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The local two sessions listed the layout of new energy and accelerated the expansion

日期: 2022-01-28
浏览次数: 1

On the afternoon of January 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held the 36th collective study on striving to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. The reporter of economic information daily noted that at the recent intensive local two sessions, 'double carbon' and green low-carbon development have become one of the highlights of the work of many places in 2022. According to the target list listed in the government work report, the layout of new energy will accelerate the expansion. Wind power generation, new energy vehicles, energy storage hydrogen energy, UHV and charging piles have become popular tracks, ushering in huge market space and high growth of relevant industrial chains.

Green and low-carbon development path emerges

The 14th Five Year Plan period is a key period for the implementation of the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. How to better promote the 'double carbon' work in 2022? The reporter of economic information daily found that as of January 26, most of the published work reports of 30 provincial, autonomous regional and municipal governments listed green and low-carbon development as one of the key tasks in 2022, and defined the specific implementation path.

The primary task is to further improve the policy system. For example, Jiangxi clearly improves the '1 + n' policy system of carbon peak carbon neutralization and resolutely curbs the blind development of 'two high' projects. Guangdong said that it would vigorously promote the green and low-carbon transformation and formulate the implementation opinions and implementation plan of carbon peak neutralization. Sichuan will strictly implement the national 'double carbon' policy, implement the 'ten actions to reach the peak of carbon' and promote the pilot construction of near zero carbon emission.

It is imperative to promote the energy revolution and industrial optimization and upgrading. Guangdong has made it clear that it will accelerate the improvement of the energy supply guarantee system in 2022. Promote the adjustment of energy structure, vigorously develop clean energy, promote the efficient utilization of energy, and create conditions to realize the transformation from 'double control' of energy consumption to 'double control' of total carbon emission and intensity as soon as possible.

Shanghai plans to eliminate 500 backward production capacity, promote the energy-saving technological transformation of 500 key energy consuming enterprises, and add 50 green manufacturing enterprises. Guangxi has thoroughly implemented the energy-saving transformation of six high energy consuming industries, accelerated the construction of five national resource comprehensive utilization bases such as Fangchenggang, Guigang, Wuzhou, Baise and Yulin and Wuzhou national green industry demonstration base, and created more than three green parks and more than 20 green factories.

'For different provinces, the advantages that can be brought into play in the process of carbon neutralization are quite different. We should grasp the two wheel drive of the market and the government under the background of adhering to the national overall planning.' Sun Chuanwang, Professor of China energy economy research center of Xiamen University, said.

List new energy development in more places

It is worth noting that energy is the main battlefield to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization. While promoting the transformation of energy conservation and carbon reduction of traditional energy sources such as coal and electricity, in 2022, many places put the promotion of new energy and clean energy development in a more prominent position, and put forward a series of measures, such as building a solar hydrogen storage industry group, developing and expanding the new energy automobile industry, promoting the development of power battery industry and so on.

Henan proposes to increase the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation by more than 4.5 million KW. It is planned to build Zhengbian Luopu hydrogen energy corridor and accelerate the R & D and integrated layout of the whole hydrogen energy industry chain. At the end of the 14th five year plan, the output of passenger cars reached 3 million, new energy vehicles accounted for more than 30%, and the industrial scale reached 500 billion yuan.

Shanghai made it clear that the construction of Minhang gas turbine, offshore wind power and other projects should be accelerated in 2022, with a new photovoltaic installed capacity of 300000 kW. 3000 new energy buses will be put into operation, and the standardized transformation of shore power of inland river berths will be fully completed. Zhejiang started the construction of 7 million kilowatts of clean thermal power and 1 million kilowatts of new energy storage projects, with more than 4 million kilowatts of wind and solar power installed.

Shaanxi will vigorously develop renewable energy such as photovoltaic, wind energy and biomass energy, accelerate the construction of three new energy base projects from northern Shaanxi to Hubei, Shenfu and Weinan, and promote the implementation of pumped storage power stations and hydrogen energy demonstration projects.

Sichuan focuses on the clean energy industry, accelerates the complementary and integrated development of water, wind, phosgene and hydrogen, actively promotes the construction of 'Three Rivers' hydropower base, Liangshan wind power base and 'three states and one city' photovoltaic power base, and supports the development of hydrogen energy. Vigorously develop Germany into a high-end energy equipment industry cluster. Implement the 'electric Sichuan' action plan, promote the development and growth of power battery industry, and promote the upgrading of new energy vehicle industry.

In line with this, the construction of infrastructure such as power grid and charging pile has also been included in the government work reports of many places. Sichuan has made it clear to accelerate the 1000 kV AC power transmission projects of Ganzi Tianfu South Chengdu East and ABA Chengdu East. Guangdong proposes to speed up the construction of digital power grid; Accelerate the construction of power grid projects such as the second transmission channel in western Guangdong, and promote the preliminary work of UHV DC projects from Southeast Tibet to Dawan district.

Jiangxi will implement actions such as new energy vehicles going to the countryside in 2022 to realize full coverage of charging piles in expressway service areas. Shanghai has promoted the construction of electric vehicle charging and replacement facilities and added 10000 public charging piles.

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