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Rational view of "premium anxiety" of new energy vehicles

日期: 2022-01-14
浏览次数: 1

At the end of 2021, the exclusive new energy vehicle insurance products of 12 property insurance companies were launched on the new energy vehicle insurance trading platform of Shanghai insurance exchange. Subsequently, Tesla's premium rose by 80%, the premium of new energy vehicles was 'one price a day', and the saved fuel cost of new energy vehicles was insured, which rushed to the hot search successively. Many consumers have just alleviated their 'mileage anxiety' about new energy vehicles and fell into 'premium anxiety'.

However, a media survey found that the premium changes of different models of new energy vehicles actually rose and fell, but 'one price a day' is really exaggerated. With the increasing market share of new energy vehicles, the change of premium is related to the 'money bag' of consumers. As a pillar insurance in property insurance, the price and product iteration are also related to the performance statements of insurance companies. The price changes of new energy vehicle insurance can not be generalized. Only by comprehensively analyzing the development of the industry can we clarify the relationship between them.

First of all, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has brought challenges to the accurate pricing of insurance. Taking the battery system as an example, the range of new energy vehicles in the early stage of listing was about 200 kilometers, and now the range generally exceeds 400 kilometers. The rapid increase of battery energy density ratio tests the pricing model. In the limited data samples, it is difficult to achieve accurate pricing. In addition, although the production and sales of new energy vehicles have continued to grow at a high speed, the market share has just exceeded 10%. Compared with the development history of traditional fuel vehicles for more than 100 years, the amount of accumulated precipitation data is still very limited, which affects the scientificity and accuracy of new energy vehicle insurance pricing.

Secondly, the auto insurance rate and price should reflect the risk status of the insured vehicles. In terms of accident frequency, according to the statistics of China bancassurance, from 2016 to the first half of 2020, the overall accident frequency of new energy vehicles is 3.6% higher than that of non new energy vehicles, and the accident rate of household new energy vehicles is 9.3% higher than that of non new energy vehicles. For the same new energy vehicles, the accident rates of different models are also different. At present, the loss ratio of new energy vehicle insurance is close to 85%, and the industry is facing great underwriting loss pressure. How to find a balance between meeting consumer demand and product profit is testing the operation and management ability of insurance companies.

Thirdly, there are great differences between new energy vehicle insurance and fuel vehicle insurance. It is not scientific to compare the premium price alone. The new energy vehicle insurance products launched this time are exclusive products developed according to the new demonstration terms and rate table. The guarantee responsibility of new products not only includes the 'three electricity' system of the vehicle, but also extends to the loss of charging pile, power grid failure, etc., while the guarantee responsibility of fuel vehicle insurance focuses on traditional components such as engine and gearbox.

Finally, novel coronavirus pneumonia affected the supply of some spare parts, and the prices of imported parts were higher. This will increase the cost of vehicle maintenance. Insurance companies must consider these factors when pricing, so it will also bring the price fluctuation of vehicle insurance.

In fact, the exclusive insurance for new energy vehicles has been on-line for less than half a month. The total time from terms to rates to the launch of products is less than one year, and it is still a 'novice on the road'. However, as long as it takes time, novices will grow into veterans and contribute to the high-quality development of China's insurance market.


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