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Policy subsidies decline again how can new energy vehicles "go uphill"

日期: 2022-01-11
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With the release of the latest subsidy decline policy, China's new energy vehicle industry has entered a stage of innovation as the king and pursuing high-quality development.

On December 31, 2021, the Ministry of Finance and other four departments jointly issued the notice on the financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in 2022 and the subsidy scheme. In 2022, the subsidy standard for new energy vehicles will decline by 30% on the basis of 2021. New energy vehicles licensed after December 31, 2022 will no longer be given state subsidies. This means that 2022 will be the last year for China to implement the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles.

How can new energy vehicles continue to 'go uphill' when subsidies decline? The reporter of Shanghai Securities News found that the whole industry chain of new energy vehicles is planning to deal with the post subsidy era, from new power vehicle enterprises to Ningde times and other parts companies. Industry experts pointed out that it is time for China's new energy vehicle enterprises to 'wean' by relying on policy dividends. In addition to short-term price increase and price protection measures, technological innovation is the strongest driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises.

The sound of decline comes, and the tide of price rise comes

According to the latest subsidy scheme, from January 1, 2022, the subsidy for pure electric vehicles with a range of 300 km (including) to 400 km will be 9100 yuan, a decrease of 3900 yuan compared with 2021; The subsidy for pure electric vehicles with a range greater than or equal to 400 km is 12600 yuan, a decrease of 5400 yuan compared with 2021; In addition, the subsidy for plug-in hybrid models was 4800 yuan, a decrease of 2000 yuan compared with the previous one.

Tesla has announced on December 31, 2021 that the price of rear wheel drive versions of Tesla Model 3 and model y will be increased by 10000 yuan and 21000 yuan respectively. Because the price of model y is higher than 300000 yuan after the price rise, it is unable to enjoy the national subsidy policy.

'If you order a car more than a month in advance, you may get a subsidy in 2021. It's impossible now.' Tesla store salesperson told reporters. Tesla China also told reporters that the price rise of relevant models is related to the decline of subsidies for new energy vehicles.

Not only Tesla, but FAW Volkswagen also announced the price increase of new energy models from January 1, 2022: the price of id.6 crozz and id.4 crozz pure tram models will increase by 5400 yuan. New energy vehicle enterprises such as GAC AIAN and Nezha automobile have also announced the price increase plan for 2022, and Zero run automobile directly launched 2022 Zero run T03 with a price increase of 9000 yuan on December 28.

The reporter found that the exhibition cars of many new power car enterprise stores such as Xiaopeng and Weima were snapped up in advance. There were originally 4 exhibition cars in a store of Xiaopeng automobile, and 3 have been sold in early December 2021; The only Wima W6 in the Wima car store has also been sold.

In order to cope with the decline of subsidies, some auto enterprises also adopt temporary price protection policies in addition to price increases. According to the latest car purchase subsidy scheme of Weilai automobile, users who pay a deposit to buy es8 and other models before December 31, 2021 (inclusive) and pick up the car before March 31, 2022 can still enjoy the subsidy according to the national subsidy standard of 2021. Xiaopeng automobile also said that users who pay the deposit from January 1 to 10, 2022 can enjoy the same subsidy policy as in 2021, and the difference shall be borne by the company.

Market performance is mixed

'Within a week after new year's day in 2022, our store sold more than 20 new cars.' The salesperson of Huawei's Zhonggeng roaming City store in Shanghai disclosed that the Huawei Hongmeng intelligent new energy vehicle 'AITO Q M5' jointly launched by Xiaokang shares and Huawei at the end of December 2021 is currently sold across the store. Although the price reaches 280000 yuan, exceeding Tesla Model 3, it still attracts the attention of some Huawei store passengers to new energy vehicles, Moreover, after the new policy of subsidy decline in 2022 was announced, it continued to have a good sales volume.

According to the data of China Automobile Industry Association, in 2021, China's new energy vehicle market demand was strong, and the production and sales continued to reach a new high. From January to November, the cumulative output exceeded 3 million, and the sales volume was close to 3 million. It is noteworthy that the cumulative sales penetration rate of new energy vehicles in China has increased to 12.7% from January to November 2021. Chinese consumers are increasingly accepting new energy vehicles. The relevant person in charge of Ningde Times said that the company is optimistic about the follow-up development of China's new energy vehicles and will increase the acquisition of lithium lake and other resources.

Mei Songlin, a senior auto industry analyst, believes that the policies of subsidy decline in 2022 and subsidy cancellation in 2023 issued by relevant departments will not attack the short-term new energy vehicle market. For potential users who need to buy new energy vehicles, the current policy will promote them to buy cars in 2022 to enjoy the final subsidy.

In Mei Songlin's view, China's new energy vehicle consumption is undergoing a historic change from policy driven (subsidy) to market driven (no subsidy). Many consumers of medium and high-end new energy vehicles are shifting their concerns from purchase cost to convenience, especially the convenience of charging facilities.

Of course, the local pain of the decline of subsidies still exists, of which the most affected is the micro electric vehicle previously used as the sales volume of new energy vehicles. According to the data recently released by SAIC GM Wuling, the cumulative sales of micro electric vehicles such as Hongguang Mini EV, Wuling nano EV and kiwi EV have exceeded 750000.

Industry experts pointed out that for micro pure electric vehicles with a price of 30000 yuan to 80000 yuan, the target consumers are very sensitive to the price. Even if the price difference is several thousand yuan, it will affect their decision-making and purchasing power. If car companies want to keep the sales share of micro electric vehicles, they can only pay for subsidies. However, the single vehicle profit of such new energy vehicles is generally only a few thousand yuan. If car enterprises make up for the price difference of subsidizing the decline, the profit will be greatly affected. The person concerned of SAIC Group told reporters that although the sales volume of SAIC GM Wuling electric vehicle is high, it follows the route of 'small profit but quick sales', and the profit of single vehicle is not high. It mainly depends on new energy points as cash supplement.

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