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Let new energy vehicles travel without "mileage anxiety"

日期: 2022-02-18
浏览次数: 1

In recent years, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, there are more and more new energy vehicles in the city. In order to better meet the 'rigid demand' of electric vehicle charging, Nantong city listed the 'construction of 300 public charging facilities' as a private practical project last year. On the 13th, it was learned from the Municipal Transportation Bureau that by the end of 2021, Nantong had built 53 public charging stations for new energy vehicles and 468 public charging piles, all of which were put into operation, exceeding the construction task.


Early on the morning of the 13th, Mr. Mao, the owner of online shopping from Rugao, came to the charging station of Nantong traffic investment group near Shimao square in the Municipal Economic and Technological Development Zone to charge his car. 'I received a business order from Rugao to Nantong Development Zone in the morning. I came here to make up for electricity. There are not only toilets, but also air conditioning and hot water. It's very considerate.' More and more public energy facilities, and the car charging environment is getting better and better. 'We use big data to plan and build 'accurate portraits' for charging piles, select the best from the best of 11 alternative locations, and finally determine five locations as the construction sites of the first batch of public charging piles, so as to make the construction of charging piles move from' simple and extensive 'to' intensive cultivation '. All charging facilities apply the two-layer safety protection technology developed by teday new energy Co., Ltd The data protection layer and CMS (charging management system) active protection layer monitor and analyze the dimensions such as battery temperature, voltage and heating speed during charging.

Once abnormal data is found, it will give early warning and take the initiative to cut off power, which can effectively prevent and reduce vehicle burning accidents during charging of new energy vehicles and ensure charging safety. ' As the main unit of Nantong new energy vehicle charging and power exchange operation, the relevant person in charge of Nantong smart charging network technology Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Nantong Trading and investment group and teltel, said.


In recent years, the number of new energy vehicles has increased explosively. By the end of last year, the number of electric vehicles in the central urban area of Nantong had reached 15000, and the problem of easy to buy and difficult to charge has become increasingly prominent. In order to solve the people's livelihood pain points such as the shortage of public charging facilities and the difficulties in building self use charging facilities in old communities, and completely open the 'last kilometer' of new energy charging, Nantong continued to strengthen the construction of new energy public charging piles. During the 13th Five Year Plan Period, the number of public charging facilities in Nantong urban area increased by more than 2300, with an average annual growth rate of about 34.9%.


At the end of 2021, the Municipal Transportation Bureau led and cooperated with Nantong traffic investment group to prepare the layout plan of charging and replacing infrastructure for new energy vehicles in Nantong during the 14th five year plan, which was the first in the province to be issued and implemented by the municipal government office, focusing on encrypting the public charging infrastructure network and shortening the service radius. By 2025, it is planned to lay out about 15000 public charging piles in the central urban area of Nantong, and gradually build a service network of public charging facilities with a maximum service radius of no more than 1.5km, so as to make charging as convenient as refueling.


In the next step, Nantong will strengthen investment management to improve the supporting facilities, supporting services, station management, operation and maintenance of the charging station; In combination with the reconstruction project of the old community, the public space will be further released, the charging parking space will be expanded, and the construction of parking space charging facilities in the old community will be promoted according to local conditions through public area re planning, banning private parking spaces and adjusting internal roads, so as to meet the charging demand of electric vehicles and effectively alleviate the problems of parking and charging in the old community.

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