and they are basically replaced directly when there is a big problem. In addition, the electronic integration of vehicle-mounted equipment of new energy vehicles is high, and the price of spare parts and working hours for a single accident is generally higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles. The analysis report released by China Insurance Letter shows that the risk rate of domestic new energy vehicles is 11.7 percentage points higher than that of non-new energy vehicles, and that of payout ratio is 5.4 percentage points higher.

The reporter was also informed that at present, the insurance of new energy vehicles is basically calculated according to the price before subsidy. When a major accident or car is stolen or scrapped for some reason, it is paid according to the amount on the purchase invoice. That is to say, if you spend 120,000 yuan to buy a car of 180,000 yuan (the government subsidizes 60,000 yuan), you have to insure it according to the base of 180,000 yuan, and make a claim according to 120,000 yuan, so the premium caused by the insurance base of new energy vehicles and traditional fuel vehicles bought at the same price is also high or low.

At present, most insurance companies are 'it's not easy to love you' for new energy vehicles. In Tianjin, the insurance companies that underwrite Tesla are mainly Ping An, CPIC and PICC, and small and medium-sized insurance companies mainly refuse. In contrast, new energy vehicles with tens of thousands of dollars of low price are easier to insure.

New energy vehicles may be shut out when some insurance companies renew their insurance. A car owner in Tucki said that his car had been in good maintenance for three years, but several insurance companies didn't renew it, so he had to go to the largest insurance company to get what he wanted. An insurance industry insider explained that the depreciation rate of new energy vehicles is not well defined, and the potential risks increase with the age of the vehicles. 'The most important thing is that new energy vehicles have not accumulated enough risk data, and the pricing power of small and medium-sized insurance companies is a test.'

According to industry analysis, with the promotion of the 'double carbon' strategy, the growth of sales of new energy vehicles will inevitably lead to a surge in related premium income. Coupled with the continuous improvement of new energy vehicle product performance and the gradual decline of risk rate, insurance companies will gradually fall in love with new energy vehicles.

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