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81 days! Feidong 10 billion new energy project put into operation!

日期: 2022-01-10
浏览次数: 1

On January 8, the production line of Anhui Jingke energy phase I 8GW new high-efficiency cell project was put into operation, marking that Feidong County has taken a solid step on 'Xinguang Avenue' and accelerated towards the goal of '100 billion county'.

Jingke energy is the world's leading supplier of clean energy solutions. It is located in the first echelon of domestic photovoltaic industry brands. Anhui Jingke's annual output of 32gw photovoltaic product production line project is located in Hefei Circular Economy Demonstration Park in Feidong County, with a total investment of about 20 billion yuan and an area of about 1300 mu. It is constructed in four phases. After the completion of the project, it is estimated that the annual output value will be 45 billion yuan and the annual profit and tax will be 4.5 billion yuan, which can provide about 8000 jobs.

The total investment of phase I project is 5 billion yuan, with an annual output value of about 8 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 800 million yuan, which can drive nearly 2000 people to employment. The production line put into operation on the same day is the first production line in workshop a of phase I project. It is expected that all five production lines in workshop a will be put into operation in mid January, all three workshops of phase I project will be put into operation at the end of February, and full production will be realized in early April, with an annual output value of about 8 billion yuan at that time. In addition, preliminary preparations are under way for phase II 8GW new high-efficiency cell project, phase III and phase IV 16GW high-efficiency solar module project.

'The battery we produce belongs to n-type TOPCON battery. At present, it is in the leading technology in China, and the conversion efficiency is at least 1.5% higher than that of ordinary battery.' Cai Qingbing, director of public relations of Anhui Jingke, said.

It is understood that the first phase of the project has refreshed the 'Feidong speed' of project promotion in only 81 days from commencement to operation. So far, the two world-class photovoltaic industries in Feidong have been born with 'gold', which has comprehensively sounded the call of Feidong to accelerate the construction of 'two places and one area' and impact 100 billion counties.

The 'fruit' of Jingke and GCL comes from 'wisdom'. In recent years, Feidong County has focused on the chain extension and strengthening of key industries such as 'core screen steam combination' and 'lifelong intelligence' in Hefei, carefully arranged the 'Xinguang Avenue' and new industrial clusters, became a firm 'light chaser', and the 'light' industry has sprung up, becoming the 'light' leading the high-quality development of Feidong. Zhongnan optoelectronics, located in Feidong Economic Development Zone, won the top ten EPC in China and the world's first integrated photovoltaic building product - photovoltaic tile, which has been introduced to the market and has become a demonstration project of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the Ministry of science and technology and so on.

At present, Feidong County has gathered more than a dozen photovoltaic enterprises with Jingke energy, GCL integration, Datang photovoltaic, Jingke photoelectric and Zhongnan photoelectric as the core, and has initially formed a photovoltaic and module industry cluster with national comparative advantages. In the future, Feidong County will be connected with the intelligent manufacturing of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and supporting upstream and downstream industrial chains, reach the industrial scale of 100 billion, build an intelligent manufacturing highland of the global photovoltaic industry, and form a photovoltaic industry development path in which the world sees China, China sees Anhui, Anhui sees Hefei, and Hefei sees Feidong.

Nowadays, in Feidong, in addition to the photovoltaic industry, the new energy and new material industry represented by Jingke energy, GuoXuan battery and Hangxiao steel structure, the rail transit and equipment manufacturing industry represented by China Railway, nastar printing, China building materials cement equipment and Jingye bearing, and Haichen pharmaceutical, Warner gene sequencing, Dayu pharmaceutical, cubic pharmaceutical The big health and big data industry represented by multiplier technology has paved the 'Xinguang Avenue' for Feidong's high-quality development. In 2021, 96 key projects were newly signed, with a total agreed investment of 63 billion yuan, driving the regional GDP to reach 80 billion yuan.

If industry prospers, the city prospers. Today's big projects determine tomorrow's industry. In 2022, on the one hand, Feidong County will optimize the incentive policy of 'double recruitment and double introduction', implement the investment attraction mode of 'project + base + fund', integrate advantageous resources, attack new industrial projects with great potential and good foundation, and try every means to attract 'Golden Phoenix'; On the one hand, while trying to 'build a good nest' and increasing infrastructure construction, we should create a first-class business environment, concentrate policy resources, support project construction, help enterprise development, focus on increasing financial support for the development of strategic emerging industries, improve the financing policy support system for key enterprises, and give priority to ensuring the land supply of major projects.

At the same time, we will improve the handling rate, evaluation rate and online capacity of government services, continue to reduce the handling time limit and application materials, comprehensively promote the efficient connection between 'inter provincial general office' and 'one network general office', realize 100% online handling of personal matters and sharing and collection of big data, and maintain the average commitment time of handling affairs and the level of application materials in the city. Make full use of the project integrated management cloud platform, optimize the full element service guarantee such as project initiation, planning, land, environmental protection, energy consumption and employment, strengthen the monitoring and analysis, coordination and dispatching, supervision and handling of major projects, strictly implement the target supervision mechanism, and make every effort to improve the project commencement rate, completion rate, yield and conversion rate.

In addition, Feidong County will also dynamically improve the reserve of major projects in the 14th five year plan, increase investment in the central budget and government special bond planning around new infrastructure and key areas such as 5g, big data center and artificial intelligence, and go all out to escort the 'growth' of large projects and add momentum to '100 billion Feidong'.

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