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Haikou new energy and intelligent network auto show has set off a car buying boom

日期: 2022-01-07
浏览次数: 1

Improve industrial supporting facilities and release green kinetic energy

'I've loved this model for a long time. I came to the scene today and saw that the discount was so strong, so I ordered it.' On January 7, 2022 (the fourth) Haikou international new energy and intelligent network automobile exhibition entered the second day. It took only 10 minutes for Haikou citizen Wu Xiuling to see the car and place an order.

At present, the automobile industry is entering a critical moment of transformation and upgrading, and the development concept is changing towards innovation, green and sustainable development, which not only injects new kinetic energy into the development of the automobile industry, but also brings the reconstruction of the automobile energy pattern. In this context, the auto show not only provides a good display platform and trading opportunities for auto enterprises, but also provides consumers with an opportunity to understand new energy vehicle brands and models, fully release green kinetic energy, and contribute to the promotion and popularization of new energy vehicles in Hainan.

Many models are gathered, and citizens are enthusiastic about seeing and buying cars

Although it was a working day, there were still a lot of people attending the exhibition and buying cars on January 7. Some car manufacturers also increased their recommendation and promoted their key models.

Introduce highlights, release new products and contact customers... Shi Liangmao, regional head of SAIC Feifan Hainan, was not idle since he entered the venue early in the morning. 'Now we are paying more and more attention to new energy vehicles. An endless stream of citizens come to see the exhibition. Our negotiation room has been full.' He said that people are very concerned about the performance and price of the vehicle, as well as whether there is a discount for buying the vehicle.

This is Shi Liangmao's second participation in Haikou international new energy and intelligent network automobile exhibition. 'Exhibition and sales are the main purpose for car dealers to participate in the auto show.' Shi Liangmao frankly said that as an exhibition platform that has gradually formed a scale effect, the auto show meets the needs of auto dealers. 'For the first time last year, our brand gained nearly 30 orders, and set a higher order target this year.'

Car dealers are full of confidence, and consumers are enthusiastic about seeing and buying cars. 'Recently, there is a plan to replace vehicles. There are many models on display at this auto show, and the discount is strong. I hope to find my favorite model with the help of the auto show.' Mr. Zhou, a citizen of Haikou, told Hainan Daily, 'I didn't expect that there are so many new energy vehicle brands and consumers have more choices.'

'After years of cultivation, Haikou international new energy and intelligent networked automobile exhibition has become one of the professional exhibitions with complete brands and large scale.' The relevant person in charge of the Organizing Committee of the auto show said, 'this auto show focuses on the integrated development of global new energy vehicles and intelligent network technology, and comprehensively shows the cutting-edge technologies and innovative achievements of new energy vehicles.'

Cai Qiao, director of Haikou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, told reporters: 'the enthusiasm of exhibitors this year is very high. In recent years, new energy vehicles have been gradually accepted by Hainan consumers. In addition, South Shanghai is building a national ecological civilization test area and building a clean energy island. Everyone is very optimistic about the development of new energy vehicles in Hainan, so the auto show is better and better year by year and has greater and greater influence.'

Scientific and technological innovation leads the development of new energy vehicle market

'For new energy vehicle enterprises and consumers, 2022 will be a volatile year.' Wang Xia, President of the automobile industry branch of the China Council for the promotion of international trade and President of the automobile industry chamber of Commerce of the China International Chamber of Commerce, said, 'the competition between new energy vehicle enterprises will only be more intense. If you want to continue to lead the market, only technological innovation is the core of new energy intelligent vehicles.'

At present, Hainan continues to promote new energy vehicles and promote a green, environmental friendly and economical consumption model, which has received a positive response from local consumers.

According to the data of Hainan new energy vehicle promotion center, in 2021, Hainan Province promoted more than 55000 new energy vehicles, and the proportion of ownership increased to 7%, which is in the forefront of the country, of which 85% were purchased by individual users. This year, our province will continue to strengthen the promotion of new energy vehicles. The province plans to promote more than 35000 new energy vehicles throughout the year, and focus on promoting the substantive construction of projects such as the world new energy vehicle experience center.

As a brand car enterprise, how to help build a clean energy island? Wang Yiping, senior manager of gac-e'an South China region I, revealed that the enterprise has planned to accelerate the layout of charging piles in Hainan and strengthen research in the direction of battery recycling. 'While expanding the layout of charging piles and improving the convenience of charging, we will invest more resources in the follow-up treatment of battery energy recycling, help the government open up the whole industrial chain and contribute to the acceleration of the construction of clean energy island in Hainan.'

'The performance gap between new energy vehicles and fuel vehicles is getting smaller and smaller, and the appearance and personalized functions of new energy vehicles are also constantly breaking through and improving. At present, the commerce department is paying close attention to the construction of supporting new energy charging piles and vehicle maintenance services. At the same time, all localities are also launching new energy vehicle consumption subsidies one after another. Under the protection of a series of measures, we believe that new energy vehicles can be developed The consumption trend will not weaken. ' Cai Qiao is full of confidence in the development prospect of new energy vehicles.

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