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Putian: the project enables "new energy" with full power

日期: 2022-02-25
浏览次数: 2

According to the data, the output value of Putian new energy industry reached 32.335 billion yuan in 2021, with a year-on-year increase of 20%, becoming a major growth pole of the city's economy.

In recent years, Putian has made use of good marine resources to attract new projects such as LNG terminal and offshore wind power. At the same time, taking the opportunity of creating a national innovation demonstration zone for new energy industry, Putian has introduced good projects around the whole solar photovoltaic industry chain, danced the leading and cast the chain, and gradually formed the development trend of industrial agglomeration from point to line and then to surface.

'At present, the installed capacity of wind power has been put into operation, accounting for 33.8% of the province's total, and the first LNG terminal in the province has been built, which can mass produce world-class HDT high-efficiency heterojunction solar cells...' not long ago, at the Putian private economy and industrial development conference, Putian Mayor Lin Xuyang said that the next step will focus on photovoltaic, offshore wind power and new energy storage, Strive to exceed 50 billion yuan in output value in 2026.


Attract new projects and layout new development

On February 16, the national development and Reform Commission announced that it agreed to build Hanas Putian LNG terminal project. After years of docking, negotiation and operation by various forces, the project finally settled in Dongwu port area of Meizhou Bay Port in Putian.

It is understood that the annual receiving capacity of Hanas Putian LNG terminal can reach 5.65 million tons. It is necessary to build a special LNG berth, two 200000 m3 LNG storage tanks, as well as supporting processes, utilities and auxiliary engineering facilities.

With the advantages of Meizhou Bay and Putian Bay, the port area of Putian has three advantages. 'The company's location here is precisely the superior comprehensive conditions here. It can not only build deep-water berths, but also have a mature transportation collection and distribution system.' Chen Zhijie, the project manager, said that under the background of 'double carbon', the terminal will further improve the natural gas supply and storage capacity of our province and surrounding areas, promote regional economic and social development and energy structure optimization, and improve the quality of atmospheric environment.

'Natural gas is a high-quality low-carbon energy. After low-temperature treatment, it becomes liquid.' Liu Dianmin, deputy general manager of Putian Hanas LNG Co., Ltd., the project owner, said that taking the project as the leader, it will expand and extend relevant industrial chains in the future, mainly in cold energy utilization, natural gas power generation and natural gas chemical industry, so as to help local industrial transformation and upgrading and the coordinated development of ports, industries and cities.

Previously, Putian has built the first LNG terminal in the province, namely Fujian LNG terminal. The terminal is located in Xiuyu port area of Meizhou Bay Port in Putian, adjacent to Dongwu port area.

Up to now, Fujian LNG terminal has six 160000 m3 LNG storage tanks, making it the largest LNG terminal in China with an annual receiving capacity of 6.3 million tons. In addition, 372km long-distance natural gas pipeline has been built at the terminal.

'Compared with coal, oil and other energy sources, the carbon dioxide produced by natural gas during combustion can be reduced by 50% to 60%, nitrogen oxides by 80% to 90% and sulfur oxides by 100%.' Li Linping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of CNOOC Fujian Natural Gas Co., Ltd., said that Fujian LNG industrial park has become China's first energy-saving and environmental protection demonstration park built by using LNG cold energy.


Do great projects and build a good industrial chain

'After the technical transformation, the actual annual production capacity of the production line put into operation in the early stage exceeds 700MW. This year, the 2gw mass production project of ultra-efficient heterojunction solar energy will start construction.' Zhang maobin, general manager of Fujian Juneng Power Co., Ltd., said, 'through independent research and development, we have mastered the industry-leading technology for the production of heterojunction photovoltaic cells. The average photoelectric conversion efficiency of module products has exceeded 20%, and has been applied to central enterprise projects, as well as roof projects of enterprise plants and other fields.'

Fujian Juneng Power Co., Ltd. is located in Putian Hanjiang Binhai Industrial new area. It is the leading enterprise in Putian to create a national new energy industry innovation demonstration zone. It takes the lead in implementing heterojunction photovoltaic cell project in the core area.

'Due to technological reasons, the cost of raw materials required is indeed higher, and the market price of products is also relatively higher.' Zhang maobin said that with the continuous deepening of research and development, the technology is becoming more and more mature, and the cost of raw materials will be reduced accordingly. However, the key is the volume. 'Only when the volume increases, can we attract more upstream and downstream projects to land. Through the industrial agglomeration effect, can we greatly reduce the comprehensive cost.'

'It is not easy to be approved to establish a national innovation demonstration zone for new energy industry. The opportunity is rare, and we cherish it.' Wu Jun, chief of the system reform section of Putian development and Reform Commission, said that 32 major new energy projects were planned last year, including heterojunction photovoltaic cell production, production line equipment manufacturing, upstream raw materials, etc.

Putian has also made new achievements in the terminal application of photovoltaic cell products. Last September, the city's first fishing light complementary centralized photovoltaic power generation pilot project entered the provincial development and Reform Commission's pilot list of centralized photovoltaic projects in 2021. The project is located in Sanjiangkou Town, Hanjiang District. It is planned to build an installed capacity of 30MW in the beach breeding area.

'Putian City's annual average sunshine hours are within 1200 hours. Based on this calculation, the annual power generation can be obtained.' Cai Haiqing, deputy general manager of Putian Zhenxing rural New Energy Co., Ltd., who is in charge of the project, said, 'we have completed the project filing and are carrying out some preliminary preparations. At that time, we will find suitable photovoltaic cell manufacturers through public bidding.'

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