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Power battery helps China's new energy vehicle industry to move towards a new stage

日期: 2021-12-30
浏览次数: 1

In the first November of 2021, China's production and sales of new energy vehicles reached a new high, with a cumulative output of more than 3 million vehicles, and the development of industrial marketization entered a new stage. As the heart of new energy vehicles, power battery is the key to improve the product power of new energy vehicles. In recent years, with the joint efforts of government, industry, University and research and other sectors of society, the production scale and product performance of power batteries in China have been continuously improved, and the cost has been significantly reduced, which provides an important support and technical basis for the market-oriented development of new energy vehicles in China.

1. Main achievements in the development of China's power battery industry

In recent years, China's power battery industry has developed rapidly. Support new energy vehicles to have longer mileage, faster charging speed and more competitive market price, and inject a booster into the development of new energy vehicle industry under the background of sharp decline in subsidies. Mainly reflected in:

First, the industrial scale continued to increase. At this stage, China's new energy vehicle market has more than 50 power battery supporting enterprises, and the total effective capacity has increased from 63gwh / year in 2016 to 350gwh / year. In the first November, China's power battery output reached 188.1gwh, a year-on-year cumulative increase of 175.5%, and will exceed 200gwh in the whole year. According to incomplete statistics, the contracted capacity under construction has exceeded 1500gwh, providing a good supply guarantee for the development of China's new energy vehicle industry.

Second, the competitiveness of products has been significantly enhanced. China's power battery technology has reached the advanced level. The energy density of single unit has increased from 150 WH / kg in 2012 to 300 WH / kg, the maximum energy density of system products has reached 205wh / kg, the cost has decreased by about 85%, and the maximum range of supporting vehicles is more than 1000km; The charging rate has been significantly improved, and some vehicles have 3C fast charging capacity; Safety protection has been effectively improved, and innovative technologies and products such as 'blade battery' and 'magazine battery' have emerged. At the same time, the improvement of product competitiveness also helps enterprises to participate in international competition. There are five Chinese enterprises in the top 10 power battery enterprises in the world.

Third, the supporting facilities of the industrial chain have been continuously improved. China has established a battery material supply system, and key materials such as positive electrode, negative electrode, diaphragm and electrolyte have been fully supplied domestically. The product performance and cost level are in the forefront, and the overseas layout and large-scale export have been realized. Copper foil and aluminum foil form a complete industrial chain layout, and the technology is at the leading level. The localization rate of complete production equipment has reached more than 90%, and the localization rate of equipment in key processes has reached 84%. The power battery recycling system has been preliminarily established to continuously promote the recycling of key materials. The complete industrial chain has created conditions for the improvement of power battery performance and the reduction of cost.

2.Important experience in the development of China's power battery industry

The development of China's power battery industry is inseparable from the joint efforts of all sectors of society. Under the guidance of policy science, the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain have worked closely for many years to build a world-class battery industry highland and write a new chapter of industrial coordinated development.

First, we should give play to the guiding role of policies. As a strategic emerging industry, power battery has carried out macro strategy formulation and top-level design since the early stage of industrial development. At each key stage of industrial development, it has successively launched important policies in the fields of overall planning, industry access, technology improvement and recycling, defined industrial development ideas, promoted and supported the best, and continuously improved the policy management system, It has also made clear guidelines for the development of power battery industry in new energy vehicle policies such as energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development plan and financial subsidy policy for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles, which has played a key role in promoting the healthy and high-quality development of power batteries in China.

The second is to build a coordinated development mechanism of the industrial chain. Build a collaborative research platform for key common problems in the industry such as the 'national power battery innovation center', guide the establishment of China automotive power battery industry innovation alliance, promote the establishment of a joint research mechanism for industry, University and research, accelerate the research and development of a new generation of power batteries, and form a joint force for development. Led by the government, the industry organizes automobile enterprises and battery enterprises to jointly formulate the power battery technology roadmap and clarify phased objectives and tasks; Jointly formulate general technical specifications for power batteries, clarify the requirements for design, manufacturing, storage, transportation and recycling of battery products, and promote the rapid development of China's power battery industry.

Third, we should take market demand as the final guiding principle. The development of China's power battery industry has always been market-oriented. First, reasonably guide the improvement of battery performance. In the early stage of industrial development, the subsidy policy effectively encourages the improvement of battery life mileage by improving the energy density index. According to the market development situation and enterprise feedback, the subsidy policy will no longer improve the requirements of energy density index from 2020 and encourage the diversified development of battery technology; Second, strictly control the safety of power batteries, improve the product safety level in multiple dimensions such as administration, industry initiatives and enterprise R & D, boost consumers' purchase confidence, and effectively accelerate the market-oriented promotion process of new energy vehicle products.

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