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After more than ten years of intensive cultivation in the field of small power lithium batteries, Ti

日期: 2022-03-01
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According to the announcement of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on February 18th, Xinxiang Tianli Lithium Energy Co., Ltd., which focuses on the field of small power lithium batteries, will accept the initial audit of the GEM Municipal Committee today.

Connecting a number of well-known customers in various industries and new areas will bring incremental performance space.

According to public information, Tianli Lithium Energy is a high-tech enterprise with independent R&D and innovation capability, mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales of ternary materials and precursors of lithium batteries. Now, the company has the integrated R&D and production capacity of ternary materials and their precursors, and its product range is rich, covering almost all types of ternary materials.

After more than ten years' deep cultivation in the field of small power lithium batteries, Tianli Lithium has formed good cooperative relations with many well-known lithium battery companies in the upstream and downstream areas, and established cooperative relations with well-known suppliers such as Huayou Cobalt, Tianqi Lithium, Ganfeng Lithium and MCC Ruimu. The downstream customers cover well-known domestic lithium battery companies such as Xingheng Power Supply, Tianneng, Changhong New Energy, Haisida, Hengdian East Magnetic and Sunshine Power Supply. In the field of ternary materials for electric bicycles and power tool lithium batteries, the company's related product shipments ranked first in the industry in 2019 and 2020.

In addition, with the downstream small power lithium battery customers cutting into the field of new energy vehicles, some of the company's products also entered the field of new energy vehicles, and supplied to key customers including Xingheng Power Supply, AVIC Lithium Battery, Penghui Energy, etc., which has formed a certain scale.

According to the prospectus data, from 2018 to the first half of 2021, the company's main business income was 906,641,500 yuan, 990,221,200 yuan, 1,234,475,500 yuan and 692,573,400 yuan respectively, with a compound growth rate of 16.69% from 2018 to 2020. Benefiting from the continuous promotion of new energy products and the improvement of market acceptance and demand, it is expected that the company's main business income will continue to maintain rapid growth.


Raising projects to comprehensively enhance core competitiveness, productivity and core technology go hand in hand

This time, Tianli Lithium intends to publicly issue no more than 30.5 million shares, and plans to raise 836,456,600 yuan. It is planned to be used in Huaibei Sanyuan cathode material construction project and Xinxiang Sanyuan cathode material construction project, which is closely related to the company's main business and core technology.

According to the GGII forecast, the future market shipment of ternary cathode materials will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 21.5%, reaching 620,000 tons/year in 2025. Therefore, the products of Tianli Lithium Energy's fund-raising project mainly focus on high nickel ternary materials, and the production line design and product planning are the production requirements of ternary materials compatible with new energy vehicles. After the project is put into operation, on the basis of the existing production capacity, the company can increase the production capacity of high nickel ternary materials with an annual output of 13,600 tons, greatly improve the overall production capacity of the company, further enrich the product structure of the company, and conform to the future development trend of the industry.

With the higher requirements of power battery for energy density, cycle life and comprehensive cost, high nickel ternary materials have gradually become the development trend of the industry with its advantages of high energy density and long cycle life. The requirements in preparation process, equipment and production environment are also higher than those of conventional ternary cathode materials, which are high-end products in the field of ternary materials and have a high technical threshold. After the project is put into operation, the company's core technology level will be further improved, and its industry position and market competitiveness are expected to be further stabilized.

Tianli LiNeng said that it will continue to expand its production capacity on the basis of existing production capacity combined with market conditions, provide a solid production capacity base for the development of major customers, and strive for the continuous growth of sales in the next three years; Constantly optimize the customer structure and product structure to enhance the company's comprehensive profitability. In addition, the company also continues to increase investment in scientific research, continuously innovate in science and technology, continuously introduce industry experts and innovative talents, achieve breakthroughs in key technologies, and turn the enterprise into a specialized lithium battery ternary material industrialization base.

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