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Tax power behind liuchan new energy vehicles

日期: 2022-02-23
浏览次数: 1

During the '14th five year plan' period, Liuzhou, Guangxi is committed to building the new energy vehicle industry into the main engine of industrial upgrading, driving the continuous acceleration of the construction of the social ecosystem of 'new energy vehicle +'. New energy vehicles stand at the 'tuyere' of the industrial revolution of the times and fly on the road of transformation and upgrading. Liuzhou new energy vehicle industry is also continuously driven by tax incentives.


Tax preference 'increases the foundation' for innovation

In 2021, liuchan new energy vehicles were frequently 'out of the circle', and a number of liuchan new energy vehicle brands rose strongly. Major automobile enterprises continued to increase investment in the research and development of new energy vehicles, actively seeking opportunities in the fierce market competition and winning the market.


Innovation originates from demand, and policies stimulate vitality. Behind the high-intensity R & D investment, a series of tax preferential policy dividends such as R & D expenses plus deduction and export tax rebate provide strong financial support for new energy vehicle enterprises to strengthen product R & D and scientific and technological innovation.


It is understood that in 2021, the gsev high-performance power battery system of SAIC GM Wuling, the leader of new energy vehicles, was the first in the industry to define standardized cells and set a new benchmark in the industry. More than 8 million domestic 'Wuling chips' were applied to SAIC GM Wuling products to effectively alleviate the shortage of 'cores', create an intelligent micro power station and solve the 'mileage anxiety' of travel, The launch of a new generation of hydrogen fuel electric trial production vehicle has made another breakthrough in the core technology of vehicle fuel cell system integration, and realized the double improvement of innovation subject scale and energy level.


Li Chen, financial officer of SAIC GM Wuling, said: 'The road of innovation and breakthrough is inseparable from the escort of the tax department. Working capital is the key to the continuous R & D and stable production of the enterprise. In 2021, with the help of the tax department, the company enjoyed nearly 1.07 billion yuan of tax reduction and fee reduction policies, including about 300 million yuan of R & D expenses plus tax deduction. The preferential tax policies give us more confidence in innovation and R & D , the pace is more stable. '


Efficient service 'adds impetus' to export

Thanks to a series of large-scale tax cuts and fee reductions, the pace of 'going global' of liuchan new energy vehicles has also been accelerated, and the export performance is also excellent.


Behind the 'going global' of enterprises, Liuzhou tax department closely followed the strategic deployment of the municipal government for the development of new energy vehicles, established and improved the tax service policy system and service system for the development of new energy vehicle industry, and carried out the publicity and guidance of 'one household, one enterprise and one policy' overseas tax policies by setting up special tax rebate posts, providing enterprise commissioners and online zero time difference communication, Enrich the export declaration channels of enterprises, simplify the tax rebate materials, reduce the duration of export tax rebate, and open green service channels such as 'special affairs' and 'urgent affairs' to help the new energy vehicle industry enter the 'export highway'.


'The service team of the tax department has come to the enterprise many times to investigate and solve difficult and miscellaneous problems, and provide us with all-round policy guidance and all-channel convenient tax services.' Xu Shasha, a staff member of SAIC GM Wuling tax rebate, said that under the special guidance of the tax department, the company actually received a 610 million yuan red envelope of export tax rebate in 2021.


Data pulse for the 'strong strength' of the industrial chain

In recent years, the tax department of Liuzhou city has given full play to the advantages of big tax data. More than 10 tax data analysis reports accurately depict enterprise portraits, form a dynamic enterprise database, and the precise investment promotion suggestions of 'for fixed Recruitment', which have been highly affirmed and praised by the leaders of the autonomous region and Liuzhou city and the main leaders of the government, providing important help for the implementation of precise investment promotion in Liuzhou city, Help the local automobile manufacturing industry supplement, strengthen and extend the chain.


With the development of Liuzhou's new energy model, the city has gathered more than 100 main engine factories and parts enterprises. Liuzhou tax department also continued to strengthen the deep-seated application of tax big data in the fields of supporting decision-making, supporting enterprises and serving macroeconomic development. It connected with investment attracting enterprises at the first time and actively provided high-quality tax services to help enterprises take root and speed up their life in Liuzhou.


'As soon as the company settled in Liuzhou, it received the attention of the tax department. The tax department not only sent special personnel to guide the enterprise in handling the start-up matters, but also pushed the preferential tax policies for the first time, so that the enterprise can enjoy the dividends in time.' Xie Xiangping, general manager of Liuzhou GuoXuan Battery Co., Ltd.


Liuzhou GuoXuan Battery Co., Ltd. carries out in-depth cooperation with local automobile enterprises in the field of battery life cycle utilization, and closely cooperates with upstream and downstream industries to form a new energy automobile industry cluster. 'To achieve such good results, we need the real gold and silver support of the tax department,' said Wang Xuan, financial director of Liuzhou GuoXuan Battery Co., Ltd, 'In January this year, the tax department told us that we can enjoy the enterprise income tax policy of western development. It is expected that the trial production in 2021 will reduce or exempt the enterprise income tax by 1.6 million yuan, which can be said to be a strong booster for our business development.'


2022 will be a year for the transformation of global energy structure and the continuous deepening of China's 'double carbon' goal. Liuzhou tax department will give full play to the leverage of green tax system, continue to play the 'two hands' of policies and services, open up the 'green channel' for the innovative development of new energy vehicle enterprises, and help build Liuzhou modern new energy vehicle industry system.

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