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The production and sales of new energy vehicles in the 11 months before driving into the fast lane i

日期: 2021-12-22
浏览次数: 3

382 welding robots are fully powered, the visual error proofing system is escorted in the whole process, and more than 1700 employees work together... Entering the extremely krypton intelligent factory located in Hangzhou Bay New Area, Ningbo, Zhejiang, is a scene of great enthusiasm.

'As a new force of domestic high-end intelligent electric vehicles, the krypton 001 has opened free options to customers, which will theoretically bring millions of configuration combinations.' An Conghui, CEO of Zhejiang jikrypton intelligent technology, introduced that in order to ensure the efficiency and accuracy of customized production, jikrypton intelligent factory has not only built a new intelligent manufacturing system, but also equipped with online operation guidance, and added high-tech means such as code scanning error prevention and AI (Artificial Intelligence) visual diagnosis.

According to the requirements of the 14th five year plan and the outline of long-term objectives for 2035, focus on strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles, 'accelerate the innovation and application of key core technologies, enhance factor support capacity, and cultivate and expand new drivers of industrial development'.

In the first year of the 14th five year plan, new energy vehicles are driving into the fast lane around the core technology breakthrough of power batteries, the integration of intelligent networking and electrification, and tapping the potential of the domestic market. According to the statistics of China Automobile Industry Association, in the first 11 months of this year, the cumulative production and sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 3.023 million and 2.99 million respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 1.7 times.

——The core technology of power battery has reached a new level.

'Now the battery pack is under a squeeze of 20 tons, equivalent to the weight of a light tank.' Not long ago, in front of the test bench of Tianjin China Automotive Technology Research Center, engineers from lantu automobile were explaining the 'public test challenge of battery safety technology'. After 10 minutes, the battery pack did not smoke or catch fire, and successfully passed the test.

Charge at room temperature for 15 minutes, and the power can reach more than 80%; In the low temperature environment of minus 20 ℃, it has a discharge retention rate of more than 90%; Thermal stability far exceeds the safety requirements of national mandatory standards... Recently, Ningde times released the first generation sodium ion battery and lithium sodium hybrid battery pack, and began commercial cooperation with customers.

It is reported that China's new energy vehicles have achieved three breakthroughs. First, breakthroughs in key technologies such as battery, motor and electronic control. Among them, the power battery technology is the world leader. Compared with 2012, the monomer energy density is increased by 2.2 times and the cost is reduced by about 85%. Second, product breakthrough, the range of pure electric passenger vehicles has been greatly increased to more than 500 kilometers. Third, market breakthrough. The annual sales volume of new energy vehicles ranked first in the world for six consecutive years. By the end of November this year, the cumulative promotion had exceeded 8 million. During the 14th Five Year Plan period, focusing on quality safety and low temperature application, the Ministry of industry and information technology will formulate higher standards and stricter requirements to guide enterprises to improve product quality.

——The cross-border integration of electrification and intelligent networking technology has accelerated.

Bad weather such as heavy rain, snow and fog, low lighting conditions such as night and culvert, static objects, slow moving obstacles and special-shaped obstacles have always been the 'blind spot' of intelligent driving perception technology. In order to make the Es33 mass produced next year's 'eyes' sharper and 'brain' smarter, the technical team of SAIC r automobile has built a 'six fold integrated perception system' and is conducting repeated experimental verification around the all-weather, over the horizon and multi-dimensional perception ability.

'The new electric intelligent 'track' provides an excellent opportunity for Chinese brands to change lanes and overtake.' Chen Kan, senior manager of R automobile forward-looking technology planning, said that based on SAIC's layout and advantages in intelligent driving, intelligent cabin, Zhilian, intelligent computing and other fields, the mass production high-level intelligent driving scheme developed by R automobile is expected to improve intelligent driving technology to a new level.

Up to now, there are more than 5 million networked terminal vehicles in China, and the market penetration of new L2 passenger vehicles has reached 20%. More than 5000 square kilometers of autonomous driving test areas have been opened nationwide, with a total test mileage of more than 5 million kilometers. The rich applications brought by the deep integration of intelligence and electrification have become an important driving force for consumers to buy new energy vehicles. During the '14th five year plan' period, the Ministry of industry and information technology will accelerate the application of 5g and vehicle road coordination technology, enrich automatic or auxiliary driving functions, and take another step in promoting the cross-border integration of electrification and intelligent network technology.

——The construction of charging and replacing infrastructure was accelerated.

Within one kilometer under the century bridge in Haikou, Hainan, there are 6 charging stations, more than 300 charging piles and 2 replacement stations, which are known as the 'charging Street' of new energy vehicles. 'It can be fully charged in an hour, the power change is faster, and the full-automatic operation takes only 5 minutes.' Citizen Ms. Guo said that charging and changing electricity together is convenient and affordable to drive new energy vehicles.

'Building the 'one network' operation mode of charging and changing power infrastructure not only reduces the construction and operation costs, but also greatly facilitates users.' Cai Yuan, deputy general manager of emerging business department of China Southern Power Grid Hainan Company, said that during the '14th five year plan' period, 337000 charging piles and 430 public charging and replacement power stations will be built in Hainan. By 2025, the vast majority of public charging and switching infrastructure in the province will be interconnected.

According to the data released by China charging alliance, from January to November this year, the increment of charging infrastructure was 704000 units, the increment of public charging infrastructure increased by 59.1% year-on-year, and the increment of charging facilities built with vehicles increased by 198.1% year-on-year. As of November, the cumulative number of charging infrastructure in China was 2.385 million, a year-on-year increase of 55%.

Xiao Yaqing, Minister of industry and information technology, said that during the '14th five year plan' period, we should strengthen the promotion and application, accelerate the construction of charging and replacing infrastructure, continue to carry out new energy vehicles to the countryside, and promote the increase of the proportion of new energy vehicles in urban public transportation, leasing, logistics and distribution. 'We hope that all localities will introduce more preferential policies with regional characteristics, optimize automobile purchase restriction measures, and further provide a good environment for promoting the consumption of new energy vehicles.'

Compacting the main responsibility of enterprises and strengthening territorial safety management -- strengthening the construction safety supervision of new energy construction projects in Yunnan

Recently, Yunnan Energy Bureau and Yunnan Energy Regulatory Office jointly issued the notice on doing a good job in the construction safety of new energy construction projects, further compacted the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, strengthened the territorial safety management responsibility of prefecture and municipal power administrative departments, and effectively prevented the occurrence of construction safety accidents of new energy construction projects.

At present, new energy construction projects such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation are in the period of large-scale centralized construction, with many construction tasks and complex safety production situation. Yunnan energy regulatory office closely cooperates with Yunnan Energy Bureau, gives full play to the role of 'one body and two wings' of power safety supervision, strengthens the joint management of power safety, jointly issues the notice, requires all participating units of new energy construction projects to coordinate development and safety, strictly implement the main responsibilities of enterprises, strengthen the construction of double prevention mechanism, and strengthen the safety control of construction site, Strictly prevent construction safety and project quality accidents caused by rush period, rush progress, rush grid connection, over capacity operation and long-term operation; Urge the power administrative departments of all States and cities to adhere to the principle of 'three management and three necessity' and 'territorial management and hierarchical responsibility', improve the working mechanism, comprehensively use the methods of 'four no and two direct' to strengthen supervision, inspection and law enforcement, conduct safety pressure and prevent accidents.

The central economic work conference pointed out that 'the gradual withdrawal of traditional energy should be based on the safe and reliable substitution of new energy'. Next, under the correct leadership of the national energy administration, Yunnan energy regulatory office will continue to earnestly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee on energy security, fully and accurately implement the new development concept, do a solid job in new energy security, and consciously contribute to the realization of carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

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