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On behalf of 13 proposals, Yin Tongyue suggested focusing on the integration of new energy vehicles

日期: 2022-03-04
浏览次数: 1

The fifth session of the 13th National People's Congress will be held in Beijing on March 5th.

At this conference, Yin Tongyue, deputy of the National People's Congress, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd., will put forward thirteen proposals based on in-depth practice and research of manufacturing industry. Among them, focusing on the development of new energy vehicles and international two-way trade, it puts forward some proposals, such as accelerating the integration of new energy vehicles into carbon trading management, promoting the rapid development of RV and campsite industry, promoting the revitalization of tourism and rural areas, accelerating the integration of ecological environment data platform, realizing 'two breakthroughs', including the raw materials of new energy vehicle power batteries into national strategic reserve resources, and maintaining the stable development of new energy vehicle industry. I hope to solve some problems in the development of automobile and related industries and promote the development of China's automobile industry.


Accelerate the integration of new energy vehicles into carbon trading management

To ensure the realization of the 'double carbon' goal, the state has included power generation, petrochemical, steel, nonferrous metals and other industries as key targets of carbon emission management, and enabled enterprises to fulfill their carbon emission obligations through the market-oriented means of national carbon trading arrangements. The automobile industry's promotion of new energy vehicles instead of fuel vehicles will effectively improve the carbon emissions in automobile use. Compared with traditional fuel passenger cars, the existing new energy passenger cars reduce carbon emissions by about 15 million tons every year in the use stage. At present, the automobile industry is not included in the key industries of carbon emission management because of the low carbon emissions in manufacturing. However, if we can consider the effectiveness of new energy vehicles in reducing carbon emissions in the use stage, we should actively encourage industry car factories to transform the production of new energy vehicles by means of carbon trading.


In this context, Yin Tongyue suggested:

First, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries and commissions focus on the effect of reducing carbon emissions of new energy vehicles in the use stage, and use it as a starting point to encourage traditional car factories to transform the production of new energy vehicles, so as to further expand the market scale of new energy vehicles.

Second, expand the scope of carbon trading industry to include the automobile industry, and let automobile enterprises participate in CCER to enter the carbon market for trading.

Third, encourage cross-industry enterprises to promote the realization of the national 'double carbon' goal through carbon market trading, and the automobile industry will benefit from cross-industry carbon trading to obtain the economic benefits of transforming new energy vehicle production.

Promote the rapid development of RV and campsite industry and promote tourism and rural revitalization.

RV tour in Europe and America is a very popular way of tourism and leisure vacation. In recent years, domestic RV tourism has gradually attracted people's attention and become a new hot spot and tourism growth point. The campsite combined with RV tour and go on road trip can effectively promote the development of self-driving camping industry, promote the construction of rural tourism and beautiful countryside, and promote the multi-directional development of urban and rural tourism economy while beautifying the natural environment. The RV camping industry is also in line with the national tourism development planning policy, and the RV tourism and camping industry in China in the future will be the next trillion-dollar industry.

However, at present, the scale and level of China's RV tourism industry is still in the initial stage. On the one hand, due to the policy of land use nature and land planning, there are few supporting RV campsites, the development of campsites is slow, and the problems of RV parking, after-sales service, replenishment and poor experience are outstanding, which are far from being as popular and convenient as gas stations in European and American markets. On the other hand, the RV rental market also needs to be developed urgently, and it is urgent to strengthen overall planning and normative guidance.


In this context, Yin Tongyue suggested:

I. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism strengthens the development planning of campsites and RV rental industry, and vigorously promotes the development of RV campsites and RV rental industry from the industrial policy.

Two, make full use of idle resources, flexible planning of camping industry land.

Third, encourage social capital to actively invest in RV camp construction and RV rental industry. Encourage RV camps to develop in combination with scenic spots, farmhouses, folk villages, pastoral complexes and characteristic towns.

Fourth, guide RV tourism enterprises to become stronger and better, support advantageous enterprises, advantageous brands and advantageous projects, and support to build a number of well-known enterprises with international competitiveness and independent brands with international influence.

Accelerate the integration of ecological environment data platform and realize the 'two openings'

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the status and role of big data in promoting the construction of ecological civilization, and demand to promote the construction of big data in ecological environment and introduce big data supervision. The Ministry of Environment has built a number of eco-environmental data platforms. At present, the key pollutant discharge units or pollutant discharge permit key and simplified management units use ecological environment platforms or systems of many countries, provinces and cities, which are independently dispersed in different levels of ecological environment supervision departments, and government supervision departments and enterprises at all levels cannot grasp the overall picture of environmental management through one platform.


In this context, Yin Tongyue suggested:

1. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment accelerates the integration of ecological environment data platforms to realize 'two openings': opening up the horizontal data platforms of various departments of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, integrating and sharing data, and making data analysis and decision-making; Open up the data platforms of the competent departments of ecological environment at all levels vertically, and open the system ports and data docking authority to the collectivized enterprises and key pollutant discharge units that develop the environmental protection management platforms, so as to provide strong support for the realization of the objectives of the 14th Five-Year Plan through the cooperation between government and enterprises.

Second, give priority to the integration of systems and platforms with high frequency of use, such as the information platform of pollutant discharge permit management, automatic monitoring and basic data system of key pollutant discharge units, solid waste management information system, and self-monitoring information release platform of pollutant discharge units, etc. When mature, all systems can be promoted and integrated, so as to realize unified entrance reporting of the same enterprise.

Incorporate new energy vehicle power battery raw materials into national strategic reserve resources to maintain the stable development of new energy vehicle industry.

With the increasing popularity of the new energy vehicle track, the demand for new energy vehicle power batteries is naturally rising. According to the data released by EV Volumes, in 2021, compared with the same period of last year, the installed capacity of automotive power batteries in the world achieved a substantial increase, which made the shortage of battery supply more and more severe, and the cost increased substantially. At the same time, it also linked to the shortage of upstream raw materials and their mineral resources, which became the bottleneck of new energy development.

SNE Research, an emerging energy market research organization in South Korea, predicts that by 2023, the global demand for power batteries for electric vehicles will reach 477GWH, while the supply gap of power batteries will be about 18%. In 2025, the market demand will increase to 1400Gwh, and this gap will be expanded to about 40%. Core materials such as nickel, cobalt and lithium needed to manufacture power batteries are scarce resources, which are heavily dependent on imports. Due to the vigorous development of domestic new energy abroad, these resources are gradually controlled.


In this context, Yin Tongyue suggested:

The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ministries and commissions have formulated policies to bring new energy power battery materials into the management of national strategic reserve resources, set up special funds to support and encourage domestic enterprises to purchase foreign battery materials resources to ensure the safety of the supply chain of new energy vehicles.

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