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Beijing minibus index can apply! New energy indicators increased by 10000

日期: 2022-01-05
浏览次数: 1

From January to March 8, it is the time period for submitting the application for passenger car index configuration in the first half of 2022. At the same time, the transfer registration of one person and multiple vehicles can also fill in the application within the reporting period. According to the indicator quota, the annual quota of passenger car indicators in 2022 will be 100000, of which the quota of new energy indicators will be increased from 60000 to 70000, and the distribution proportion will also take more care of 'car free families'.

The system that passed the audit in 2021 will automatically submit it for approval

At present, passenger car indicators are configured three times a year, including new energy indicators in May and common indicators in June and December. From January 1 to March 8 and from August 1 to October 8 of each year, the application for passenger car configuration index can be submitted in two time periods. Starting this month, eligible individuals and families can submit index applications.

When submitting an application by family, you can choose new energy indicators or ordinary indicators, or only ordinary indicators. Those who choose new energy indicators or ordinary indicators shall first participate in the allocation of new energy indicators on May 26. If they are shortlisted, they shall not participate in the allocation of ordinary indicators; Those who are not shortlisted can continue to participate in the general index configuration.

In 2021, families that have passed the application qualification examination, have not been shortlisted to obtain new energy indicators, or have won the lottery to obtain ordinary indicators do not need to do anything during the declaration period from January 1 to March 8 this year. The passenger car index regulation management information system will automatically postpone the submission for approval on March 9. The application qualification information of family applicants will be reviewed again by relevant municipal departments.

During the validity period of the application, if the number of family applicants increases or decreases due to birth or death, but the family principal applicant has not changed, the application shall be changed. The specific circumstances requiring re application include but are not limited to: changing the principal applicant; Replace other applicants; The application information (certificate type, certificate number, driving certificate and marital status) of the main applicant or other family applicants has changed. The change application and re application shall be reviewed with the next indicator configuration. After passing the review, the total family points will be recalculated.

In addition, during the two reporting periods from January 1 to March 8 and from August 1 to October 8 of each year, the application for change or transfer of registration qualification of Beijing brand passenger cars can be submitted. The applicant can log in the system to enter the user center and click 'fill in the application' in the functional area of 'multi vehicle transfer' and 'husband and wife change / divorce analysis transfer'. Only one application for change or transfer registration of Beijing brand passenger car can be submitted within a reporting period.

The proportion of household new energy indicators increased to 70%

This year, the distribution of passenger car indicators will take more care of 'car free families'. According to the index quota, the annual quota of Beijing passenger car index in 2022 will be 100000, of which the quota of ordinary index will be reduced from 40000 in 2021 to 30000 in 2022, and the quota of new energy index will be increased from 60000 to 70000 at the same time.

In terms of specific allocation proportion, in terms of indicators of ordinary passenger cars, there are 28600 indicators for families and individuals, and families and individuals wave numbers in the same pool; In terms of new energy passenger car indicators, there are 63600 household and personal indicators, including 44520 household indicators, accounting for 70%, and 19080 personal indicators, accounting for 30%.

The reporter noted that the proportion of household new energy quota increased from 54.2% in 2021 to 70%.

For some high score families concerned by the public who have not won the lottery and how to obtain the indicators as soon as possible, the relevant person in charge of the municipal passenger car Index Office introduced that due to the randomness of the lottery of ordinary indicators, the probability of winning the lottery of families with high scores will be higher, but it can not guarantee a certain success. It is suggested that high score families choose new energy indicators first. As the quota of household new energy indicators increased to more than 44500 this year, it is predicted from the application that the shortlisted score of household new energy indicator allocation in May this year is about 40 points. In other words, families with 40 points are expected to obtain new energy indicators this year.

The family relationship that has won the lot is being verified

In the index lottery of ordinary passenger cars last month, the kinship and marital status of the successful families and their family applicants shall be verified by the municipal public security department and civil affairs department. If all the applicants in the family are registered in the registered residence book of the same household and the household principal applicant is the head of household, the verification of the family relationship will be announced before January 8, 2022.

If the registered residence of a family applicant is not in the registered residence book of the same household, the household registration staff of the police station should check the paper archives information of the household registration files. Due to the large workload and time-consuming of verification, the verification results will be published before January 30, 2022. Please wait patiently.

If the family applicant is the registered residence in the city, and the registration date is earlier than 2000 or the marriage registration place is in other provinces, municipalities and foreign countries, the website of Beijing passenger car index regulation and management information system will be notified in January 6, 2022 to carry out on-site verification before the relevant applicants carry the materials to the window set up by the civil affairs department. The applicant needs to make an online appointment in advance and go to the site for verification according to the appointment time.

The on-site verification of marital status can be handled during the external service hours of the marriage registration authority from January 6, 2022 to December 31, 2022. If the marital status has passed the on-site verification by the Civil Affairs Department, you can log in to the website to view the verification results after 5 working days.

If the family applicant's kinship and marital status cannot be verified through the above methods, the family applicant will be notified successively through the website from January 24, 2022. The home owner applicant can voluntarily apply for notarization to the relevant notary institutions in this city online or on site through the Internet according to the tips of the website. If the notarization has been completed and the notarial certificate has been submitted, you can log in to the website to view the verification results after 1-3 working days.

The application information filled in by the family applicant shall be true and accurate, and shall be responsible for the authenticity of the information filled in. The family applicant shall bear the consequences of failing to pass the verification of kinship or marital status caused by filling in the wrong information.

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