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With the power of energy accumulation and revitalization -- the development of new energy industry i

日期: 2022-01-11
浏览次数: 2

In the main control room of phase II of Datang Xiangyang wind farm in Baicheng area, the operation team leader Wang he is monitoring and recording the operation status of the fan.

With the successful completion of the phase II wind power project of the power plant, the installed capacity of new energy in Jilin Province has exceeded 10 million KW, and solid steps have been taken in the development of new energy industry.

There are abundant wind and solar energy resources. As early as more than ten years ago, the western region of Jilin Province was approved to build one of the first seven ten million kW wind power bases in China.

How to transform resource advantages into industrial advantages? In recent years, Jilin Province has steadily promoted the development and utilization of new energy represented by wind energy, solar energy and biomass energy, driven the development of new energy equipment manufacturing industry, and realized the mutual promotion of resource development and equipment manufacturing.

In the first year of the 14th five year plan, the development of new energy industry in Jilin Province has been making continuous efforts——

The high-quality development strategy of 'one main and six double' proposes to build a national clean energy base in the West;

The construction of 'land scenery Three Gorges' project in Jilin Province was fully started;

Introduce more than ten enterprises to participate in the construction of new energy equipment manufacturing industrial chain in the province.

These measures undoubtedly add another 'fire' to the vigorous development of new energy industry in Jilin Province.

The reporter learned from the provincial energy bureau that to vigorously develop the new energy industry, Jilin Province will combine the regional development strategy of 'three plates' in the East, central and western regions and the high-quality development strategy of 'one master and six pairs' to create three plates for new energy development——

The western region will focus on the development of scenery resources, create 'land scenery Three Gorges' and form a green energy production area. Central China will focus on developing biomass energy and decentralized scenery resources to form a low-carbon consumption core area. Focus on the development of hydropower resources in the east to form an emergency peak shaving guarantee area in the northeast.

Expand and strengthen the new energy industry. Give full play to the resource advantages of wind, solar and biomass energy in Jilin Province, transform the resource advantages into industrial and development advantages, promote the development of clean and low-carbon energy, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the energy industry.

Fully implement the planning and construction of 'one base, one channel, one industrial chain, two parks and five major projects'.

Draw the blueprint and seize the day. Over the past year, pictures of the construction of new energy parties have spread among the vast white mountains and pines.

As an area with the richest 'wind' and 'light' resources in Jilin Province, Baicheng city has accelerated the construction of the 'land scenery Three Gorges' and made every effort to build a new energy industry system in accordance with the idea of 'system planning, integrated layout, overall promotion, head guidance and forming a closed loop'. More than 100 wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects have been built. At the same time, by building a 'heavyweight' new energy industry, Baicheng will promote the transformation from a large energy city to a strong energy city.

Songyuan City, another major new energy industry in Jilin Province, has made every effort to promote the construction of new energy projects, the construction of 'green power' demonstration area and the transformation and development of Jilin Oilfield, laying a solid foundation for paving a more solid and broad road for the development of new energy industry.

Along with energy development enterprises such as Huaneng and Datang, leading energy equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Sany group have successively settled in, and localized production of wind turbine host, blade, tower and nacelle cover has been realized. While Jilin Province is building an energy base, the pace of building a new energy industry integrating the whole industrial chain is also quietly accelerating.

While the 'wind' and 'light' are unlimited, another new energy - hydrogen energy has also begun to emerge in the west of Jilin Province. The new energy conversion (hydrogen production) base uses wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation and electrolytic water to produce hydrogen. The whole process can achieve zero emission, zero pollution and sustainability.

Walking in the streets and alleys of Baicheng City, a group of distinctive buses attract special attention - Blue h is printed on the white body, marking the 'special identity' of hydrogen fuel vehicles.

The compartment is spacious and bright, and the vehicle runs quietly and stably. It generates electricity through the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen ions to provide power for the vehicle. It is understood that the bus has the characteristics of short fuel replenishment time and long mileage. The hydrogenation time of hydrogen fuel cell bus is only 15 minutes, and the endurance mileage is more than 500 kilometers, which has more advantages in urban bus use and energy saving.

To develop the hydrogen energy industry, Jilin Province plans to continue to promote the construction of the 'Changchun Songyuan Baicheng' hydrogen energy corridor, build Baicheng, Songyuan and other western cities into national 'green hydrogen' large-scale supply bases, and build a 'hydrogen Valley in northern China'. Strive to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen through new energy such as wind energy and light energy, which not only solves the problem of new energy consumption, but also expands the space for the development of photovoltaic industry.

As another epitome of the wide application of new energy, the development of new energy vehicles in Jilin Province can not be underestimated.

Last November, FAW Hongqi e-qm5 new energy power exchange vehicle was officially delivered for operation, marking a new chapter in the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Jilin Province. Nowadays, new energy taxis with unique shapes are driving in the streets and alleys of Changchun, becoming a beautiful scenery.

The supporting power exchange stations constructed by State Grid Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. have also been completed and put into operation in Changchun, which can meet the power exchange demand of 2000 new energy vehicles.

Facing the 'wind' and chasing the 'light', the development of new energy industry in Jilin Province is very surging. In the future, this green, low-carbon and beautiful picture of 'wind' and 'light' will bring vision and hope for the better life of Jilin people.

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