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The long-distance new energy double trailer train was launched in China

日期: 2022-01-20
浏览次数: 1

Recently, long-distance automobile and China Railway intermodal released a new energy double trailer train. As a comprehensive service provider of smart green transport capacity technology, the move of remote automobile conforms to the direction of realizing high-quality development and Reform in the field of road transportation of the Ministry of communications, and actively contributes to the construction of a transportation power.

It is reported that the double car train is to improve the actual efficiency of road transportation and realize the demonstration application project of multi car train carried out by the transportation power.

In September 2021, the Highway Science Research Institute of the Ministry of transport, together with the Jinzhong government, focused on multi car trains and jointly carried out the pilot project of 'research and demonstration application of complete technology of efficient road freight transportation equipment' to build a transportation power, so as to promote the formulation of relevant standards, policies and regulations for the application of multi car trains in China and help the high-quality development of road transportation equipment and transportation mode.

In December 2021, the signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement for the pilot project of key technical equipment research and development and demonstration application of safe and efficient transportation of operating vehicles of Jinzhong Municipal People's Government of Shanxi Province and the Highway Research Institute of the Ministry of transport was held in Beijing. According to the agreement, the two sides will conduct pilot tests on relevant regional roads in Jinzhong City, promote the research on the evaluation technical standards of modular multi-trailer trains, and provide support for improving the logistics efficiency of multimodal transport, reducing logistics costs, realizing 'carbon peak and carbon neutralization' as soon as possible, and accelerating the construction of a transportation power.

In November 2021, long-distance automobile and China Railway intermodal signed a cooperation agreement to jointly carry out the pilot project of double trailer train. In this cooperation, the two sides will invest tens of thousands of double trailer container special vehicles powered by methanol, methanol range extension and pure electricity for electricity based on the CRMT multimodal transport system of China Railway intermodal transport in line with international general standards. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out pilot cooperation in Jinzhong in the early stage and gradually cover the whole country in the later stage.

The cooperation between long-distance automobile and China Railway intermodal transport in Jinzhong gives full play to the advantages of 1 + n layout of long-distance automobile. Focusing on Shanxi Jinzhong vehicle manufacturing base of long-distance automobile, it integrates methanol powered commercial vehicle technology and local methanol industry, realizes the complementary relationship of mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, and meets the economic and low-carbon requirements of commercial vehicles.

There are three types of special container double Trailer trains built by long-distance automobile and China Railway intermodal transportation: 18m nine axle model, 22m nine axle model and 22m six axle model. The 18m model can carry two 20ft standard containers; The 22 meter model can carry 1 20 foot + 1 40 foot standard container. The long-distance methanol double trailer train can be matched with the railway X5 multimodal transport vehicle, and can carry out drop trailer transportation independently, which greatly improves the land transportation efficiency.

In terms of power, the remote double car train is equipped with 13L methanol power independently developed by the remote car. In the future, it will also be equipped with a variety of new energy power such as methanol range extension and pure electric power conversion. The whole vehicle is composed of tractor + connecting semi-trailer + semi-trailer. The maximum total mass is 73 tons, and the transportation efficiency is greatly improved.

In terms of vehicle configuration, the remote methanol double car train integrates various intelligent technologies, and is equipped with rich safety configurations such as ESC body electronic stability control system, AEBS automatic emergency braking system, blind area monitoring system, LDW lane departure warning system, FCW front collision warning system, LED headlights and high-strength body, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of double car train. The full floating suspension of the cab, sufficient storage space, through flat floor, comfortable sleeper and other household design bring a comfortable driving experience; 450mm bumper height, increased approach angle and ground clearance, which can adapt to more complex working conditions.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the double trailer train launched by remote vehicle this time adopts the power system with green methanol as fuel. Different from traditional methanol energy, green methanol comes from the combination of carbon dioxide capture technology and hydrogen, which can completely realize net zero carbon emission from preparation to application. Therefore, green methanol is also known as 'liquid hydrogen'. It has convenient storage and transportation, rich resources and wide uses. It is the only way for carbon neutralization recognized globally and has great strategic value in China.

Geely has been deeply engaged in the field of methanol for 17 years, and has developed a variety of methanol passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. On the energy side, the industrialization of liquid hydrogen and green methanol preparation has also been laid out for remote vehicles.

The analysis points out that long-distance vehicles will open up a new green methanol track in the field of new energy commercial vehicles, which will become an important way for commercial vehicles to achieve carbon neutralization in the future. The long-distance vehicle is the technical route of highway commercial vehicles with liquid hydrogen green methanol power and electric drive power as the core, and the new energy power represented by methanol and pure electricity is used to build double Trailer trains. It is a combination of the advantages of new energy commercial vehicles and multi Trailer trains, and promotes the development of low-carbon and high-efficiency transportation capacity.


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