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ST: Transfer and increase, complete the change of real controller, and the company cuts into the new

日期: 2022-03-08
浏览次数: 4

A few days ago, CSI *ST Yinyi announced that the company had implemented the plan of transferring capital reserve fund into share ticket in the reorganization plan. After the transfer is completed, Jiaxing Zihe Jinxin Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) (hereinafter referred to as 'Zihe Jinxin') became the new controlling shareholder of Yinyi shares with 29.89% shareholding ratio.

According to industry insiders, the completion of this transfer announced that Yinyi shares will completely solve the historical problems left over from previous major shareholders, such as capital occupation, debt default, performance commitment, etc. The crisis that began in 2018 has finally been resolved, and this well-known large-scale real estate enterprise in Ningbo in the past will be on the road of rebirth.

In October 2020, Yinyi Co., Ltd. announced the Reorganization Plan, which determined that Zihe Jinxin was the reorganization investor of the company, with the total investment quotation of 3.2 billion yuan. By December 2021, Zihe Jinxin had paid all the investment of 3.2 billion yuan to the account of Yinyi stock manager. On February 28, 2022, Zihe Jinxin became the new controlling shareholder of Yinyi stock with a shareholding ratio of 29.89%, and the actual controller Ye Ji also became the new actual controller of Yinyi stock.

The whole restructuring process of Yinyi shares adopted the mode of 'serial transfer and increase', in which about 2.610 billion shares were transferred for the first time. After the transfer tickets allocated to the original controlling shareholders and their controlling shareholders were used to complete the performance compensation, 1.178 billion shares were transferred to the restructuring investors by the original controlling shareholders and their controlling shareholders to solve the problems left over from history, and 1.432 billion shares were distributed to other shareholders. In the second transfer, about 3.359 billion shares will be transferred by all shareholders, of which 1.810 billion shares will be used to introduce restructuring investors, and 1.549 billion shares will be used to pay off debts by means of debt-for-equity swaps.

According to industry insiders, after the completion of the above-mentioned 'serial increase', the problems of non-operating capital occupation and performance compensation performance of the original controlling shareholder and its related parties were completely solved. At the same time, the fundamentals of Yinyi shares will be fundamentally improved. After gradually recovering the ability of going concern and profitability, Yinyi shares held by all shareholders will return to the benign development track, and become truly valuable assets.

Tianyanchao shows that Zihe Jinxin is an equity investment partnership, which was established in August 2020 with a registered capital of 3.6 billion yuan. Its executive partner is Chiji Holding Group, and its actual controller is the post-80s Ningbo entrepreneur Ye Ji. In addition to Chiji Holding Group's investment of 1.25 billion yuan, Geely Maijie Investment Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Haili Huiyin Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) have invested 300 million yuan and 800 million yuan respectively, which belong to Geely Holding and Qingdao Haier respectively. In addition, Ningbo Yingong Venture Capital Partnership (Limited Partnership) contributed 900 million yuan, and this shareholder is under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Ningbo.

It is reported that Ye Ji, the real controller of Zihe Jinxin, has been elected as the chairman of Yinyi.

It is worth noting that in the process of compensating for the occupied funds in the early stage, the original controlling shareholder of Yinyi shares has transferred its 100% equity of Prisys to Yinyi shares, and the core asset of Prisys is 19.72% equity of Kangqiang Electronics. As a listed company, Kangqiang Electronics has attracted much attention in the business map of Yinyi Shares.

According to the announcement on February 18th, Kangqiang Electronics is also promoting the 'blood exchange' work of the board of directors. The board of directors of the company nominated seven candidates for the new term of directors, of which Ye Ji ranked first among the candidates. According to the data, Kangqiang Electronics is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production and sales of various semiconductor packaging materials, such as lead frames and bonding wires. In 2021, it is estimated that the net profit will be 175 million-200 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 99.02%-127.45%.

In addition, attention has been paid to Bang Qi Power of Yinyi Stock Flag, which is a world-renowned independent manufacturer of automatic transmission. In recent years, in addition to the original fist product CVT, the company has also actively deployed new energy products such as hybrid and pure electric.

Insiders pointed out that with the completion of this transfer, Yinyi shares, which are lightly loaded and re-started, have begun to be frequently laid out in the field of new energy vehicles. Its controlling shareholder Zihe Jinxin not only showed its ability of capital operation and resource integration to the outside world during the restructuring process, but also made forward-looking deployment in many related business areas of Yinyi shares. In the field of automobile chips, the Jiaxing Production City Semiconductor Industrial Park, built by Ye Ji's subsidiary with a total investment of 10.6 billion yuan, is expected to achieve business synergy with Kangqiang Electronics in the future.

According to industry insiders, Zihe Jinxin has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with automobile and technology giants such as Geely and Haier, relying on its own years of technology accumulation and customer reserve in electrification such as pure electricity and hybrid. In the future, Yinyi shares are expected to achieve performance growth in the field of new energy vehicles.

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